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Tired, happy ponies!!

Lance and Fred were on for lessons with Shannon yesterday and William and I had a lunge session in the round pen.  All three have had an hour out in their turnout pens each morning…ahhh turnout time, they love it!!

They are almost up to full speed; not quite but almost.  They’ll have two days off from riding this weekend and will be on it full bore by Monday.

Lancelot and Lindsey Stroh after a super great lesson from Shannon Peters!!!

Lancelot and Lindsey Stroh after a super great lesson from Shannon Peters!!!

Ivars put 65km on his bike yesterday.  His legs are tired (but happy!!).

Aleks and Neil arrived late last night from Phoenix. (They brought rain with them…who knew???!!!!…rain in the desert!!! and now moving into San Diego???!!!)  California needs the rain and it’s really it’s just a steady sprinkle.  Very workable!

Off to pull out my yoga mat…then off to Arroyo!


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It’s getting real!

We had a great day yesterday (how can each day not be great…lessons with Shannon, getting ready for show season!!!).

(A small warning…Positive is my middle name so adjectives like great and wonderful and amazing show up alot in this blog).

The boys had early morning lessons with Shannon yesterday.  Wednesdays are trail riding days at Arroyo so we fit our lesson rides in around the hackers!

Fred got off the trailer on Saturday with hives (she’s had bouts of them for the last 6 weeks or so at home and the stress off travel made them blossom again).  They were almost all gone yesterday so today is her lesson day with Shannon.  Yeah Fred!

So today is lessons with Shannon on Lance and Fred.  William will get a good long walk (he worked very hard yesterday and still is not fully recovered from travelling).

Ivars is out on his bike today (he’ll miss his cycling partner Peter!!!).  And Aleks and Neil arrive for a weekend visit from Phoenix.  (Happy, happy Mom and Dad!!! 🙂 )

Off to Arroyo!!



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A big, beautiful, wonderful day…

The weather was wonderful, our lesson with Shannon was amazing, and the guys had another super 50km ride!

Once again Shannon nailed it and added a big (read VERY BIG) missing piece to the puzzle that is Grand Prix.  Lindsey asked the question posed by Shannon and Lance tried to answer (a bit too big and with a very surprised look on his face!!).  Today he’ll settle down and put it together.  (He needs to think about it overnight before he can execute the fine bits with ease!!!)  William and Fred were still on a lunging program.  They both looked almost recovered so today we’ll ride them.

We have early lessons today on both Lance and William with Shannon…we are so excited to be here to add new knowledge to the basics!!!  My brain, Lindsey’s brain and all three horses’s brains will be working, working, working…love it!!!  Thank you Shannon Peters!!!

Peter leaves today.  Thank you Peter for all you do…  Hopefully you can get a Leucadia donut before Ivars gets you to your flight.  See you in a month!!!

Ivars is giving his legs a rest today and will be back on his bike tomorrow.

Thank you Eddie for parking my trailer "in the hole"!  I would have taken me hours (success would have be doubtful...)

Thank you Eddie for parking my trailer “in the hole”! I would have taken me hours (success would have be doubtful…)

The mobile detail guys were at the stable yesterday so the grime and road dust from the trip down is now off my truck and trailer.  We’re ready to add more…our first show is next weekend!!

Off to watch the sun rise as we drive to Arroyo for our morning lessons…:)


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Tired ponies = very organized girls

We had a great day yesterday.  We had a typically early start to the morning (the blog went up on time!!) and then enjoyed a lovely cup of tea with our happy spouses.  (they were vibrating, waiting to get out on their cycles)

We had a late am arrival to the stable (9:30 is late for us).  They all went on the treadmill and Vibe Floor and William had a romp in the turnout stallion pen.  I lunged William and Fred.  Lindsey had a short ride on Lance.  They are happy, tired horses!  But Lindsey and I spent most of the day organizing tack trunk, tack locker and tack room in the trailer so we can access everything we’ll need to work here this spring.  Up and ready to go!!!

The rental house is working out great! The views are wonderful and the sofas are comfortable!!  (and you can hear the waves on the beach in the early mornings!!)

The guys got their ride in (50 kms) before the rain hit and we’re home and showered before we finished at Arroyo.  We all then did the obligatory Costco run for staples (and chocolate) and stopped at Pacific Grill for dinner.  Yum!  (they have valet parking…valet parking is a must have when driving a one ton diesel truck and trying to find a parking place at a busy restaurant!!!)

Ocean pm

The view from Pacific Grill…the rain leaving the coast!

Today is our first lesson on Lance with Shannon!!!!  We are soooo excited!!!  So many things to talk to her about, so many things to get clarified and cleaned up!!  Shannon Peters is expert extraordinaire in so many aspects of dressage training but put her on the Grand Prix work and watch her ramp it up!!!  Lindsey and Lance, Shannon and me!!!  We’re going to do it this morning!!

The guys have another big ride planned today and the weather forecast is wonderful…sunny and high of 22.

Off to sneak a workout in before the day starts!!



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Yes ma’am…we’re back!

Every year is an adventure!  The first couple of years we were in California, we stayed in the RV.   (a big adventure in “room mate” living for Lindsey and I…especially when Peter and Ivars were around!!!)  We’ve sold the RV so we’ve been renting accommodation for the last three years.  And now it’s Peter and Lindsey, Ivars and Vickie and Curtis and Barb.  Another adventure in “room mate” living.  We make it work!!!

This year we have a condo in the same area as the house from last year.  Very convenient to the stable, to the horse shows and so important once again…NO FREEWAY COMMUTE each day!!!

I 5 am


This is the view east from the balcony of the condo.  A busy I 5 freeway a couple of blocks away and some of the many barns at the Del Mar Fairgrounds racetrack.

ocean am


And this is the view to the west…the ocean waves crashing!

The Santa Ana winds are upon us this week.  They are a very brisk wind from the east; very warm, very dry and very strong.  Beautiful in small doses!!

The boys have their ride all mapped out and are very eager to get out on their bikes!!  Peter had a great ride yesterday and will now have a partner for the rest of his rides this week.  (both bikes handled the trip down very well!! 🙂 )

Lance kept the vet very amused for 3 hours yesterday as she ran 20 litres of saline into him.  He was a good boy and needed the hydration.  All three were on the tread mill yesterday and slept comfortably the rest of the day.  Fred and William are very tired, Fred especially.  She gets the “most worried traveller” award this year.  It seems each year they take turns being the “worrier” and this year was her turn.

So today we’ll put a light ride on Lance and lunge William and Fred.  Tomorrow is our first ride with Shannon!  Yeah!!!

Off to start a wonderful day…


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Horses arrived safe and sound!!!

Ok…now I’m breathing regularly…the horses arrived at Arroyo Del Mar last night safe and sound and happy.  Sounds like the drive south was uneventful (happily) and the overnight stops worked out as anticipated.  Lethbridge the first night, Salt Lake City the second and into Arroyo in the early evening last night.  Whewwww…done!


Ivars and I are now sitting in Edmonton waiting for our first flight on the trip to San Diego.  We’re off to Calgary then on to San Diego.  I’ll be hugging my horses this afternoon!

(Isn’t flying just so amazing!!!  “Mmmmm, I think I’d like to be 3000 kms south this afternoon…”  Just get on this big bus with wings and off we go!!  Amazing…)

San Diequito Vet is going to be at Arroyo this morning to hydrate Lance.  The horses don’t drink very well on the trip (Lance especially) so as his first show is next weekend, I decided we should have a vet to run some fluids into him when he arrives.  I think that will help him recover from the long travel days and he’ll be bouncing around the Grand Prix ring at his regular energy very soon!!

buckle up

Now off to board our first flight of the day…we’re off to start show season 2015!!!



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Our crazy last week…

This weekend was Yoga Teacher Training at Refresh Wellness.  Thank you Kirsten for organizing this wonderful learning opportunity.  (The thank you is coming from my heart, my body is not quite there yet!!!)

If you fall


So today is Farrier Day.  Dan Sullivan will do his magic and they will be all balanced and ready for the trip.  Tomorrow Maria McDowell is out and they will get one last muscle therapy session before getting in the trailer.  Thursday is the day Peter and Lindsey will be pulling out of the yard and heading south.  They have an appointment with the Federal Vet at the border on Friday morning and should be into Arroyo Del Mar on Saturday night.

Lotsa packing yet to do but everything is on track and looking good!!

Off to start another crazy day!!


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