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Goodbye Jasper Park Lodge, Hello Hot Shower!!

Credit voucher in hand, we hit the road for a lovely trip home through the mountains from Jasper.

Jasper 91 The reindeer at the JPL…patiently waiting for Santa…

We regretted not bringing our skates!!!  A wonderful afternoon skate on a glacier lake!!!  That would have been so much fun!

Jasper 92 Skating, skating!!!

Greg and Phaedra were still at the house when we arrived so got to catch up on their news.  A great day all round!!

Off to pet my ponies…

Pilates/Dressage Workshop this weekend…yeah!!!




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I think we need a re-do…

So much for the fancy smancy relax weekend at the Jasper Park Lodge!!!

This was a great weekend; good food, wonderful vistas and time to relax buuuuuttt….no hot water!!!

I know, I know so many wonderful things but the main judge of a good hotel room, for me, is a good shower!!!  Some hotel rooms have a good showers, some hotel rooms have great showers but it’s really not a hotel room without a shower (never mind a good soak in a deep tub!). A hotel room without hot water is just a place to sleep (coulda stayed in the car!!).  (we did get a shower this morning but had to trek around the lake to an empty room…ahhh a hot shower…magnificent!!!)

Jasper 6


The deer were cute…

Off to check out and have a chat with the hotel manager…

(I think we need a re-do of the “celebrate the anniversary” weekend…somewhere with a good shower)


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Catching up…catching up!

So we had a great drive yesterday to Jasper.  The sun was peeking out of the cloud cover occasionally and the views were spectacular!

Jasper 3

Jasper 1                                     Jasper 4

Mountain goats were the only wildlife we spotted so far…well some goat bums anyway!

We had a wonderful dinner at Pyramid Lake Lodge…great food, very good service and Ivars’ said “A wonderful wine.” (Malbec, Luigi Bosco, Argentina).

Jasper 2

And then back to Jasper Park Lodge!  A fancy smancy hotel (the queen stayed here), fireplace, soaker tub and great view of the lake.  Soooo…they got the finally got the heat working at 8:30 pm (thank goodness for the fireplace) but we still don’t have hot water.  So much for the long, hot soak with a glass Chardonnay I was anticipating!

Jasper 5


On a bright note for the evening…my very kind brother and sister in law from Thunder Bay called the Lodge, scoped out their wine cellar and sent us a very nice Cabernet Franc 2012 (Norman Hardie) for tonight’s viewing of the sunset.  Thank you Steve and Mary…we miss you!!

Ivars is headed to a conference (GI issues for GPs) and will be back this afternoon.  I’m going to work out and hope, hope, hope  (fingers and toes crossed) we’ll have hot water later this morning!

I think I should practice my British accent and dust off my tiara…the queen is not happy with the “no hot water” situation !!!!



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Ahhhh….the mountains…

We’re off to Jasper for the weekend to belatedly celebrate our 32nd  anniversary.  Yes, yes we are!!!

Continually Swimming


Ahhh…the mountains…


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Another Workshop weekend put to bed…

Another Pilates/Dressage Workshop weekend finished and we had a blast!

bareback fun


Next dates are Nov 29/30.

Once again, a weekend filled with exploring new concepts, learning new skills and having fun!


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