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Welcome home…

After a long travel day yesterday, this is how I spent the last hour or so…

Northern lights 2


The northern lights display was wonderful on our drive home from the airport! Mostly green, some pink…awesome!!!

Off to the stable to start a very busy week!!! ❤


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Planes, trains and automobiles…

Today is my travel day home.



I’ll be home for 2 weeks.

Lindsey will be home this weekend as well. Flying Colours will be hopping!! We’ve learned a lot this month (thanks Shannon) and will be enthusiastically sharing it in the arena while we’re home!!!

Off to finish packing…


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As our Auzzie BFF Emz said…

“Mr. Fat Lips strikes again!!!”

We missed the Grand Prix Special ride because just as Lindsey and Lance were to head down centre line, I noticed he had cut his lip on his curb chain hook. On the left side. (He cut it on the right side in Del Mar last year).



We have the inside of his mouth (and the nose band and the bits and all the mucosal linings in his body!!!) figured out. We bent and shaped the curb chain hook on the right side so it wouldn’t interfere with his lips. (We have ridden in several horse shows since Del Mar and it all works!!!)

But in 20/20 hindsight, I should have taken the creativity I applied to the right curb chain hook to the left curb chain hook as well…ugh!!!

So I’m going to check out the many types of curb chain hooks to see if we can make them even safer yet. (Emz said if I can’t find rubber curb chain hooks, I should invent them…great idea Em!!)

We are now back in San Diego. Lance and Magic are back in their stalls at Arroyo Del Mar. Fred and William were happy to see us yesterday and will go back to work today.

We found a nice restaurant for dinner last night and came home and broke into Ivars wine cellar at the condo. (We had a bit of a dilemma when we found out the wine opener was with Barb and Curtis in Palm Springs…hello big black diesel truck…cork screw in glove box? Yes!!!) (I love my husband!!! ❤ )

Lindsey’s off to the gym this morning and I’m going to find my yoga mat…William and Fred are waiting for us!!

(Steffen’s freestyle is scheduled for 1:00. Too bad we’re not there to see it. I’m sure he’ll knock it outa the park again!!! Go Steffen!!!)


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Everyone tried their best…

And today we’re going to try a bit harder!!

First 2015 CDI Grand Prix done!

First 2015 CDI Grand Prix done!

Lance warmed up great for the Grand Prix test but going from outdoor arena  to indoor competition arena just unsettled him enough that he backed off the impulsion too much to really make this complex test work well. Lindsey rode very well, so very, very well. Lance tried really hard and did his best but not enough impulsion is not a good enough answer to the difficult GP questions Lindsey was asking! But thank you Lance for trying!

At the end of the day, we watched Steffen and Legolas write the book on how to ride a Grand Prix test!!! Masterful!! He pulled out all the stops and risked it!!  77%!!! Congrats Steffen!!

Today we’ll address the concept of “no backing off at all Lance!” in the warm up ring and see if he can take that concept to the competition ring. Grand Prix Special at 9:50 (PST), live streaming at California Dreaming Productions (same as yesterday).

As today is our last day of competition here, we’ll pack everything up this afternoon and head back to Arroyo.

Off to start packing…




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Jog done…

This will be a photo heavy post!

Jog photos, Canadian wine and cheese photos…

Thanks Shannon and Steffen!!(we commandeered their canopy for the Canadian wine and cheese event!!) and thanks Barb and Curtis for the beautiful spread!!

Lance, hanging out with Lindsey, waiting for the jog...

Lance, hanging out with Lindsey, waiting for the jog… 

"It's our turn next Linds!!"

“Hey look!! It’s our turn next Linds!!”

The Canadian Wine and Cheese at the end of Barn 7.  Thanks Shannon  and Steffen!!!

The Canadian Wine and Cheese at the end of Barn 7. Thanks Shannon and Steffen!!!

More Canadians!!

More Canadians!!

Canada 5

Canada 6

The sun setting on a wonderful day.

The sun sets on the jog…game day tomorrow!!

The ride times for Friday are posted at…

Click to access mid-fri.pdf

(Olivia (PSG) 10:16; Grand Prix times… Shannon 1:37, Lindsey 2:31, Steffen 3:55)

Off to find tea and get this day rolling!!!



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Jog today!

And now life gets real…

  • Today – jog is at 3pm
  • Friday – 1:20 – 4:12 Class: 501 CDI Grand Prix (we’ll know our ride time after the jog today)
  • Saturday – 9: 30 – 11:02 Class: 502 CDI Grand Prix Special
  • link to the live streaming –
  • live streaming – Friday and Saturday 5am to 5pm (PST)

We got to work in the indoor arena yesterday (the show ring). Lance was wide eyed and very nosey…he finally started thinking about his job by the end of the session! He finds this indoor ring very, very interesting and would like Lindsey to just follow him around to go exploring the bleachers, the ring, the squishy footing, etc, etc, etc. Give him a pail and a shovel and he would have loved making sand castles at X!!! No sand castles Lance…how about piaffe?

Today will be be another session in the indoor with (we hope 🙂 ) serious Lance!




Off to find a large cup of tea!


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On the road…tomorrow!

Lance and William had lessons with Shannon yesterday. Fred had a lunge session in the round pen (She is recovering from a dermatitis on her legs this week. She is on 2 antibiotics and an anti inflammatory till tomorrow…poor Fred, she’s had a tough month!!!)

We’ll have a normal day today with the added tasks of getting things ready to pack in the trailer for our trip to Los Angeles tomorrow.

Tomorrow we plan on being on the road for about 9:30 to 10 am. Traffic is an issue around LA while hauling a horse trailer so we’ll time the trip around the rush hours.

First CDI this weekend!!! And we’re off…

This will be Fred in her turnout pen this weekend..."Where's Lance!!!"

This will be Fred in her turnout pen this weekend…”Where’s Lance!!!”

(William won’t care…any day spent soaking up the sun and rolling in the sand is just fine with him!!!)


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You’re right Lauren Sprieser…

Dressage is not for sissies…

This is Lauren’s article at Chronicle from Aug 2013 and we couldn’t have said it better!

Now magnify the process 100X and ride Grand Prix. And ride Grand Prix with a stellar moving, very generous, exuberant partner…dressage is not for sissies.

As we prepare for our first CDI of 2015, we are checking all the boxes to get ready. One box we checked was a GP Special test on Lance at Arroyo yesterday. Yahoo test day! And Lindsey nailed it! Remember…dressage ain’t for sissies…Lindsey nailed it because she works hard…very hard. She works very hard in her head, in her heart and in her body.

We video Lindsey’s rides everyday. At home, at Arroyo, every ride. She reviews the rides later each day. The feel of her ride is fresh in her mind and she can see and note the corrections she’ll make for the next day’s ride. Before the next day’s rides, we have a brief talk on her notes . Dressage is not for sissies.

Lindsey has lessons with Shannon or with me everyday. At home, at Arroyo. Lindsey is a very competent dressage rider/trainer/coach. (Very competent is an understatement!!!) But she comes to her lessons everyday with Shannon and me prepared to learn something…and not just the easy stuff. She arrives at each lesson prepared to have concepts redesigned, reorganized and some totally taken away…now go and ride Grand Prix….dressage is not for sissies.

Lindsey hits the gym 6-7 days/week. She has a university degree in Kinesiology and she is a Stott Certified Pilates instructor. She designs and plans her workouts based improving her work in the saddle. 6 days/week…snow, hot, Christmas, long work days…6 days/week…dressage is not for sissies.

Absence of Giving Up


And it’s hard not being a sissy. Yeah Lindsey…dressage is not for sissies!

Off to the stable…a great day ahead…


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Santa Ana winds…whoo boy o boy!!

“The Santa Ana winds are strong, extremely dry, down-slope winds that originate inland, from the Mojave Desert.” Wikipedia.

The Santa Ana winds arrived yesterday. They are very strong (everything was blowing horizontal by mid day yesterday) and very hot (it was 31 when we left the barn) and very dusty (today is going to be a Tylenol day for sure…allergies ugh…).

We rode Lance and Fred with Shannon in the covered arena to try and stay out of the wind. By the time we were to get on William, the winds were at full force and leaves and branches were flying around in the arena. Off to the treadmill for you my boy…tomorrow is another day!

Today is test day for Lance and William will have a lesson as well with Shannon. Fred will continue her work in the covered.

As I sit and watch the sun come up, the tree tops are still and quiet. I’ll cross my fingers that the worst of the winds were yesterday and today will be just another lovely Santa Ana-less day at the barn!!!!


Wind or no wind, its going to be another lovely day at the barn!!

Looking for more Tylenol and Kleenex…


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A trail ride for William.

William has been working very hard…cavelleties, hills and bendy bits. Wednesday is trail riding morning so William went on a trail ride with Chino!

Chino and William


Chino is the Arroyo Del Mar groom  extraordinaire that turns out all three horses each morning before we get to the stable. Thank you so much Chino for your care and expertise in dealing with them…it makes our mornings simpler and our horses very, very happy!

Monday was a low key day for us all as we recovered from the energy expended at the show last weekend. Lance had the day off and the other two had a lunge day. Tuesday was back at full work for all three.

Yesterday Lance and Fred had lessons with Shannon (William was happily trail riding!!!).  Both Lance and Fred worked in the cavesson (google “Spanish Riding School Cavesson if you want more info on it). It is a wonderful thing for so many reasons but for us the use, for right now, is to focus the accuracy of the half halt to the hind end power. And in Lindsey’s more than capable hands, it does the job nicely.

Today Lance and Fred will have a lesson with Shannon and we’ll work William once again on the hills and cavelletti.

(The fog has finally lifted and Tuesday the waves were very, very large! We took some extra time in the morning and went to Pannikin for tea…just to travel up and then back down the coast to watch the waves! We saw lots of surfers bobbing around in the waves but no one up and riding them. Maybe they were too big or not the best “riding” type????)



Off to unroll my yoga mat…


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