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Announcing Our N2 Saddle Sponsorship!!!

We have looked for a long time for a replacement saddle for Lance and Lindsey. We found it and they are now one of our sponsors!

We were very picky in the process of choosing the next saddle for Lance. We need great quality, Flair (air panels) and flocking, adjustable in tree points, fit Lindsey and Lance, and most importantly…great service. We have worked with Graham and Sue Newell from LimeLite Saddlery while we were here in California previous years and loved their work. So we were very excited to hear they now have their own saddle line made in England. Lindsey sat in several of their saddles and we loved the Vincitore! It fit her so well. We then rode in it and it fit Lance.

Graham understood our need of the Flair system and re worked some ideas with his saddler in England and we are now proudly riding in and sponsored by N2 Saddles and LimeLite Saddlery.

Thank you Graham and Sue. We are so looking forward to working with you and your wonderful saddles!

Lindsey, Lance and Graham and the new N2 saddle!  (Graham looks very tall in this photo 'cause he is very tall!!!)

Lindsey, Lance and Graham and the new N2 saddle! (Graham looks very tall in this photo ’cause he is very tall!!!)

Off to finish packing!!!!


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Now that boys and girls, was fun!

Yesterday we had a very good early morning school in the indoor arena in preparation for the freestyle that night. Lance was awesome, Lindsey was awesome and everyone was happy! We then had a long, rainy day ahead of us till Freestyle night. It was a Net Flix afternoon at home!! 🙂

Last night was electric in the Del Mar arena. Lots of people, lots of noise and under the lights!! Lance is a very cool dude and nothing much bothers him but even he snorted with excitement in a couple of the piaffe movements! Go Lance go!! It was a great freestyle, a great test!!! 66.2%, 6th place. I am so proud of them!!!

So we celebrated our last show here by going to I N Out…I know, I know…too much excitement…we’ll keep it down now till we get home!!

I N Out

Lance won a pretty blue ribbon in the Grand Prix on Friday.

Lance won a pretty blue ribbon in the Grand Prix on Friday.

The racetrack ducks...I think they missed their flights north...

The racetrack ducks…I think they missed their flights north…

Checking scores on FoxVillage on Lindsey's phone is not easy this weekend.

Checking scores on FoxVillage on Lindsey’s phone is not easy this weekend.

Eddie took Lance and Magic home last night. Thank you Eddie! So today we are off to finish packing up the trailer and take it back to Arroyo. Today is “feet” trimming day at Arroyo! Sossity and Mario will make sure their feet are all looking good and in good balance for the trip home.

It’s going to be a great Sunday!!



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This never gets old…

Del Mar National CDI.

4 22 2

We love this show.

4 22 1

This will be our 6 year at this show. (7…if you count the time I came down to scout out a new coach to help us in our international goals and found her…Shannon Peters!!!).

Each year this show is always exciting for us. The work from the last 3 months with Shannon is getting solid. We are understanding the concepts and Lindsey and Lance are able to consistently add these new skills to the work. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Shannon’s happy, I’m happy, Lindsey’s happy and most importantly Lance is happy. A happy Grand Prix horse…happy in his understanding of the work, happy in his ability to do the work, he’s happy and willing in the very difficult Grand Prix work.

This never gets old…<3




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Del Mar National Live Streaming!!!

This year USEF will be live streaming the Grand Prix on Friday and the Grand Prix Freestyles on Saturday night!! Yeah!!

This is the only link I have to the broadcast right now. It doesn’t list the Grand Prix on the schedule yet. I’ll check on it and if there is a different link, let you know.

The Grand Prix coverage starts at 3 pm on Friday and the Freestyles on Saturday night at 7 pm.

As this is a CDI, we won’t know Lance’s ride time till after the jog and each day after the draw.

Thank you all for your support…it means sooooo much…especially a big thank you for Mrs. Spiller’s Grade 6 cheering squad!!!

Deb's class


We’re going for it guys!!!! Thanks for cheering us on!!!


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Core Mechanics for Riders Workshops weekends…

We’ve worked out the first dates of the Core Mechanics workshops. It’s going to be a busy spring!!

Core Mechanics Workshop – Concepts

  • May 30/31 – Calgary (contact Deanna Cullen for more info)

Core Mechanics Workshop – Concepts

  • June 6/7 – Flying Colours

Core Mechanics Workshop – Explorations

  • June 20/21 – Flying Colours

We offer Core Mechanics Workshops weekends at three levels; Concepts, Explorations and Applications.

  • Concepts – an introduction to riding concepts on the mat and then applying those concepts in the saddle. Concepts weekends are are for riders who are working with us at Core Mechanics for the first time.
  • Explorations – a more complex level of mat work and how to apply it in the saddle. Exploration weekends are for returning Core Mechanics riders who want a deeper understanding of the work.
  • Applications – a very personalized level of mat work applied to in the saddle work. A personalized fitness program for your riding. Working with balance, flexibility and importantly strength issues for each rider.

These workshops are all most full but we will be scheduling more throughout the summer.

If you would like to schedule a Core Mechanics Workshop weekend at your stable, contact Vickie or Lindsey at

Off to find my mat!!!


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Bugger…bugger, bugger, bugger…

Akiko (Legolas’ owner) said it best yesterday…

“We fully support today’s decision and at the same time feel Steffen’s pain. We have nothing but praise and pride for his horsemanship and masterful riding which we all so admire and is Steffen’s signature.”

Steffen is a master of quiet riding, quiet aids…quiet and effective. He rides with these values in the competition ring because he maintains these values everyday. Every day. Quiet, empathetic, effective aids. Every day. Every horse. That’s the Peters’ way.

So when what happened yesterday happens to such an admirable equestrian, there are not enough words…

A bad thing happened to a good person and a good horse…bugger….


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Everyone is going to Vegas….

From Alberta and all over the US, many dressage stables are going to be very, very quiet this weekend. The only sound coming from most stables this week will be the munch, munch of horses enjoying their days off. NA trainers and riders will descend on Vegas to watch the best in the world compete. There will be lots of smiles and waves on the Strip as riders figure out what their rider friends look like in regular clothes without their horses and then recognize each other!

But not me!!! Ivars arrives in San Diego on Saturday and Aleks and Neil drive in on Friday!!! 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤  We have a family weekend planned in San Diego. (this includes Lance, Fred and William).

Barb and Curtis are going to start the trek home and Lindsey will go with them as far as Vegas. She and Barb will watch the freestyles on Saturday. Lindsey will catch a ride back to Del Mar on Sunday and Barb and Curtis will carry on north to home.

We have one more show (Del Mar CDI) April 24/25 and then we start packing for home!

Off to watch the sunrise…



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Housekeeping in San Diego??….

Yes!! Housekeeping with an ocean view!!


As many you have noticed (I love your comments ❤ !!!)… I don’t blog regularly when I’m back in Alberta.

😦 I know, I know…it’s not because I don’t have good intentions but as many of you who own farms know…the job jar items is very full on a farm especially in the spring!

Soooooo….I’ve set up a Facebook page for Flying Colours!

This page will easier to update on those upcoming busy days at home and in our future travels. So the best way to stay FCS current is to “like” our Facebook page from your Facebook page! Easy peasey!!! (There will be links to the blog as well on the Facebook page.)

Look for the blog posts as expanded, more detailed Facebook updates. Make sense??? Yes!!!

Off to start another amazing week in San Diego…



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We have done this learning, competing trek to California now for 6 seasons. And each year we juggle work at home with our competition schedule in California. We’ve tried several ways to make it work but  I think this year has been the best juggle.

I’ve been home twice for 2 weeks at a time and Lindsey has been home for twice for 2 jam packed teaching weekends. Lindsey’s weekends at home are so crammed full I don’t know where she finds time to sleep! And in indubitable Lindsey style, she gets it all done!!!

Having two weeks home each time has been a huge benefit for many things around here!!! Everyone and most things on my list get attended to while I’m home.  Yeah!!! This makes me happy!

We have one more show at the end of April before we all head home for 2015. Our final CDI show is at the Del Mar Fairgrounds (April 24/25/26) and it’s a great show. We’ll be showing in the CDI Grand Prix class and for the first time in California, Lance and Lindsey will be in the Grand Prix Freestyle class. It’s a great freestyle and the class is a lot of fun for everyone. It’s in the indoor at the Fairgrounds on Gala Night, under the lights…lots of spectators, lots of smiles, lots of cheering!!! Yes cheering, at a dressage show, really!

So one more show and then we’re back on the road headed north for home!

(Core Mechanics for Riders Workshops (Pilates/Riding Workshops) dates are being organized!! Calgary dates May 30/31. Flying Colours dates TBA soon!!)

Off to find my Reformer!!! Another yeah for being home!!!



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