So much rain…

We left for the stable early yesterday.  The rain hadn’t let up much overnight so we thought if there was any chance of riding, we should arrive early and get everyone done before the skies opened up as was it reported to happen in the afternoon.  

Kate does an amazing job managing the footing but there just was too much rain overnight.  The indoor only had a about a 30M circle that the footing was ridable for lunging.  The stables were still dry, thanks to the hard work of all the staff; trenching, pumping, moving dirt around.  We lunged one horse and joined the hand walking parade up and down the long alley way of the stables for the other 4 horses.  We were all done about 10am just as the skies opened up again.  Kate and staff were doing everything they could to divert water around the stables.  Pumps going, shovels ready, everyone had a job and was ready.  The water was heading in the right direction down and around the stables. 

As we drove out away, I wondered if we would be able to drive back in later in the afternoon.  The water flows under a little bridge just before the driveway to the stables and I wondered if the stream would over flow it’s banks.  We headed out to run some errands and catch an early movie before heading back to tuck the horses in later in the day. 

We arrived back at Arroyo about 3pm.  The water had crested and was receding and everyone was dry and happy. 

A big thank you again to Kate for moving our trailer.  It would have floated away if she hadn’t rescued it.  Amazing.  Thank you Kate.

The upper round pen was full of water.

The turnout pens had water half way up the fences.

The pathway to the upper arenas, everything was floating.

The covered arena, tarped to keep out the driving rain.

The covered has been the answer to riding in this monsoon till yesterday…just too much rain in too short a time. 

The lower round pen was totally submerged.

Trailer parking...the logs were floating!

This where our trailer, along with 2 others, were parked.  Kate did and unbelievable job of moving them all to higher ground. 

The bridge into Arroyo Del Mar.

This is the bridge into the stables.  The water ran totally over the road for about an hour.  We wouldn’t have been able to drive in or out till it receded.  Note the slide in the background. 

It’s been raining on and off all night so I’m not sure if we’ll have a ride day today.  The weather reports call for more rain today and tomorrow but we should be through the worst of it and gradually the sun will start to dry everything up over the weekend.  Here’s hopin’! 

Heading into the rainforest…


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