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6 Things You Never Knew About “Ulcery” Horses…

1.  If your horse has a history of stomach ulcers…check other mucosal  areas for lesions.

It seems that if a horse has ulcers he may have reactive or thin mucosal tissue throughout his body.

2.  Omeprazole will get rid of the “ulcery” symptoms.

Gastro Guard (omeprazole) will get rid of the symptoms.  Equine stomach ulcers do act like human stomach ulcers in that they can be caused by stomach acid splashing in places it shouldn’t splash.  That’s the reason that omeprazole (Gastro Guard) will help the symptoms disappear in an “ulcery” acting horse.  Omeprazole is a proton pump inhibitor (PPI).  It slows or prevents the production of acid within the stomach.  Getting rid of the symptoms is good.  Finding the answer to why the mucosa is reacting and causing lesions is the next step.

3.  Check your feed program.

The gut mucosa in your horse may be reacting to your feeding regime.  We have found a huge change in our horses by changing to an organic, non-GMO feed.  We now feed Genesis Organic Horse Feed.  By simply changing to Genesis, the “ulcery” symptoms disappeared.

4.  The hind gut mucosa may be affected as well.

We are going to try recommended  products here in California that will help with hind gut health and keep you posted.

5.  If your horse has oral lesions, be a sleuth to find the cause(s).

 Does he chew one-sided?  Does he rub his face on his feeder?  Is his halter rubbing him?  Has he TMJ issues?  Neck issues?

6.  If your horse has mucosal issues, he’ll always have mucosal issues.

If you are ‘thin skinned”  you’ll always be “thin skinned”.  Now learn how to manage it!  There is lots of research time being pointed at increasing mucosal grow but no success yet.  (It seems increasing mucosal growth is increasing cancer growth as well.)

So this will be our new challenge in managing our very special Grand Prix horse, Lancelot.  Life is amazing wonderful with Lance, so much learning at so many levels and so worth it!!!  He is one very special Grand Prix horse.



Off to a slow day at Arroyo with our horses…




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Remember this ?….



Well…yesterday we were somewhere in the middle of the second image.

The warm up for the Grand Prix on Lance was the best ever.  The. Best. Ever.  Everyone was ready.

As I reached up to do the final tidy up, wipe down before centre line, I noticed a tinge of pink from his mouth.  “Oh dear”, (not my exact words) “we need to deal with this…”.  Lindsey walked him around the holding area but it got worse.

Lance had bitten his tongue or cheek.

We found Dr. Tomlinson (FEI Vet) and we asked to withdraw from the class.  He was very helpful and agreed that withdrawing would be the best way to deal with the incident.

We then asked for the attending vet to meet us back at the stable to check his mouth and help us figure out what had happened.  After a very complete examination of his mouth, cheeks and tongue, the vet found two sores on the inside of his cheeks.  He then questioned us on Lance’s Gastro Guard use.  It seems that horses that present with gut ulcers sometimes can develop oral ulcers as well.  And I had cut back on his Gastro Guard dose 3 weeks ago because he was feeling so good.  Damn.  So he now is back on Gastro Guard till we get home and we’re hoping this will help with the healing of the oral ulcers.

Success is the ability


So we went to dinner on the way home, got stuck in major Friday evening rush hour and got home in time for a glass of wine and bed!

Today we will pack up at the show and head back to Arroyo.  (Because of the withdrawal from the Grand Prix, we are not allowed to ride for the rest of the show.)

Off to hitch the trailer in San Juan…a day of travel ahead…



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Jog done. Grand Prix today!!

Yesterday was the jog for the CDI and it was the quickest, smoothest jog we’ve ever jogged!!  Braid, dress, then head to the jog area…wait there for one horse and then jog!  Done!  (What a lot of work for 5 secs in front of the judge/vet panel!!)  But done and accepted!!

Our first stop on our travels up the I5 to San Juan...Pannikin!!

Yesterday morning, our first stop on our travels north on the I5 to San Juan…Pannikin!!

Pannikin is on our way north so a clear first stop in our morning’s travels.  Pan-fried green tea, gluten free muffins and a box of healthy, tasty muffins for the hard working Team Peters grooms at the show.

This is for you Ivars...a white GT on our way north...miss you...

This is for you Ivars…a white GT on our way north…miss you…

Betty (Boo) waiting patiently for her chauffeur (Steffen) to take her to the jog area.

Betty (Boo) waiting patiently for her chauffeur (Steffen) to take her to the jog area. Grooms Eddie, Carlyle, and Juan ready for the jog with their perfectly turned out CDI horses.

Jog area from yesterday.

Jog area from yesterday.

And Lance is ACCEPTED!

And Lance is ACCEPTED!

All the dressage horses sure looked over dressed walking to the jog through the crowds of jumpers at this show.  There are over 700 jumpers showing here as well as the CDI and national dressage show.  Kinda like a very, very mini Spruce Meadows.

This is the very best show we have ever attended.  The best footing, wonderful stabling, great judges, wonderful, friendly show organizers…did I mention amazing footing!!!!  The venue staff is so friendly and helpful (even helped me park the big trailer in a very tight parking lot!).  A wonderful place to compete.

A reminder to everyone who would like to be a spectator of the CDI…it will be on live broadcast at   Look for the CPD Live tab at the top of the page and you’re there!!

Today, the PSG starts at 9:15 and runs to 2:20.  The Grand Prix starts at 2:45 and ends at 5:00.  These are all California times so Alberta is one hour ahead and Ontario is 3 hours ahead.

Lance and Lindsey’s time for today is 2:45.  We don’t know the time for the Grand Prix Special tomorrow till after the draw tonight.  (the Special tomorrow runs from 11:20 to 12:20 tomorrow)

We have William along with us as well at this show.  He is entered in the national PSG class tomorrow at 8:43.  A road trip for Baby William!

So…off to the show grounds…gonna be a wonderful day!!!




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It’s very tired out this morning…

My brain is quite tired this morning but I’m going to attempt to put my thoughts together and put them into words.

This weekend was amazing…so amazing at so many levels.

To quote my Australian friend Gary Lung “to get to Grand Prix and you have to learn to ride again”.

So true, so true.

For the rider, for the horse and for the coach.

Steffen and Rosie, PSG and Inter One Champions

Shannon and Magic, Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special (National) champions

Dawn White-O’Connor (Team Peters assistant trainer) PSG, Inter One Reserve Champions!! Her first CDI!!

Lientje and Dawn…Lientje Schueler and Mike Tyson, 2nd place Grand Prix Special

Gary Lung and Chester competed in his first Inter A tests this weekend. Lientje will continue to coach Gary and Chester with clinics in Australia. We’re all going to miss you Gary (and Chester!).

And Ashley, and Gloriana, and Allison, and more…as someone commented to me this weekend “whenever I see a nice horse or test, it’s from Arroyo”.

Team Peters produces Grand Prix horses, riders and coaches.

We are learning…we are learning from the best in the world.

Thank you Shannon Peters, thank you Steffen Peters, thank you Team Peters.

And Lindsey and Lance were fourth in the Grand Prix Special yesterday.

Thank you Lindsey. Thank you Lance.



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Grand Prix Day!

Training at San Juan with Lance and Linds went very well yesterday.

The San Juan facility is amazing, the footing is wonderful and the weather today is going to be great (not too hot and not raining!).  It’s going to be a great day!

And Lance made the Chronicle yesterday…

From the Chronicle of the Horse yesterday...Lance waiting for the jog...

From the Chronicle of the Horse yesterday…Lance waiting for the jog…

It’s Grand Prix day…off to San Juan…


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Okaaay…we’ve been busy!!!!

A busy week…getting ready for the show, visiting with friends and organizing things for our return home in May (wow…time flies!!!  May approaches!!)

Wednesday was a Pilates class; led by Lindsey, enjoyed by all.  Gary (from Mr Wong’s Intenational Chinese Cooking School!) then cooked us all an amazing Chinese meal!!  Vegetarian, chicken, pork and noodles, noodles, noodles!!!! (Gary Lung (Mr Wong) is really a top dressage trainer/rider from Australian that can cook amazing Chinese food!!)  Thank you Gary!!!  Aussies and Canuks…you can’t go wrong with that mix…”bloody hell you can’t!!” (that’s for you Brian!!)

Mar 19 1

After Pilates

International Pilates Class

Amazing food...Thanks so much Gary!!!

Amazing food…Thanks so much Gary!!!

It was a wonderful evening.  So many different cultures linked by a passion for dressage…lots of interesting discussion and insights.

Yesterday we hauled Lance north to the show grounds at San Juan Capistrano.  The facility is wonderful and this week, empty.  The jumpers arrive next week so we’ll enjoy the place to ourselves this week and get ready for the mayhem of a full facility that will happen for next week’s show.

Dr. Mike (FEI vet) is ahead of the curve (as always!!!  He’s the best!!!) and the in barn inspection was done yesterday as we arrived.  Today is the jog and a warm up ride in the competition arena.

Off to squeeze in a short work out and about an hour drive to the show grounds…




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A reflective thought…

As I get ready for another busy day at the end of my week home, this thought is has been following me around all week…

they can't kill your dreams

I don’t want to be preachy…but that phrase really struck a chord.

So dream big, work hard, be kind….

be quiet

Start a revolution of kindness…life is good.



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