Another rain day.

I think we’re through the worst of it.  The night before last was still deluged with rain and hail.  It was very noisy in the coach!  I’m very glad our site is nowhere near any large trees.  Lots of broken branches and downed trees all around.

We headed to the stables early to see if maybe we could get a short ride on some of them in the covered arena but the footing was still too wet.  We walked everyone, organized feed, washed blankets and waited for Mary Debono, (Sense Method) the Feldenkrais massage therapist to arrive.  Mary worked on Walker, Alex, and William on Wednesday and would now work with Lance and Fred.  They all loved her and I’m sure really needed her work after such a long ride in the truck (44 hours) from home to San Deigo.

Lance enjoying Mary's magical hands.

This is one of the many big releases Lance showed us over the hour he spent with Mary.

Lindsey, Mary and Lance.

We sure had all our warm clothes on yesterday.  Everything is open to the elements and with the wind and the dampness, we were trying to find spots to stay warm.  We were very thankful for the seat heaters in the truck!

Lindsey, Mary and Lance.

Mary works on riders as well and it would be a good idea to have Linds make an appointment with her as well as the horses.

Mary and Lance.

He really enjoyed this!

Lance, another big release.

And now it’s Fred’s turn.  We let Mary know we left Fred for last because if Mary had to start with her, we might not have gotten the boys done!  Fred is a little busy standing in the cross ties.  She did very well and we looking forward to riding her as soon as the footing dries up!

Mary, Fred and Linds.

Fred started to concentrate about half way throught the treatment.

Mary, Fred and Linds.

About now I’m dreaming of the warm seats in my truck…I hope the sun shines today!

Kate, taking her horse for a walk.

We all have shows coming up.  Steffan and Ravel leave Tuesday for Florida for the Masters, we have our first CDI for 2010 in Thermal in 3 weeks and Kate Gillespie (our barn manager) has her first Horse Trials next weekend in Temecula.  Temecula is just north of Escondido where we have the coach so our plan is to head up there to cheer Kate on the weekend.

So as the sun is rising this am, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this being a riding day.  The plan is to pull the the tarp off the upper ring and see if the footing stayed dry underneath.  It’s a good idea, here’s hoping it worked!!!

Happy the sun is out!


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