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Our first day off.

Our home away from home.

 The truck just fits in front of the coach.  Note we have the coach right to the back edge of the pad.  We are very comfortable in the Foretravel.  Lindsey has the back bedroom and I have the pull out in the living room.  (I’m up soooo early, I can get breakfast first!)  Washer/dryer, good shower and a Verizon aircard…we are set!

We headed to the stables early, hand walked everyone (including baby William and the scary bridge).  They all were very tired and the walk was great for all of them.  We put together their feed and then headed out to find a brunch place near the ocean. 

We thought we’d head to Shelter Island (San Diego Yacht Club) and travel north along the coast.  We found a place for eggs benedict and omelets and then headed north. 

Sailboats on San Diego Bay.

Ivars, Ivars, Ivars...a bass fishing tournament on the ocean!!!

We were back at the stables to turn them out from 2:30 to 3:30.  They had so much fun…rolled, bucked, ran around and then rolled and rolled again.  They are all caked in mud!  We brought them all in, blanketed them for the upcoming cold night-time, fed them their supper and finished the day off knowing they were all happy with their day off.  We decided hamburgers were on the menu for us and pointed the truck to Jake’s Del Mar to watch the sun set and munch on one of their famous hamburgers.  We weren’t disappointed on either the sunset or the hamburgers!  Yum.

View of the ocean from our table at Jake's Del Mar.

Sun starting to set.




This morning is very foggy.  Arroyo Del Mar is in a valley so it’ll be interesting to see if the fog is heavy around the rings.  The riding plan for today is a light stretchy ride all of them, getting ready for lessons tomorrow.  Kim, Ed and the girls are south of Salt Lake so they should be here Monday.

Fog lights on…headed to the stables.



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The last day of a very full week.

Boy oh boy did we have tired horses yesterday!!!  Shannon had time for one lesson before she headed out to Colorado.  Lance took one for the team and did his best…he dug deep and it was a great ride. 

A very tired Lance digging deep showing his stuff.


Fred had a great workout yesterday as she had a day off on Thursday.  She was a little muscle sore but worked well and went back to her stall a happy camper.  Alex got the “most tiredest horse in the world” award for the day (he was really, really tired;  poor boy).  He did a little work in the covered and went for a walk in the upper ring.  Walker is very tired as well but he is an energizer bunny and “keeps going and going and going”.  He is so like his mother!!! 🙂  William had a light work day yesterday.  He’s really enjoying Arroyo Del Mar.  Bay mares do not interest our little stallion (which is great for us as he and Fred are transported in the same trailer all year) but chestnut mares…oh boy he thinks they are cute!  And now he’s decided that grey mares are the best!  He spotted Rebecca’s wonderful grey mare working in the same ring this week and it was love at first sight!  If you see him showing off in the ring it’s because Soliel is in eyesight somewhere nearby. 

We are taking a day off today.  We’ll head to the stable and hand walk them all in the morning (William will learn to go over the scary bridge).  We’ll find something to do for the early afternoon (I hear the beach calling) and then head back to the stable to turn them all out for an hour from 2:30 to 3:30.  We’ll actually head to dinner with clean jeans today!!!  And Linds will not be in her breeches!  

Entries to go in for the Burbank CDI in February today… 


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Beautiful sunny day…

Our lessons yesterday were at the end of another very long day for Shannon.  The hot tub was calling her name by the end of the afternoon for sure!

Fred had a walk day.  I grabbed Lance first thing after arriving and Linds tacked Fred up and we went for a walk around the property.  Fred had a great look around and with Lance beside her, she relaxed and enjoyed the sunny morning.

Alex and Walker were next.  Both are very tired but we had very good short rides on them.  Alex is learning to work and concentrate with lots of horses around him. 


Walker looks great.  Kim, Ed and the girls leave today and should arrive in San Diego Monday or Tuesday.  The weather looks great for the drive down.  Walker will be sooo happy to have Kim here.  He thinks we are toooo bossy!


We had another great lesson on William.  He’s such a good boy!!!

William in the early afternoon sun.

 While we were untacking William after his lesson we heard loud crashing and banging in the stable.  I ran back to where the sound was coming from and found Lance had cast himself in his stall.  He loves to roll in fresh shavings and they had just picked his stall and rebeded it so he decided to have a good roll.  Unfortunately once he rolled over he was too close to the back wall of his stall and couldn’t roll back and get up.  I arrived to watch him thrash around till he got himself away from the wall and could stand up again.  Scared me silly…they can really get hurt banging around trying to get up.  He stood up without a scratch on him but he was really upset, covered in shavings and hyperventilating.  We went for a little walk and he settled down.  Linds tacked him up and went for a long walk around the arenas and then into her lesson.  Whew…horses.

Lance, late afternoon.

We got to turn everyone out yesterday.  They weren’t out too long as we were at the end of the day as we started to turn them out but they all enjoyed a roll in the dirt and a little buck about.
We went out for dinner in Rancho Santa Fe with some people from the stable last night…do you believe it???!!!!  We were out way past our bed time (we were home by 10) and had a lovely time and great food!!!!  Thanks Gary and Michelle!
Today is an early start as Shannon is headed out to teach a clinic for the weekend.  Hope they have a hot tub for her to soak in each night…

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Busy day at Arroyo.

The tarps were off when we arrived at the stable this am (Kate, Jeff and Graham must have been at it before sunrise).  The footing was great after the previous nights rain.  Great idea, those tarps!  Shannon had a killer day yesterday, riding and lots of lessons.  Hopefully she found the hot tub last night!

The weather was sunny and warm and we had another super day.  Shannon and Linds worked Fred and William in the afternoon…dramatic changes each day with each lesson.  Lindsey and I come back to the coach each night and review the photos and discuss the work.  Our brains are very tired.  So much great information and Lindsey is doing an amazing job applying it to each horse!  This is what we signed up for and it is meeting our expectations and so much more…and this is just the first week!!!!!  Gosh I love my job.

Lance in the early morning.

Lance was very tired and went for a walk with Linds in the morning and then I hand walked him at the end of the day.

Alex in the big ring with the big boys!

Walker, tired but diggin' in.

Fred, getting ready for her lesson.

Fadora, aka Fred, Lindsey's 8yr old, Fourth Level mare.

Wheeeee...William and Linds headed into the corner.

The turnout pens are still too wet.  Hopefully this weekend, barring any more rain, we can turn them out in the sun for an hour.  They are all doing very well and have adapted to their new environment but I’m sure turning them out to run and stretch would be a great addition to their daily routines.

Looking forward to the day…


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Tarp on, ready for rain!

The morning started out lovely but weather moved in and rain was forecasted so it was all hands on deck and roll out the 2 big tarps.  They should come off today and we’ll have footing again! Yeah!

Fred and Linds working hard in the am with Shannon.

Fred, Linds in shoulder in, upper ring.

The end of another great lesson with Shannon, thanks Shannon!

Working with William just before the tarp went on and the rain showed up.

Off to find diesel for the truck, not an easy job.  Fuel prices have been going up everyday.  We filled the coach up at $2.79 when we arrived mid January and drove by a sign of $3.29/gallon yesterday!  Wow.



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All about Alex.

Another full day of amazing work… 

Yesterday was all about Alex.  He’s totally adjusted to his full clip…thanks Dawn!  I wanted to get him in the upper ring with all the big boys but just as we were headed over, the sprinklers were started.  Today he’ll be up there.  He still had to concentrate as everyone from the upper ring headed over to the covered to finish off.  He did great!  


His saddle is fitting wonderfully thanks to Kevin Lote at Regal Saddles.  He has a new saddle and is such a sensitive  horse, it took several fittings to get it right and right it is now!!!  


He sleeps all afternoon.  I think he’s still recovering from the trip and all the changes.  Another couple of days and he’ll be back to full power! 


Sun is shining, footing is wonderful, horse is great…I love my job! 


Lance in shoulder in down the long side in the upper ring. 

Shannon, Lance and Lindsey

Shannon Peters, out in the arena, fine tuning Lance and Lindsey.  Thanks Shannon! 

Linds, Lance and Shannon

Linds, Lance and Shannon

The wrap up of a great lesson. 

Dinner with the girls.

The girls were visiting from home…dinner at Jake’s in Del Mar. 

From the truck window.

The view each morning, headed south on the 15, ten minutes from the stables. 

Time to head out…may have rain today but the sun is up and it should hold off till later afternoon.  



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Sunday in the sun, yeah!

We found a Starbucks…they not hard to find…they’re everywhere!  Grabbed a couple of hot teas and headed to the stables. 
Yesterday’s work was applying Shannon’s lessons to all 5 horses and fine tuning some positional changes in Lindsey’s seat in the work.  
Alex was first ride today and he did soo well.  We had to use the covered arena first thing in the am so no photos (the lighting is too difficult to get a decent shot).  He was concentrated and happy to be back at work.  We tacked him up without the sheepskin and his saddle is now feeling great, a little more broken in and fits him wonderfully.  Today’s schedule is to get him in the big ring in the sunshine.  I’ll bring the camera and get some shots of his newly clipped body…so cute! 
Next was Walker. 

Tacking Walker up in one of the many outdoor grooming stalls.

The sunshine is wonderful and a great way to start the day. 

Walker, with the stables in the background.

 Sunday is a quiet day around Arroyo Del Mar. 

William, our FEI 6 yr old, Hannoverian Stallion.

It was a great day to concentrate on fine tuning some details, quiet arena, lovely weather, concentrated horses. 


 Lance, with the stable and the rolled, footing saving!, tarps in the background. 

Fred again.

Today is 2 lessons with Shannon, am and after lunch.  Walker and Alex are both quite tired and will have a light day of work.  Day is planned! 

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