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On the road today!!!

Okay…the coach is ready for our trek south…new Euro headlight conversion (whoa…I can see the highway…gonna make night driving sooo much easier!!).  Replaced all the carpeting with cork flooring (warm, comfortable to walk on, easier to care for)…looks fabulous!   Gonna be so much easier at horse shows!!!

Thanks to Steve and Tanya and everyone at Alberta Coach for their wonderful work and expertise.  They take the term “full service” very seriously and have gone above and beyond our expectations.  Thank you!!!

We’re both working this am (full morning, all horses on the schedule this am) and will be on the road early afternoon.  Heading south, Las Vegas for a couple of days (wash the coach) and then to Phoenix.  Visit the kids, golf and relaxing in the sun.  So looking forward to the drive south, the views are spectacular, good roads and great company.

The coach will head to California early January, just ahead of the horses.

I repeat…wooo whoooo…on the road today.

Photos to follow (I’ll need to get internet up and running once we get to the States).


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Lindsey’s back is on the mend! :)

With much need assisstance…acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, whirlpool, Lindsey is starting to feel better.  Life is very tough to deal with with a sore back.  Sitting, walking, even sleeping is problematic.  But the good news is the back is settling down and she’ll be back in the saddle soon!

William didn’t get to meet H. Hess this week but he did get to the turnout in his paddock phase of his recovery!  He played and bucked and rolled in his paddock  for an hour yesterday.  We kept an eagle eye on him and brought him in within an hour.  He was having too much fun!!!  Today will be an hour as well…pure joy for him, pure hell for me…watching and worrying!


William and I waiting for the jog, CDI Blainville, 2009, FEI 5 yr old

William and I waiting for the jog, CDI Blainville, 2009, FEI 5 yr old


Enjoying the “spring like” weather, getting ready for the drive to Phoenix!


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Christophe Hess, Monday/Tuesday

We’ll ramping up for the Hess Clinic with William in Red Deer tomorrow and Tuesday. 

 I’m sitting here listening to the rain gently falling outside and hoping it doesn’t freeze up for hauling William tomorrow.  We have had such a strange October this year…leaves still on the trees and several inches of snow on the ground.  And now rain and plus 15C yesterday.  I hope the grass doesn’t start sprouting!  Oh well, keeping my fingers crossed the highways will be dry and easy driving tomorrow am.  H. Hess should be a great clinic.  He is a super judge…great comments, very good eye and understands the young horse development thoroughly (he wrote the tests!).  Willliam is ready and has recovered almost completely from colic surgery in July.  (I haven’t turned him out yet.  He likes to run and buck and play hard in his pen each morning so I think we can start him on turnout later.)  It should be a fun couple of days, filled with lots of learning and new understandings!

Ivars and I are planning to take the motorcoach to Phoenix on Friday…I say planning ’cause it’s still in Edmonton getting the details finished on the the remodel projects.  New cork flooring (much better than carpet for horse shows!) and new European headlights (for better night driving).  The coach will be our home away from home again while we’re in California Jan to April so getting everything tip top before we head south is important.

Well…off to start the day…in the rain…oh the muddy rainsheets…lovely!!!


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Peters clinic photos

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Shannon Peters clinic was so awesome!

My brain is full and still tired!!!! 

Shannon was amazing.  Happy horses.   Horses “getting it done” , understanding the work, working hard.  All the riders…improving their postitions to enable their horses to work better.  Fits right in around here!!!  Shannon will work her schedule out so she can return.  We are California bound for 2010.

Here are some of the comments heard over the weekend…

Shannon Peters clinic, my notes.



  • Shoulder blades together
  • Find Mavie’s collected trot, move it out once he has the strength carry it around the arena
  • If he’s horizontal and you push him forward, he’ll just fall on the forehand more
  • Use your hamstrings to keep your leg back
  • Lift in your seat, not push down
  • Swing left and right in sit trot, no uni seat
  • Activate the outside hind in the right lead canter to keep the 3 beat canter



  • Up in upper body but lower rib attached to hips
  • No leaning back
  • Rebalance, seat, hand. Get an answer
  • Stay down in your elbows, half halt with your elbows, soften lower arm
  • Step into inside stirrup for canter transition
  • Turn waist to the inside
  • Keep shoulders together
  • His shoulders need to come up and out of the way…tap the shoulder


  • Go from calf to hand
  • Release the tension in your body in the collection
  • Drop your elbows in resistance and soften lower arms
  • Turn waist and rib cage to the inside
  • Keep your hands in front of your seat bones and low
  • Sit to the inside
  • Don’t hold him with your legs in the canter
  • Relax lower leg in walk
  • Bring him up to you in sit trot
  • Stay in one place with your body


  • Use outside leg on 4 pt of the circle
  • Down in elbows, soften lower arm
  • Use your calf to trot
  • Don’t let your back overtake your abs
  • Turn waist to the inside
  • Start half halt with lower abs
  • Push your knuckles to his mouth
  • Control your belt buckle
  • Bring him up to you in sit trot
  • Tap the shoulder to control the lean if he won’t respond to your outer thigh


  • Get the shoulder up and out of the way
  • Yield rein in collection
  • Your upper back will lower his hips
  • Step inside, flex, quicken hind legs
  • He needs to take you from A to B
  • No bad changes
  • Keep canter honest
  • Long neck, stay engaged
  • Use weight aids to settle him, left, right, together, give
  • Maintain canter with legs in position not on


  • Give in collection
  • Side pass, rein back, side pass
  • Very clear release
  • Use hands to give in time with the withers
  • Make her honest in canter
  • She’ll follow your weight
  • Short sides, bring her up to you
  • Weight aids
  • Make it happen 100%


  • Think of him to be above the bit
  • Give in collection
  • Use weight aids
  • Don’t let him make you carry him
  • In half halt; active, under, lift
  • Don’t let him find your hands to push against

 We are looking forward to her return clinic. 

Horses head to California mid January back the beginning of April, 4 CDIs and one National show.


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Clinic Ride Times

Okay….today is a day at home.  Putting the final touches on the clinic preparations here at the house. 

The big wind two days ago wreaked havoc around the farm.  The hay stack is no longer tarped (my big evergreens are wearing bright blue decorations…lovely).  Two shelters rolled over, one ended up upside down on a fence line.  Clean up after the wind has add many extra items to the “clinic preparation” list!  My staff are glad today is a day off for all the horse so they can finish up on the details at the stable.  Ponies to be bathed and all manner of hair dos to be organized (manes and tails).   

The weather has quite dramatically turned to fall and the furnace was turned on.  We’ll be warm and toasty…oh oh…time to clip horses very soon.


Shannon Peters Clinic

October 3/4


Saturday, October 3


10:00 –Carol/Alexander

10:45 – Barb/Sequoia

11:30 – Lindsey/Lance

12:15 – 1:15 Lunch

1:15 – Lindsey/Fred

2:00 – Kim/Walker

2:45 – Lindsey/William

3:30 – Stephan/Maverick




Sunday, October 4


8:00 –Stephan/Maverick

8:45 – Barb/Sequoia

9:30 – Lindsey/Lance

10:15 – Lindsey/Fred

11:00 – Kim/Walker

11:45 – Lindsey/William

12:30 – Carol/Alexander


We’re all looking forward to a great weekend!  An extra set of eyes, more info, insights to next level of work.  Gosh I love my job!!!!!


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