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Housekeeping in San Diego??….

Yes!! Housekeeping with an ocean view!!


As many you have noticed (I love your comments ‚̧ !!!)… I don’t blog regularly when I’m back in Alberta.

ūüė¶ I know, I know…it’s not because I don’t have good intentions but as many of you who own farms know…the job jar items¬†is very full on a farm especially in the spring!

Soooooo….I’ve set up a Facebook page for Flying Colours!


This page will easier to update on those upcoming busy days at home and in our future travels. So the best way to stay FCS current¬†is to “like” our Facebook page from your Facebook page! Easy peasey!!! (There will be links to the blog as well on the Facebook page.)

Look for the blog posts as expanded, more detailed Facebook updates. Make sense??? Yes!!!

Off to start another amazing week in San Diego…



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Life in the fast lane.

Live up to the spirit


This has been a particularly challenging¬†fall. ¬†And we’re now on the upside and looking forward to an amazing winter and spring!

Our countdown to California has started…42 (plus or minus 1 or 2) days to departure.

Arroyo Del Mar

Arroyo Del Mar

Our Pilates/Dressage Workshop is full January 3/4 and we are setting another date in January for the next workshop. ¬†Probably January 17/18 weekend. ¬†Let me know if you’d like a spot!

Horse Pilates 1

The daily work here at home has been wonderful and the horses are all going great…I mean Tony the Tiger grrrrrrreat!! ¬†We are ready for competition and are going to take it on!!! ¬†We are ready to add Shannon’s expertise to the work and it’s going to shine!! ¬†And the horses that will be staying home…they have a great base of work and are ready for the spring.

I will be home this spring for longer periods…two weeks in Feb/March and two weeks in April. ¬†Lindsey will be home frequently for weekends. ¬†And we both are tossing around the idea coming home together for Pilates/Dressage Workshop weekends.

So our plans for California are put together, our homework has been diligently attended to and we are daily happily ticking along…so much to be thankful for, so much gratitude.

Off to another jam packed amazing day!!


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From 65% to 75%…

We are going for it!!!

Yesterday was another schooling day of the Grand Prix test for Lindsey and Lance.

We’ve upped the depth of learning, we’ve upped the intensity of the work and we’ve upped the speed of execution of everything and it’s haaaaard. ¬†This is not for sissies. ¬†This is hard and satisfying and wonderful and and beautiful!!

We have 3 weeks before the CDI and we are going for it!!


Lindsey will be home this weekend and will get a well deserved “day off” of travelling today. ¬†The horses will get the weekend off and be ready to get back to work on Monday afternoon when Linds gets back to San Diego.

Have fun Linds and enjoy your “day off” day today!! ¬†Your weekend is jammed packed with lessons and your students are eager to have you back !!!

Off to get Lindsey to the Westjet check in gate…



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So much rain…

We left for the stable early yesterday.¬† The rain hadn’t let up much overnight so we thought if there was any chance of riding, we should arrive early and get everyone done before the skies opened up as was it reported to happen in the afternoon.¬†¬†

Kate does an amazing job managing the footing but there just was too much rain overnight.  The indoor only had a about a 30M circle that the footing was ridable for lunging.  The stables were still dry, thanks to the hard work of all the staff; trenching, pumping, moving dirt around.  We lunged one horse and joined the hand walking parade up and down the long alley way of the stables for the other 4 horses.  We were all done about 10am just as the skies opened up again.  Kate and staff were doing everything they could to divert water around the stables.  Pumps going, shovels ready, everyone had a job and was ready.  The water was heading in the right direction down and around the stables. 

As we drove out away, I wondered if we would be able to drive back in later in the afternoon.¬† The water flows under a little bridge just before the driveway to the stables and I wondered if the stream would over flow it’s banks.¬† We headed out to run some errands and catch an early movie before heading back to tuck the horses in later in the day.¬†

We arrived back at Arroyo about 3pm.  The water had crested and was receding and everyone was dry and happy. 

A big thank you again to Kate for moving our trailer.¬† It would have floated away if she hadn’t rescued it.¬† Amazing.¬† Thank you Kate.

The upper round pen was full of water.

The turnout pens had water half way up the fences.

The pathway to the upper arenas, everything was floating.

The covered arena, tarped to keep out the driving rain.

The covered has been the answer to riding in this monsoon till yesterday…just too much rain in too short a time.¬†

The lower round pen was totally submerged.

Trailer parking...the logs were floating!

This where our trailer, along with 2 others, were parked.  Kate did and unbelievable job of moving them all to higher ground. 

The bridge into Arroyo Del Mar.

This is the bridge into the stables.¬†¬†The water ran totally over the road for about an hour.¬† We wouldn’t have been able to¬†drive in or out till it receded.¬† Note the slide in the background.¬†

It’s been raining on and off all night so I’m not sure if we’ll have a ride day today.¬†¬†The¬†weather reports call for more rain today and tomorrow but we should be through the worst of it and gradually the sun will start¬†to dry everything up over the weekend.¬†¬†Here’s hopin’!¬†

Heading into the rainforest…


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Errands and tidy day.

Today is our last day together here in California for quite a while.¬† We head home tomorrow am so will spend the day doing some running around and tidy the coach to get it ready for the kids arrival.¬† Hopefully we’ll get one last trip to the beach and another great dinner somewhere along the way.

Yesterday was Seaport Village, quaint and very touristy but still down near the water.

Seaport Village, Coronado Bridge in the background

After a lovely walk around the shops and a good look at a huge aircraft carrier, we hopped on the Vespa and over the Coronado bridge to Imperial Beach.

Waves on Imperial Beach

The waves were very big and there were lots of surfers.  Surfing looks like it would be so much fun (in a good wetsuit please!).

Pier at Imperial Beach

We headed back north and stopped in Old San Diego for dinner.  We ate at an excellent Mexican restaurant, Zocalo Grille, great fresh fish.  Good beer too!

Next update from home…Linds will have everything ready for me to load everyone on the truck Wednesday at 6am.¬† She and Peter should be here by Wednesday night and the horses all arrive Thursday 4-6pm.¬† Tidy up a million details at home and then head back down on Friday am.

Gonna be a very busy week!


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A day on the beach, then a day at the movies.

Wednesday was a seaside experience…wonderful.

We started the day out at the Oceanside pier.

Oceanside Pier

We walked the beach and them had brunch at Ruby’s at the end of the pier, watched some fishermen casting into the sea and some whales playing (greys) in the surf.¬† Time to walk of the California (Avocado, Tomatoes, Spinach) Bennies.¬† We headed to Torrey Pines State Park to hike the hills.

The start of the hike up from the parking lot.

Beautiful scenery, great smells and the sound of the waves crashing about was amazing.  We hiked up to the top and then around the cliffs.  A steep climb down to the beach and then a walk back along the sand beach to the Vespa.

The hike up Torrey Pines.

The fog was rolling in and out.

Fog on the beach at Torrey Pines.

The sound of the waves breaking on the sand was glorious.

Waves, Torrey Pines Beach

Back at the parking lot, heading out on the Vespa.

Heading out from our hike at Torrey Pines.

Heading out from our hike at Torrey Pines.

Back at the coach, the sunset was a wonderful backdrop for a light dinner and planning for Thursday’s outing.

Sunset at the park.

Sunset at the park.

Thursday we found an IMAX theatre and experienced Avatar…unbelievable!!!!¬† This is a must see on anyone’s to do list!¬† The images stay with you like remembering a good dream.¬† The message was loud and clear and very memorable.¬† Even the glasses were easy to wear!!!

Headed to Coronado Beach and downtown San Diego today.  Might have to refill the Vespa!!???


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