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All about Alex.

Another full day of amazing work… 

Yesterday was all about Alex.  He’s totally adjusted to his full clip…thanks Dawn!  I wanted to get him in the upper ring with all the big boys but just as we were headed over, the sprinklers were started.  Today he’ll be up there.  He still had to concentrate as everyone from the upper ring headed over to the covered to finish off.  He did great!  


His saddle is fitting wonderfully thanks to Kevin Lote at Regal Saddles.  He has a new saddle and is such a sensitive  horse, it took several fittings to get it right and right it is now!!!  


He sleeps all afternoon.  I think he’s still recovering from the trip and all the changes.  Another couple of days and he’ll be back to full power! 


Sun is shining, footing is wonderful, horse is great…I love my job! 


Lance in shoulder in down the long side in the upper ring. 

Shannon, Lance and Lindsey

Shannon Peters, out in the arena, fine tuning Lance and Lindsey.  Thanks Shannon! 

Linds, Lance and Shannon

Linds, Lance and Shannon

The wrap up of a great lesson. 

Dinner with the girls.

The girls were visiting from home…dinner at Jake’s in Del Mar. 

From the truck window.

The view each morning, headed south on the 15, ten minutes from the stables. 

Time to head out…may have rain today but the sun is up and it should hold off till later afternoon.  



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