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Shannon Peters Clinic Oct 3/4

Clinic with international trainer and rider Shannon Peters. 

American Shannon Peters is a classically trained rider, not only training with her husband Steffen for the last 10 years, but also with her mentor, Karl Mikolka, former Chief Rider of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. She has competed in national championships both in the FEI Young Horse divisions, and in the Intermediare Divisions, as well as CDI competitions at the Grand Prix level.  She enjoys establishing a great foundation of work to bring her students from training level to GP.  She will be at Flying Colours for a 2 day clinic.  Advanced auditor registration required.  This is a unique opportunity to expand our knowledge from one of the top, up and coming dressage trainers in the world today. 7 rider spots, 40 auditor seats. 

When: Saturday/Sunday, October 3/4, 2009   (Auditor registration deadline October 1, 2009)

Where:  Flying Colours Stables, Wetaskiwin, AB 

Time:  Later am start Saturday, early am start Sunday 

Cost:  $25/day, $50 + GST = $52.50 

(Registration form available on the ADA website or by contacting FCS) 



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Grandparent’s Day???? Who knew??

It’s Grandparent’s Day on Sunday.  I know this interesting fact from an email that arrived unsolicited yesterday.  Who knew Grandparent’s Day would be a fun thing to celebrate!!!???  Mother’s Day and Father’s Day really comes and goes unceremoniously around here, hardly notice the day (except for all the festive present suggestions at Costco), but Grandparent’s Day…woot, woot…let’s celebrate!!  And celebrate we will!

Mack’s first outing to the mountains starts tomorrow.  We’re taking 2 motorhomes and a 5th wheel and heading to Banff for the weekend.  All 4 grandparents, and of course Mack’s mom and dad and uncle Greg.  The weather promises to be exceptional, the hiking trails will be beautiful and maybe even a little golf early Friday before the kids arrive! 

A big thank you to Lindsey (and Peter) for taking charge of Flying Colours for the weekend.  It’s the only way Ivars and I can get away and relax… knowing the stable is in competent hands and all our horses won’t miss a beat in their training schedules. 

Now off to get this busy day started…tomorrow Grandparent Weekend begins!!!!

Mack...ready for his first trip to the mountains.

Mack...ready for his first trip to the mountains.

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Babies Show…a fun day!

Yesterday was too much fun. 

The little girls were soo excited to be in their first dressage show.  Their ponies were bathed, brushed and braided.  Mom helped with all the hard stuff including turning, halting and making sure everyone stayed on.  Everyone went home with a ribbon, full tummies and lots of memories.



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Babies and Big Girls Dressage Show

Flying Colours Stables

Babies and Big Girls Dressage Show

Labour Day, Monday, Sept 7, 2009

9 am start

Hot Dogs at 12 noon, ice cream cones to follow

Little girls in the indoor

  • Dressage tests, ridden and lead (morning)

Big girls in the outdoor

  • Dressage tests, ridden (morning)

Ouhhhhhh Baby (Big, big girls)

  • Tests/lessons indoor (morning)

Noon Lunch

  • Hot dogs, ice cream 

Afternoon class

Partner up with your sister or mommy or daddy.  Decorate your horse with anything you can find in the stable (tickle trunks will be available to entrants)

This class is your chance to impress the judges. You will have 3 minutes in the arena to influence and impress the judge(s)

Does your horse do tricks? Maybe you think the judges deserve some soothing music and a nice drink while you show them your horse?  Maybe your horse can follow you with carrots?  Maybe the judges can follow you with chocolate????!!!

This is your chance to bring TRUTH to the rumor that judges can be bribed!  Just remember, Lindsey starts with extra hidden points…Peter is judging!!!!


(All children must leave in the vehicles they arrived in (trades are allowed but all children must be off the premises by close of afternoon classes or at least by bedtime)) (Mack is exempt, Grandma doesn’t allow trades)

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Warmbloods on the south, donkeys on the north?????

Yesterday started out with sooo much excitement at FCS.  Linda arrived to work and called to tell me we had the donkey back.

Last week the neighbour’s donkey (small, grey and white, not gelded!) arrived at the farm.  The outside horses were running and frightened and lathered by the time Katie had caught him!  Everyone settled down as soon as he disappeared.  She walked him back to his farm and checked the fences there to find the spot that he escaped.  Couldn’t find any holes.

7:30 yesterday, he’s back!!!  Once again we caught him and settled everyone down.  Luckily no one was turned out yet and just had the outdoor horses to deal with; basically reassure them the donkey was not going to eat Sid!!!  I now have a small, cute donkey in the round pen on the north side of the barn.  He’s very loud.  One of my students is here for a week with her mule (before the Battle at Spruce) so the molly is in a pen as well on the north side.  Quite a sight at FCS as I drive by!!!  Warmbloods on the south, donkeys on the north.  Photos soon!

I think I’ll keep him here safe and secure till they can sort out their fencing problems!  He’s probably crawling through their barbed wire fencing (he doesn’t look like the “jumping” type).  It would be a crazy day here to have Mr. Donkey walking around the farm when everyone is out!!!  Meanwhile we’re all “enjoying” the mega braying coming from the back forty!!  Everyone here has adapted to haveing the mule in the barn so maybe by the time the neighbour’s  fencing is fixed, all the horses be “donkey broke” as well!!!!

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