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Jedi training, purple princesses and lotsa, lotsa Mickey today!

The trailer is packed.  This was a tricky operation.  Pack up the house, pack up the horses but leave room for the  bike!!!!  It’ll be the last thing to load on the trailer before the horses get on.

Peter arrives tomorrow night and will get one day on the bike before he and Lindsey start the long drive home with the horses.  Wonderfully the weather will cooperate and he’ll have sun and warmth to cycle the hills of Del Mar.  Peter and Ivars have been in close communication re the amazing cycling paths here.  Ivars has put over 600 kms on his bike this spring and Peter will add even more on Thursday.  Happy cycling Peter!!

Today we are headed to Disneyland!!!  Mack and Cali are very excited to visit the most wonderful place in California!!!  (I think Kirsten and Andrew are very excited as well.)

Lindsey has opted out of exploring Mickeyland and will spend the day at the barn riding with Shannon…Lance or Mickey????, Fred or the Princesses???? William or Adventure land???…right!  A no brainer.  Have a great day riding Linds!!!  🙂

So Amma and Papa are off to have lunch with the princesses and watch Jedi training for 4 yr olds.   We are going to have the most wonderful day!!


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#@^&!! It happened again!!!

2 weeks ago at the San Juan show, Lance rubbed the inside of his cheek (right side) on his noseband.  We have that issue now sorted out and are now virtually riding with a very decorative, ineffectual noseband and it getting it done!

So 3 minutes before his ride time for the Special yesterday he cut his lip on the left side.  He has very fleshy lips so I’m not sure if he caught in on his curb chain hook or pinched in under his curb bit.

So now we have another “sensitive mucosal lining” mouth issue I’ll need to sort out with my horse.  “Hey Linds!!  Wanna ride bridle-less next show???”  Just kidding.  I don’t think we’d get that by the FEI rules committee.

To say we’re disappointed is a big understatement.  Adversity does not build character it shows it.  This is another wrinkle in forward progress.


On a bright note, Shannon said we totally won the warmup!!!  Lindsey and Lance…you rock!!!

Off to work on tweeking a special double bridle…


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Learning, learning, learning….

It was a wonderful, wonderful day yesterday.

When our friend Gary said learning to ride Grand Prix was like learning to ride all over again; he was perfectly, succinctly and very insightfully correct.  Riding Grand Prix is a whole new level of riding girls!!!

And we have been working very, very hard this winter to solve this riddle.  Yesterday’s Grand Prix test was totally on the right track.

I couldn’t be more prouder or more thankful after Lindsey and Lance’s test yesterday.  Putting together the Grand Prix with organization, subtly, and understanding is the start of the next part of this journey and we are so excited to be headed there!!

Determined to Learn



The scores were not quite what we expected, but that’ll work itself out with time.

Today is a day off for Lance and school for William and Fred.  With wind and wave advisories out for San Diego, it is going to be a very interesting weather day.  The Grand Prix Freestyles are tonight (Lance is NOT doing his freestyle at this show).  They are in the indoor arena so won’t be too affected by the weather.

I’ve heard from folks at home that the live streaming was not working yesterday…darn.  Hopefully they will have it working tonight and you can catch Legolas and Magic’s tests tonight…Go Team Peters!!!

Off to the bustery day at the show…



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Training in the sun…

Yesterday’s training at the show grounds went very well.  Shannon helped us with both William and Lance.  William worked outside and Lance in the indoor (Del Mar) arena.

Everyday I video all three of our rides at Arroyo or at the shows and we review them at home each night.   The videos take up at lot of time and disc space so it has worked out that I’v not taken many photos this year!!

So this show there will be more photos!!!  I promise!!

William, yesterday

William, yesterday



Good boy, William

Polishing and cleaning!!

Polishing and cleaning!!

I didn’t get photos of Lance in the indoor yesterday…there was a lot of traffic in there and the light was not great.   (but he did look wonderful!!!!  You’ll have to take my word for it!!!)  I’ll try again today!!!

Today is a ride on both boys at the show grounds with Shannon, work with Fred at Arroyo and the jog back at the Fairgrounds at 3pm.

The kids had a great day at the beach yesterday and we all met for dinner at the end of the day.  They finished the day off at the house in the pool before bed time…lotsa smiles, lotsa giggles and lots and lots of splashing!!!

Another very full day ahead…






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Live Streaming Del Mar National?

The Grand Prix  (Friday, 3pm), Grand Prix Freestyle (Saturday, 7:45pm) and the Young Rider’s Grand Prix (Sunday, 1pm) will be live streamed.  The  link to the live stream is  from the USEF site.

Lance and Lindsey will be in the Grand Prix and Friday.  Most of the Grand Prix class will be competing in the freestyle on Saturday night.  We decided to take a miss at the Freestyle class this show and opted for the Grand Prix Special class instead.  (the Grand Prix horses have the option of two classes for each show; GP/GPS or GP/Freestyle).

The CDI jog is Thursday (3pm) and the draw for ride times for the Grand Prix on Friday is after the jog.

Del Mar Fairgrounds

Today is lessons with Shannon and then a stop at the show grounds at the end of the day to set up Lance and William’s stalls.  We’ll take the boys over tomorrow morning.

Off the stable…the kids arrive today!!!!


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Sooo…our last couple of weeks in California…

The end of our time here each year is so bitter sweet.

We are (expectantly) so sad to have to say our goodbyes to everyone here at our winter training home but we are so excited (jumping up and down excited) to be Alberta bound and home!

This has been an amazing year.  We are coming home with so much hard won knowledge; so many unique experiences lived and so many brilliant opportunities taken.

But as we are packing and organizing for the trip home…we have a horse show this weekend!!!

How many times have YOU kissed this spot?????

How many times have YOU kissed this spot?????

Our last horse show of the year is the Del Mar National.  We’ll take Lance and William to the Del Mar Fairgrounds on Wednesday.  The jog for the CDI is Thursday at 3:30.  The CDI Grand Prix for Lance is Friday and the CDI Grand Prix Special is Sunday.  William is entered in the PSG on Saturday.  (Fred is working on her homework at Arroyo this weekend and will not make it to this show grounds…yet!!!)  So we have a busy show week ahead of us!

Aleks and Neil were here from Phoenix for the weekend.  It was wonderful to see them!!  They had a great, relaxing weekend on the coast and are headed back today.

Andrew, Kirsten and the 3 babies fly in tomorrow and Ivars is here on Wednesday.  Peter arrives next week, just in time to get a day on the bike and then drive home with Lindsey and the horses.  Sheri and Megan are taking a spring break and flying down Thursday to watch the CDI.  We’ll have a big support team around us for this last couple of weeks!!  🙂

So I need to fit a quick work out in this morning, then off to the stable…

Happy Easter!!!  Sushi with the kids!!

Happy Easter!!! Sushi with the kids!!

A busy week ahead!!!


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Living a Passionate Life…

Passionate 2

If you are lucky enough to be one of these passionate people…celebrate!  The journey that is life will be wonderful, difficult, interesting all-out experience.  Go for it!!!

Passionate 1

I found this article yesterday and thought it’s too good not to share on the blog.  from…

Passionate people lead significantly different lives from their less-than-enthusiastic counterparts. Here are 10 things that passionate people do differently and the good and bad that comes of it.

1. Start their days early.

It’s not that passionate people don’t enjoy sleeping – they do. It’s just that once they’re up, they get excited about the work ahead of them. Even if the particular project or tasks they will be working on may not excite them, their future aspirations and the passion they have for what they do drive them to get out of bed rather quickly. Passionate people are all about doing and you can’t do much if you spend half the day sleeping.

2. Always have their passions on their mind.

They’re basically obsessed – hopefully in a healthy manner. Healthy passions are healthy obsessions. You can’t keep your mind from returning to the topic and can’t help but get excited by those thoughts. Passionate people live in a world in which the few things that matter to them in life basically involve the passions they love.

3. Get excited more than the average person.

Passionate individuals may not always feel excited – no one is excited all the time – but when they get excited, they get excited more fully, for a longer duration and, overall, more frequently.

It’s because they have more in their lives to get excited about. They devote their time to usually one or two things and therefore make more progress than those who split their time amongst many things. The momentum keeps them excited.

4. Get pissed off and emotional more than the average person.

Just as the passionate get excited, they also can come off as very moody. They go from happy and excited to pissed off and miserable. Because they are passionate, they are much more emotionally connected to whatever it is they are doing – so when things go well, the world is a beautiful place, but when things go awry, sh*t gets real very quickly.

5. Willing to risk more and put more on the line.

If you’re passionate, you have a clear understanding of what your purpose in life is – if only your purpose for that very moment. For this reason, you give much less importance to other things. Therefore you’re willing to risk more for the thing(s) that you find most important, that you are most passionate about. Those that are passionate are much more willing to give up things that don’t fall in their scope of passion.

6. Devote their lives to their dreams.

Life is filled with things worth doing and things not worth doing. That which we are most passionate about is what we believe to be worthwhile, everything else seems to be wasteful and lacking. Passionate individuals gradually gravitate towards their passions and away from the rest that life has to offer. They know what will make them happy and are willing to ignore the rest.

7. Surround themselves with their work.

People say that it isn’t good to bring work home. However, for the most passionate, work is home. It’s not possible for these individuals not to bring their work home because their work is in them and reflects in everything they have and do. But it doesn’t feel like work to them. It feels like life.

8. Can’t help but talk about their projects.

They know that you probably don’t want to hear about it because you hear about it all the time, but they don’t really want to talk about much else. And even if they do, their conversations almost always steer back to their passions. They can’t help it because they don’t see their passions as separate from themselves; they are their passions.

9. Tend to either be pushing ahead full throttle or are completely still.

Passionate people aren’t always the best at balancing their lives. They get overly excited and push themselves to their limits. They love working and love moving forward quickly. But they eventually do run out of steam and crash. Only the seasoned and wise passionate individuals have learned to balance havoc and calm in a healthy manner.

10. Always think positively about the future.

Their minds are always looking ahead, looking at what can be instead of what is. This has its good sides and bad, but nevertheless, they are always thinking about their next move.

The one great outcome is that they always have something to look forward to and are excited to make it happen. As long as they remember to hang around in the present from time to time, they don’t run into too much trouble.

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4 rides in…no issues… :)

So after the last 4 rides on Lance…everyone happy, no issues!!! (insert happy, jumping up and down coaches/rider/owner icons)

I think we might have this problem tackled!!

Today we’ll ride with Shannon again, with him in his double bridle.  I’ve dropped his very soft, brand new, super cushy noseband so there is no contact to his cheeks with his back molars.  It does look a little weird on his face.  I’m sure someone is going to comment on the poor noseband position citing basic pony club guidelines but it works for him and we’re going with it!!

Dr. Liz (acupuncturist) will be at Arroyo to treat Lance again today.  Crossing the Ts and doting the I’s…

Bev and Paul Sweet are down here visiting for the week and thoroughly enjoying the sights and venues of San Diego.  They are both going to go home with sun tans and big smiles.  So glad the weather is behaving for their visit!

Off to Arroyo and my ponies…



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Umm Errr…Houston we still have a problem…

Problem solving.

Yesterday was a big day.

With the help my wonderful friend, Stacy Williams, we now have contacts for safe overnight stops for the three horses in St. George, Utah and Dillon, Montana on the long, upcoming trip home.  This will break up the three day trip into 3, 8 -10 hour days.

With the expert help from Jim Reed from Jim’s Mobile RV Repair, (760.978.0663) we now have both cameras and all the running lights working on the horse trailer.  Jim did an amazing job at tracking down 3 shorts in the camera wiring in the trailer.  He also calculated that the power required to run the cameras and the lights was 1.8 amps higher than the fuse (that we kept blowing on the truck) could handle.  We now have a new relay and special fuse on the trailer to run the cameras and presto…the truck is now happy, the cameras are now happy and I am very happy.  Thanks Jim!  A good guy who really knows his job!!

But the big problem that we have been working on since the last show…Lance is cutting his mouth on his teeth as he works…is still not solved.

We’ve had the equine chiropractor work on him (I thought that there might be a reason in his body that he is using his jaw to compensate, so let’s get him assessed).  Any issues the chiropractor found that day, he rated (on a scale of 1-10) as below a 1…Mr. Perfect (Lance’s nickname) was really Mr. Perfect for Dr. Moore.  Dr. Dan did some minor adjustments that day and left.

We also had a acupuncturist assess him.  Dr. Elizabeth Wilber also worked on him.  She is a vet who specializes in acupuncture.  So she could assess him with Western as well as Eastern medical eyes.  She found nothing much going on but treated him for the issues she did find that day.

We’ve re-thought out his feed program (and left it pretty much the same), added Succeed and Equi-Shure for hind gut health and put him back on daily Gastro-Guard.

Lindsey and Shannon worked him last week in the cavesson and left his double bridle hanging in the tack room (this would give the mouth a chance to totally heal).

So yesterday morning  before putting on his double bridle, I checked his mouth and it was great.  The rubs on the inside of his cheeks at the show were quite small so a week of healing had really done a wonderful job.  On with the bridle.  We took great care to put extra padding on the noseband (a new, very cushy noseband) and out to the dressage ring to work.  And the work was great.  Lindsey and Shannon’s work from last week had been wonderful and it showed.  He was more confirmed in the passage and the half passes were super.  But about 30 minutes into the work, he rubbed the inside of  his cheek again.

We took him back to the barn and I checked his mouth.  He had a small cut on the right inside of his cheek…again.  The obvious thought of checking his teeth (I know more about his molars than I do my own…) has been done and done and done.  His teeth are regularly done at home and we had them done here in January by a equine dental specialist.  But we need to revisit it.  San Diequito Equine was at Arroyo that afternoon and could check his mouth.  Andrea Shepley assessed him and there is nothing much there but because seems the mucosa in his mouth seems to be very sensitive, she suggested we re float the ridges on his upper molars.  She’ll be back on Wednesday afternoon to do the procedure.

So now here’s the plan for the next couple of days…we’ll work him in the cavesson today (the cheek will heal quickly) and  tomorrow he’ll go back in is double bridle.  His noseband will be very loose so there will be very little contact to his molars.  Andrea will be out in the afternoon and do the touch up float and we’ll keep our fingers crossed for Thursday’s work.

Life is about problems and how we react to them.  Many problems solved yesterday, one big one still pending.

The journey continues…




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