Sunday in the sun, yeah!

We found a Starbucks…they not hard to find…they’re everywhere!  Grabbed a couple of hot teas and headed to the stables. 
Yesterday’s work was applying Shannon’s lessons to all 5 horses and fine tuning some positional changes in Lindsey’s seat in the work.  
Alex was first ride today and he did soo well.  We had to use the covered arena first thing in the am so no photos (the lighting is too difficult to get a decent shot).  He was concentrated and happy to be back at work.  We tacked him up without the sheepskin and his saddle is now feeling great, a little more broken in and fits him wonderfully.  Today’s schedule is to get him in the big ring in the sunshine.  I’ll bring the camera and get some shots of his newly clipped body…so cute! 
Next was Walker. 

Tacking Walker up in one of the many outdoor grooming stalls.

The sunshine is wonderful and a great way to start the day. 

Walker, with the stables in the background.

 Sunday is a quiet day around Arroyo Del Mar. 

William, our FEI 6 yr old, Hannoverian Stallion.

It was a great day to concentrate on fine tuning some details, quiet arena, lovely weather, concentrated horses. 


 Lance, with the stable and the rolled, footing saving!, tarps in the background. 

Fred again.

Today is 2 lessons with Shannon, am and after lunch.  Walker and Alex are both quite tired and will have a light day of work.  Day is planned! 

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  1. carol

    Starbucks — for tea? Does no one else see a problem with this picture???

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