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Great weekend ahead!

Well it’s hump day and the week is coming along quite nicely!!

All the horses are working very well and everyone is back on track here at home.  It was a really big deal for everyone here at home while Lindsey and I were away in California.  Both FCS coaches were filling in their continuing education credits on their resumes for 3 months of intensive work at Arroyo Del Mar, S Peters Dressage.  Over the last month of being back at home, we’ve gotten everyone back on track and headed into the summer’s work with renewed enthusiasm and deeper understanding of the work ahead.  It was a big sacrifice for everyone but the rewards in the long term will be wonderful.

The weather forcast for the weekend is going to be lovely (and long term for next weekend is even nicer…yeah for the Red Deer show!!) so we should have a wonderful Test Rehearsal Day on Saturday.  Both outdoor rings are feeling great and the bit of rain forecasted for today will be great for the footing.

We’ll start the day on Saturday with Lindsey riding her horses very early in the morning (3 horses, schooling 3 tests) and then we’ll get out the mats and at 1oam she’ll start a Pilates class.  A great way to start any day!  Test riding for the rest of the day.  (maybe even get the camera working again!)

Early start today…today is Mack Day!!!! 🙂


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Disappointing weekend!!!

Just found out we were scheduled to ride with Jan Ebling this weekend at the main event!  Too bad someone neglected to let us know!!!!!

We submitted our application form for Fred, Lance and William for the Mane Event while we were in California.  I knew we would be home in time and the horses would be rested and ready for the clinic.  We received conformation they had received our application forms but “that the Committee did not select you to participate in the clinic, however they did want me to ask if we could retain you as an alternate (with William) should one of the other riders be not able to participate.”  Alas the communication broke down somewhere and we were not informed we had a spot in the clinic…damn!  This would have be a fun clinic and William is more than ready to handle large crowds.  Damn, double damn…

Really too bad…


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Oh man…rain :)

This week really has been all about the weather.  We finally got some rain, much needed and much appreciated by all!  The temps were very pleasant but it really was difficult to fully enjoy being outside with the gale force winds that were here all week.  I’ve set up the outdoor dressage ring but played it safe by using jump poles and cavelletti instead of the “official ring”.  Those little white fences wouldn’t have stayed up for 2 seconds in that wind!  We still have to set up the letter boxes a couple of times a day and the wind has died down today!

The rain has greened up all the paddocks and everyone has taken to grazing as a serious full-time activity.  Even William thinks a big, green paddock is just where he wants to be each morning.  He’ll even ignore Grace to graze!

I haven’t taken the camera out of the bag since we got home.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day to get some photos.  That camera is such a great training tool and I really miss not having the shots from our lessons to mull over each evening.  It really is hard to coach and handle the camera!  Another reason I really miss Shannon!!!  (I have a list of reasons, a long list!)  Maybe I’ll find a spare set have hands to run the camera in the morning…Barb?

Off to organize dinner with the kids,


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Lovely days…

These last couple of days have been so amazing.  We gotten so much done around the farm and everything is headed in the right direction; ready for the spring weather and summer fun!

The weather really has felt like San Diego in Feb/March.  Temps here are the same but the sun is a little hotter in California.  It is really nice to have Alberta  long days and twilight.  Who knew we would homesick for twilight so much!  Later sunsets really extend evening hours here…lovely.

Our horses are going well and love being turned out on the newly sprouting grass in their paddocks. 

The outdoor rings are great to ride on but boy do we need rain!  We’re going to have to figure out a watering system for the outdoor rings…”Honey, I have a problem for you to work on!!!”  I’m so glad we have a well stocked hay stack.  I think finding hay is going to be an issue again this year.

We’ve planned a Test Rehearsal Day for Saturday, May 01.  We’ll have the BBQs out for lunch and make a day of it.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we’ll be outside but if not the indoor ring will be great as well.  Mother’s Day weekend we’ll be in Red Deer at the Young Rider’s show…lovely couple of weekends planned.

Pilates with Lindsey will start up very soon.  Dressage Camp is planned for summer…dates to follow.

My house is full of tiny finger prints and grass stains as Mack explores the farm with Grandma and Grandpa…what could be lovelier!!!!

Time to tackle the work on my desk!


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Test Rehearsal Day (and Tailgating Afternoon)

What – Tailgating Afternoon and Dressage Test Rehearsal Day

When – Saturday, May 01, 2010, 10am start

Where – Flying Colours Stables, Wetaskiwin, AB

We will have all the rings ready for a Test Rehearsal Day at Flying Colours, Saturday, May 01 starting at 10 am.  Both outdoor rings are in great shape and in case of inclement weather; we will use the indoor arena.

Practice your warm up strategy, school your tests indoor or out and mentally prepare for the upcoming show season.  $25/test.

Call ahead to book your ride time for the day.

Flying Colours Stables


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Photos from last weekend…CDI Burbank

Double Ya (Peter's new name for Baby William)...FEI 6 yr old test.

Best way to keep Fred happy at a show…give her a bale and let her watch the show while she eats…happy horse!!!

Our ace motorcoach driver, groom and the birthday boy! Thank you Curtis for giving up your golf days in the desert and helping out.

Lance and Lindsey, ready for the jog...he loves this part...hangin' out with my people!

Fred and Linds warming up for her test...note the crowds for the open show? Everyone was watching the CDI!

Main alley way to the barns, early am, before the start of the show.

Double Ya, FEI 6 yr old, shoulder in.

Lance and Linds and the tricky I One shoulder in on centreline.

Lance and Linds, bringin' in home!

We’re looking forward to adding photos from Alberta!!!  (Once the snow melts!!!)


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Amazing time…

We have been on the road (horse show, trip home) since March 30 and we’re all now at home.  The horses arrived April 4, Ivars and I arrived on the 7th and Linds and Peter yesterday.  Barb and Curtis, Kim and Ed and the girls are all back.  Now begins the unpacking!!!

I turned out all the California horses yesterday and boy did they have fun!!!  On the spot bucking, rearing and a couple of good gallops and then down to some serious grazing.  They were out all morning.  Now today is a snow dayafter yesterday’s spring blizzard…40kms winds and white.  Not sure if I can find enough blankets to turn them out but we’ll start digging!

The last 3 months have been the most life changing ever and once the turmoil of getting back settles down we’ll try to put into words the amazing experience we had at Arroyo Del Mar.

Off to my barn (ohhh that sounds nice!!)


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