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Here’s the list!!!!

Shannon Peters will be here on Friday afternoon!!!! Whoo hoo!!!

Here’s the rider time list for Saturday and Sunday…

Saturday’s ride times

  • 10am Lindsey Stroh – William (10 yr old Hanoverian stallion) PSG/Inter 1
  • 10:45 Casey Dermot – Flynn (14 yr old gelding) Third Level
  • 11:30 Lindsey Stroh – Fadora (12 yr old Oldenburg mare) Inter 2
  • 12:14 Sharon Merkel Beattie – Donatus (7 yr old Hanoverian) Third level
  • 1:00 Lindsey Stroh – Lancelot (14 yr old Danish Warmblood) Grand Prix
  • 1:45 Deanna Cullen – Fausto (6 yr old Hanoverian) Second level
  • 2:30 Cheryl Roberts – Luna (12 yr old Swedish mare) 4th/PSG

Sunday’s ride times

  • 6:45 Lindsey – William
  • 7:30 Casey – Flinn
  • 8:15 Lindsey – Fadora
  • 9:00 Sharon – Donatus
  • 9:45 Lindsey – Lancelot
  • 10:30 Deanna – Fausto
  • 11:15 Cheryl – Luna

Notes for the weekend…

  • Friday afternoon training sessions will be open to clinic riders
  • Saturday we’re working through lunch (there will be lotsa coffee and tea and almond biscotti to keep us going all day though!!!)
  • Sunday is a very early start as Shannon leaves Sunday afternoon ūüė¶

Contact details if you need more info!!!!

  • Facebook (Vickie Argals)
  • 780.361.7062 (call or text)

Off to the stable to check more things off my list…


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We’re ready!

We’re totally ready!!

Horses are ready, people are ready and the farm will be ready soon (we need to pick up and tidy up today after the storm!!!).  (And the new GGT footing in the arena is awesome!!!)

Shannon is here on Friday!!!!!

Shannon's Clinic Flyer-page0001




Horses arrive Friday night.  We start at 10 on Saturday; 6:30 on Sunday.

thank you


Let me know if you would like an auditor spot ($20/day).  The training insights will be awesome!!!


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Oh What a Beautiful Morning…

It’s been a damn busy month. ¬†And it’s going to be a damn busy month ahead. ¬†So I turned my horses out this morning, checked my gopher traps (don’t ask…it’s an on going battle around here…) and decided as today was to be a “no ride” day; today would¬†be my day off.

Relaxing 4

Have you ever had that feeling of “How am I going to fit all this into this time frame?”. ¬†Well I’ve been flat out workin’ it since we’ve come home from California in May. ¬†Now please don’t get the feeling I’m complaining ’cause I’m not!!! ¬†I get to work daily with the most amazing horses, the most amazing students (Lindsey makes any dressage coach’s life a amazing!!) and the most amazing grandchildren in the world!!!! ¬†But a day off is not planned into the schedule (I know it should be but I don’t have time!!)

Well today was the day. ¬†Time to myself (introverts of the world unite, separately, in your own homes…), a gorgeous summer day (warm breezes, gentle sunshine) and a long awaited book; book 3 from Deborah Harkness (on my IPhone, I listen…) ¬†And tea; lotsa, lotsa, big mugs of tea.

Relaxing 3


And now I get to watch the re broadcast of the Tour from France…the only thing missing is Ivars and he’s home tomorrow! ¬†(with Arctic Char, fingers crossed!!)

I need a large glass of chilled white wine to end the day!!

What a lovely day…

Relaxing 1



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3 Things Pilates/Dressage Concepts Workshop is Not!!!

Another Pilates/Dressage Concepts Workshop weekend starts this morning.  As I sit and listen to the rain before heading to the stable, here are my thoughts to start the day!

3 things Pilates/Dressage Concepts Workshop is not…

  1. This weekend workshop is not a Pilates workout…although…we will be on the floor on mats, we will be using big and small exercise balls and there will be sweat involved. ¬†And everyone will go home with cheat sheets full of¬†Pilates exercises that will improve their¬†riding!
  2. There will not be a dressage riding lesson each day…although…you¬†will be in the arena on your horse, you will think about riding your horse each stride and again…there will be sweat involved. ¬†And everyone will go home with in depth “in the saddle” concepts¬†that will improve your riding.
  3. This is not a typical riding clinic weekend…although….there are yummy snacks involved, great coffee and tea available all day and lots and lots of learning each day. ¬†And everyone will go home with lots and lots of insights into how their body works sitting in their saddle.
"Hinge or roll????...a big question!!!!"

“Hinge or roll????…a big question!!!!”

So, with a very big smile…I head off to start the day and another great Pilates/Dressage Concepts Workshop!!!


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I love Grand Prix dressage horses…

I really love Grand Prix dressage horses.  I love being with them, I love watching them and I love developing them.

This journey we are on is all about Grand Prix dressage horses. ¬†And Grand Prix dressage horses are really just all about¬†the basics. ¬†The journey is all about learning, discovering and understanding the basics…the basics of riding, the basics of coaching and basics of management.

Honing, tweaking and tweaking again…down to the basics.

So this week we are tweaking our footing. ¬†We have great footing, rubber (Perma Flex) and sand. ¬†So is there a tweak on great footing? ¬†Yes. ¬†Yes there is…add GGT (German Geo Textile) to our already great footing.

In developing and maintaining Grand Prix horses, arena footing is crucial.  The environment they work in and on is very important to their futures.  Good footing promotes soundness, increases longevity and eases day to day skill development.  Yeah!

About 1/2 done!!  Thank you for all the help to the greatest son in the world!!!!  I'm sure he'll never text me mid afternoon again...

About 1/2 done!! Thank you for all the help to the greatest son in the world!!!! (I’m sure he’ll never text me mid afternoon again…)

About 3/4 done.  Thank you Dana and Linda!!  Hope you finally got all the fluff washed out of your hair!

About 3/4 done. Thank you Dana and Linda!! Hope you finally got all the fluff washed out of your hair!

Greg, Ivars and I finally finished the whole arena last night.  This stuff is very labour intensive to install!

Today is a “no riding” day. ¬†On the schedule today will be to water the new footing and harrow it using the new Parma Groomer…new footing, new groomer! ¬†(honing and tweaking the basics…)

Off to another great day!!!


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Dressage/Pilates Concepts Workshop!!!

Upcoming Dressage/Pilates Concepts Workshop and we’re excited!!!

Pilates quote


And the way you ride…thank you Mr. Pilates.

We are working into year two with our workshops and are so very pleasantly pleased with the results of each workshop.

The riders leave each clinic with a basic working understanding of how their core and pelvis works on the mat. ¬†And because they have taken that understanding to the saddle during the workshop, they then have a concept of how the mat work develops a better awareness in the saddle…an awareness to emphasises balance and effectiveness.

We have now broken the workshops into 2 streams,

  • Dressage/Pilates Concepts
  • Dressage/Pilates Applications

Concepts –¬†¬†This 2 day clinic, with your horse, is a great introduction to how Pilates will improve your riding and how to use the principals of Pilates‚Ķfrom the mat to the saddle.

Applications –¬†This two day clinic, with your horse, will be a great way for previous Dressage/Pilates Workshop participants to delve deeper into techniques learned in past workshops. A great way to add depth to your riding and explore applications of Pilates principals to specific dressage movements.

If you would like more info on either of these workshops, contact Vickie; or Lindsey;


A great weekend ahead!!!

Pilates of the CaribbeanV


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Yup…Shannon Peter’s Dressage Clinic!!!

Shannon's Clinic Flyer1-page0001

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!!! ¬†Shannon’s coming!!!

August 2 and 3 at Flying Colours.

You can click on the poster above and it’ll enlarge for better reading. ¬†(Sorry…don’t know how to make that an easier transition!!)

If you caught any of Lance and Lindsey’s work at the CDI last weekend (66% Grand Prix, 69.2% Grand Prix Freestyle) and you’d like some insight on how the training is laid out to produce that work (and getting better daily!!), mark the above posted dates on your calendar for this clinic. ¬†We have worked with Shannon for the last 5 winters and it shows! ¬†As well as our 3 horses in this clinc, there will be 4 other horses from around the province here at FCS to work with Shannon for 2 days. ¬†The horses will range from the Young Horse level to Grand Prix.

Team Peters produces some of the top dressage horses in the world today and we are very happy Shannon will be here to help us train ours in August.

Auditor spots $20 (Call to book a spot!)



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