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First week of June!!!????

Awww...FCS flower pots looking very sad in the snow. I hope they recover.


Mack's first horsey ride. William was a good boy and took care of Baby Mack.


Off to the outdoor.


William, having fun outdoors.






This week’s forcast is for rain all week.  What a spring!!!  We have so much grass around here everyone will be in diet pens soon!  I love being surrounded by green!!  Lush, wet, beautiful.

I don’t think we’ll be outdoors to ride till next week and will have a full week of training indoors. 

Aleks and Neil are visiting for the week.  They arrived with a new Flip video camera.  I’ll be playing with it this week and hopefully get some footage up of the horses.  And of course Mack!

Horses have the day off today so off to morning chores and then the afternoon with Mack, Auntie Aleks and Uncle Neil in Edmonton.


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