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Today is Amma Day!!!

Tuesday is Amma day around here!!!

So as today is also a non-riding day at the arena (a well deserved day off for all horses) I’ve opted to tackle the piles of paper on my desk before the babies get here.  A couple of hours in my office will make a big difference to my comfort level about the catch up need on my paper work and correspondence.  (Arggggg….I’d rather be outside…)

Oh well…off to the office…Amma Day starts in a couple of hours!!!!

This is what happened last Amma Day…

A visit to the Reynolds Museum.

A visit to the Reynolds Museum.

Thank goodness we have car seats nowadays!!!!

Thank goodness we have car seats nowadays!!!!

Nap time after the Museum.  She took her fleece off and put both socks on her hands.  Papa thinks she had a puppet show in her crib.  Funny baby....

Nap time after the Museum. She took her fleece off and put both socks on her hands. Papa thinks she had her very own puppet show in her crib. Funny baby….

Okaaaaaayyy…go to work in the office!!!!!!…sun’s up and I’ll have another cup of tea…




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Tired, tired horses

Today’s post will be a quick entry as the sun is up and everyone is anxious to be fed.  🙂  (I love early mornings!!!)

Yesterday was day 2 barefoot.  They are all moving beautifully and working very hard but tired…oh my goodness they are tired!!  I think the change of balance in their feet has made them increase their concentration levels each stride and they are now very, very tired!  Their bodies in each movement look great but their energy levels are quite low.  Poor babies…you’ll feel better as you adapt to the change!!

Changing the balance in an FEI horse, no matter how small, requires an adaptation period and pulling their shoes is a very big change.  They have to balance differently in their paddocks, in their stalls and in the work.  Not that easy for such creatures of habit and routine.

Lande, Fred and, shoes, shoes

A lot of weight off the bottom of each foot.

Bottom line, they are moving super and happy in work, and in the long run I belive that there will be no detriment to our journey in producing high performance dressage horses.  In fact, no detriment, we are closer to our goals going barefoot.

I think today will be a stretchy walk day.

Off to turn my tired horses out to their paddocks….



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Barefoot. Barefoot? Barefoot!!!!

I have been thinking about this for a long while.  Grand Prix dressage barefoot?  Maybe…

Thank you Shannon Peters for showing us barefoot at Grand Prix is possible.  By Shannon’s example, we were assured we wouldn’t be held back in our quest for excellence at Grand Prix by pulling off their shoes.

A lot of things need to be considered before committing to working a high performance barefoot dressage horse.

So I did a lot of considering…

The biggest factor to think about for us to go barefoot is our farrier.  Dan Sullivan has taken care of my horses feet for as long as I have been riding.  I consider him the best in the business.  Period.  He knows his stuff.  (and if he doesn’t, he researches!!!) 

Friday morning I ask,  “So Dan, talk to me about  barefoot” and Dan replies “Your horses have good feet and have always been trimmed well.  Why not go barefoot?  It’s better for the horse”

So Friday we went barefoot.

Lande, Fred and, shoes, shoes

Lance, Fred and William…shoes, shoes, shoes

Yesterday’sbarefoot rides were amazing!  Lance and Fred love the new feel in their feet, William was a little apprehensive (he very sensitive!!).  He’ll be better today, I’m sure!

Thank you Shannon, thank you Dan…



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A busy “baby” week.

As Kirsten is doing a bit of catch up at her practice, Amma has had the babies here a bit more this month…yeah!!!

They have been very helpful and we have had a lot of fun!!!!

Mack helping Amma unload the flower baskets from the truck.  "Fire up the John Deere...there's work to be done!!!"

After a trip to the nursery, Mack is helping Amma unload the flower baskets from the truck. “Fire up the John Deere…there’s work to be done!!!”


Calie loves to climb. She just needs help at the bottom of the slide.  "Wheeeeee"

Calie loves to climb. She just needs a big catch at the bottom of the slide. “Wheeeeee”

Off to turn on the lawn sprinklers…it’s been too dry…lotsa rain dancing on the schedule for today.



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Ok…everyone up and back at work!!

Yesterday was “day off” for everyone.

They spent a couple of hours out in their paddocks and then back in the barn for the afternoon.  The mosquitos are out in full force here so grazing is okay for a while each morning.  No one has to be talked into coming in…they’re waiting at their gates.

The camera is charged and I’ll have it primed and working for the day.

Off to a lovely day (ahh…the smell of early morning bug spray),


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A later start to the day…

Today will be a later start around here.

Lindsey keeping up a punishing schedulefor May…riding, teaching and Pilates.  Today is her late day teaching Pilates in Camrose so we’ll start her morning here a bit later.

The outdoor rings look great for riding so hopefully we can get out there soon.  Unfortunately the mosquitos have hatched…ugh!!!  They were out in force last night;  fingers crossed they are not around during the day or we’ll be in the indoor for a while yet!  Break out the bug spray girls, we’re headed outdoors!!!

The horses are all going great and working very hard.  Fred is working out the concept of connection; learning how to react quicker to the forward aids to produce a correct connection.  William is also working on a more honest connection (really William is working on a non-questioning forward reaction !!).  Lance is cleaning up a slight lean to the left to produce a more honest right hind reaction.  Details, details, details.  They are all working so hard.

I love my job.  I am so thankful.

The sun is up so I’m off to our later start time for the morning.


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Our day off…

The horses had the day off Saturday so we finished early at the barn and did this..

We took this…

Hitched and ready to go...

Hitched and ready to go…

and drove south…

Ahhhh...the Rockies

Ahhhh…the Rockies

and stopped here (of course) for tea…

Timmies in Cochrane...

Timmies in Cochrane…

and parked here for the night…

Tunnel Mountain campground

Tunnel Mountain campground

We then went here…

Downtown Banff


then got hungry and went here…

Banff Centre (Inspiring Creativity, amazing concept, amazing locale)

Banff Centre (Inspiring Creativity, amazing concept in an amazing locale)

and because of great reviews, ate here….

3 Ravens restaurant...utterly amazing.

3 Ravens restaurant…utterly amazing.

Enjoying dinner

Enjoying dinner


Ivars, relaxing 

We had a wonderful mountain breakfast the next morning and then headed home.  Ahhh…Alberta!!!!

A small break in a busy month…

Off to the barn, horses to be fed…













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