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It’s pouring rain, windy and cold.

I know, I know…it’s not minus 30 but we’re cold and wet (or will be in an hour when we get to the stable).  Walk and feed our horses and then it’s back to the coach to watch a movie.  Andrew said to add Booster Juice and In N Out and we’ll be having an “Andrew Day” .  An Andrew Day it is!!!

Off to the stable…


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On Wednesday…

The horses all worked well yesterday.  They were tired so we fine tuned some basics and put them away after short rides.  Today we’ll have the same game plan and then they all get a well-earned 48 hours off.  We’ll hand walk them each day off  but no riding.  Sunday will be back in the saddle.  They all will be ready for Shannon’s lessons on Monday morning.

Trailers were leaving the yard at Arroyo all morning.  It’ll be very quiet around there this weekend.  Good luck wishes to everyone in LA…ride like the wind…

Lindsey went to the gym, I went for a walk…

View north to the Oceanside pier.

And the walk back to the coach...

An early start today then a trip to LA with Barb and Curtis…gonna be a great day.


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Burbank show this weekend…

And we’re staying put at Arroyo Del Mar.  😦

The LA Equestrian Center is a great facility, outdoor rings galore and a large indoor (fits 2 full sized rings inside with a small warmup at the back as well).  If it rains the outdoor rings are not rideable.  And it’s going to rain. 

 As this show is a CDI they’ll move the all the CDI tests inside.  That’ll give them 2 warmup rings, small one and a large one and all the CDI horses will be safe and comfortable.  The National show will run inside as well scheduled around the CDI tests.  (The show managers for this show are amazing to be able to work all rescheduling out!!)  They’ll run both large indoor rings as show rings and use the attached small indoor area as warmup.  Each horse will get 15 minutes to warm up before their tests.  As we are not in the CDI this show, we decided it would be best for the horses to stay at Arroyo and work in the indoor in the rain.  We’ll be rooting for all the Arroyo CDI horses from a distance!!!

Fred, first ride with Shannon in the morning.

Lance is figuring out this piaffe thing! "Line up those cookies Shannon...I'm on a roll"

Not much warm weather ahead this week…glad the coach has T-Necks and toques on board!!!  Break out the mittens!


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Monday’s rides…

Yesterday was definitely a Monday!  William is learning he can’t be a Third Level horse for the rest of his life.  The teenager in him thinks sleeping late, handing in projects with minimum effort and only cutting the lawn under great duress is the lifestyle he would choose…growing up is hard on all of us.

William, growing up.


Lance scared himself on Sunday’s ride.  He’s moving much more closed and is figuring out the whole left bend deal.  He got really under himself on Sunday and then panicked.  He was really rattled and came out for Monday’s ride thinking maybe he should still be worried about something.  Lindsey rode quietly and patiently and by the end of the ride he was back in the groove of being Lance!

Lance, figuring things out!


Lance being Lance.

Fred was such a good girl yesterday.  She’s been a rock this month!  Yeah Fred for holding up the team!  Lance and Fred in lessons with Shannon today.  William gets a detention.

Gonna be a great day!


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Rain, rain, rain…

The rain and the wind held off till the end of the day so everyone went to work and stayed dry yesterday.  Today is their day off so we’ll head to the stable, feed and hand walk all three (no turnout ’cause the turnout pens are too sloppy).  We have a lunch date with Curtis and Barb in Laguna Woods…yummm!  (Barb’s cooking!!!)  I think we may have to take the truck though as the rain storm last night was quite impressive!  We’ll see how much flooding is around when we drive to the stable and decide if the little car will survive the drive north.

Some highlights from yesterday…

The main ring at Arroyo tarped...the silver blanket could be on for a while.

Fred, first ride in the morning.


Lance, the start of a right pirouette.

Lance discussing the current cookie situation..."Do you have another cookie Shannon? I was a good boy??!!!"

Lance in collected trot...can you say "air time"?!!

Lance, trot half pass.

Off to check out the waves in the rain on the drive to the stable.  Hope we don’t drown…we’re pretty close the ground in the little car!  A great way the wash the vehicle!


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Wheww, what a day…

All three horses were fabulous today but you’ll have to take my word for it as photos just don’t happen in the covered ring…too dark and too many bodies in the way to get a good shot. 

William and Lance had lessons with Shannon, Lindsey and I worked Fred in between the lessons.  William is learning to hold himself up, getting ready for the PSG ring.  Boing, boing, boing and off he goes!!!  Fred was a tired puppy today and had a light ride.  Despite being tired she stayed loose and swinging in her back in all the work…she’s growing up.  Lance tackled the passage/piaffe question again today and everything is starting to click…what a good boy!  Thank you Shannon for your expertise and wonderful way of explaining concepts to our horses, Lindsey and I…we appreciate your commitment and hard work and are very thankful.

The covered ring, where we work in the rainy season.

Our tack boxes, next to the grooming stalls we use. Charlie on the hot walker.

 Late tomorrow the rain is to start in earnest.  Gonna be a soggy weekend but a great Friday!!!


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A day in the rain.

The morning started out quite wet so the first lesson with Shannon (on Fred) was in the covered arena.  The covered ring is about a 20 X 40 so it doesn’t take many bodies trotting around to make it feel a little like a warm up ring at a show.  Fred was tired from her lesson the day before but came into the ring and went to work.  She has grown up soooo much this year!  Her collected work is really starting to develop and it is very elegant and light…lovely.  No photos of her lesson as it’s too dark in the covered to see much from the camera.

Lance’s lesson was later in the morning so we headed to the big jumper ring as it had stopped raining.  The footing was wonderful, lots of spring and very stable.  We got just enough rain to enhance  the good bits and not enough to drown the footing out!  Lance’s previous lesson was focused on passage and piaffe, yesterday’s was one tempis.  Typical to Lance’s style of “go big or go home”, his one’s are huge.  Lindsey is going to have to ride from corner to corner to be able to fit all 15 in on one diagonal for sure!

Lance, one left....

...and one right...

"Weeeeee...we got ones Linds..." 🙂

We worked William in the jumper ring as well and he was great.  Today will be his lesson time with Shannon and Fred can have a well deserved lighter, stretchy ride.  It only rained slightly last night so fingers crossed, we’ll be in the jumper ring again today.

Arroyo is getting a little twitchy about the LA show.  Seems LA Equestian’s footing does not stand up to rain so we’re going day by day to determine whether we ship to Burbank on Wednesday or not.  No sense hauling in and scratching classes, better to stay put and work at Arroyo.

No rain yet…gonna be a great day!


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