The last day of a very full week.

Boy oh boy did we have tired horses yesterday!!!  Shannon had time for one lesson before she headed out to Colorado.  Lance took one for the team and did his best…he dug deep and it was a great ride. 

A very tired Lance digging deep showing his stuff.


Fred had a great workout yesterday as she had a day off on Thursday.  She was a little muscle sore but worked well and went back to her stall a happy camper.  Alex got the “most tiredest horse in the world” award for the day (he was really, really tired;  poor boy).  He did a little work in the covered and went for a walk in the upper ring.  Walker is very tired as well but he is an energizer bunny and “keeps going and going and going”.  He is so like his mother!!! 🙂  William had a light work day yesterday.  He’s really enjoying Arroyo Del Mar.  Bay mares do not interest our little stallion (which is great for us as he and Fred are transported in the same trailer all year) but chestnut mares…oh boy he thinks they are cute!  And now he’s decided that grey mares are the best!  He spotted Rebecca’s wonderful grey mare working in the same ring this week and it was love at first sight!  If you see him showing off in the ring it’s because Soliel is in eyesight somewhere nearby. 

We are taking a day off today.  We’ll head to the stable and hand walk them all in the morning (William will learn to go over the scary bridge).  We’ll find something to do for the early afternoon (I hear the beach calling) and then head back to the stable to turn them all out for an hour from 2:30 to 3:30.  We’ll actually head to dinner with clean jeans today!!!  And Linds will not be in her breeches!  

Entries to go in for the Burbank CDI in February today… 


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