Back in the saddle again.

The sun came out yesterday…yeah!

Shannon and Steffan had invested in a big tarp (the same as they use for baseball diamonds) to pull over the upper ring to protect the footing in a rain storm.  Well, it was really put to the test last week.  So much rain, flooding, debris everywhere…what would the footing be like when the tarp was rolled off?  It was great!  Get rid of the water sitting on top of the tarp (drains every 15M or so along the sides) and then roll up the 2 tarps.  Worked like a charm.  Kate worked the footing and in about an hour Steffan was on Ravel working in wonderful footing in the morning sunshine. (Here’s where I’m pinching myself again and smiling)

Everyone got ridden today and they all were very happy to get back to their jobs.  Alex seemed the most tired and slept all afternoon.  I think he’s still adapting to his new environment sans horse hair, such a sensitive boy he is!  Walker started his work with a long walk around the farm.  He’s looking wonderful and Kim is going to have a blast riding him next month.  Shannon very graciously gave up part of her day off and Linds had a lesson on Lance before lunch.  They looked great and we all learned a lot.  William was full of beans and it took him a little while to really concentrate and go to work.  But, as he always does, he found his brain and dug in and worked his little heart out.  Good boy!  Fred was last to work for the day and she was still a little wobbly from the work Mary did on her on Friday.  It took her a little while to find her legs.  We started her in the covered and then took her up to the upper ring.  She was a star!

Next week should be test riding to get ready for the Thermal CDI and they’ll all be more than ready.

Finished the day with really boring things…a quick bite to eat, laundry and very typical for us, early bedtime!

The weather promises to be great again today…looking forward to another day studying some great dressage in the sun!


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