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Awesome horses, awesome riders and one awesome coach…

Shannon Peters this past weekend at Flying Colours…totally awesome!!

Grand Prix horse, almost Grand Prix horses and baby Grand Prix horses…all ridden by Grand Prix riders. What a weekend of learning!

With Shannon’s depth of knowledge and expertise on the Grand Prix subject and the skill and competence of the riders to apply Shannon’s concepts, the changes in the horses each session was dramatic.

Maybe we can convince her to come back this fall…eh Shann?????

Thank you Paula Meahan for being are “official clinic photographer”. (She’ll also be at the Calgary show with her new, nifty Nikon….)

Schooling Piaffe on Lance…

Lance 2

Lance and Linds

Colleen and Dorian

Colleen and Dorian

Chelsea and Fautos

Chelsea and Fautos

Sharon and Donny

Sharon and Donny

Cheryl, Shannon and Luna

Cheryl, Shannon and Luna

Fred in cavelletti work on Sunday

Fred in cavelletti work on Sunday

William after in hand work, workingiwth Lindsey and Shannon in the cavesson on Sunday

William after in hand work, working with Lindsey and Shannon in the cavesson on Sunday

Off to Pilates…so thankful for this weekend…



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Shannon Peters Clinic July 25/26

We are being very busy and getting things ready for the clinic this weekend with Shannon!

Here are the details…


  • Shannon will be at Flying Colours about 3pm on Friday. She will be working with Lindsey and I and our 3 horses. These training sessions are open to clinic riders.
  • Clinic horse/riders arrive at FCS.


  • We start at 10am.
  • Saturday’s lessons tend to go over time so the schedule is not often accurate.
  • There is no lunch break.


  • Sunday is a 6am start.
  • To make it a bit easier on the riders from out of town, we have scheduled our 3 horses back to back starting at 6. (Sharon’s 8:30 ride may be a bit earlier as Fred and William may have shorter lessons depending on how much gas is left in their tanks)

Please ask permission of individual riders re video or any sound recording.

Shannon teaches with a mike. She will be wirelessly connected to the riders’ headsets. She will also be miked to the arena speakers for auditors.

Auditors, $25/day. Can register by contacting me (Facebook, email or text).

I’ll post a short bio on the horses and riders as they come into me.

If you need directions to the farm, let me know. (We are 6kms north of the Wetaskiwin Hospital, on Hwy 814, on the west side of the highway. 472010 Hwy 814)

If you have any questions, let me know!!

Ride Schedule Shannon Peters Clinic


  • 10          Freddie
  • 10:45    Sharon
  • 11:30    Lance
  • 12:15    Cheryl
  • 1:00      William
  • 1:45      Colleen
  • 2:30      Chelsea


  • 6:15     Freddie
  • 7:00     William
  • 7:45     Lance
  • 8:30     Sharon
  • 9:15     Chelsea
  • 10        Colleen
  • 10:45   Cheryl

Can’t think of anything else…off to the next job!!!



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You know what…the system works…

S Peters Dressage produces horses, riders and coaches.  Shannon and Steffen have consistently produced the best horses, the best riders and the best coaches currently in North America.  The system works.

Stop, go and turn.  Stop, go and turn without tension, with lightness and with understanding.

So our current version of stop, go and turn had an update and was taken to the next level with Shannon’s help this weekend.  We have now installed stop, go and turn 6.1!

Lance, Fred and William all love the new update!!

And boy are we excited for the work ahead!  The clearer the basics are, the better the work develops.

Thank you Shannon.  Small words for a very big feeling…thank you.

"Lindsey, there are all sorts of people in our arena!"

“Lindsey, there are all sorts of people in our arena!”

"There are people everywhere!!!"

“There are people everywhere!!!”

"And Shannon's here???!!!"

“And Shannon’s here???!!!”

"And who is riding today???!!!

“Ok…who is riding today???!!!

"Ahhhh...Shannon's going to take a spin today....I get it..."

“Ahhhh…Shannon’s going to take a spin today….I get it…”

Taking notes, videos and mental images...learning, learning, learning!!!

Taking notes, videos and mental images…learning, learning, learning!!!

Lindsey rode him after Shannon’s school and it was right on!!!  As always but especially that one…Great ride Lindsey!

A great end to a great weekend!

A great end to a great weekend!

The best reward...a shower, a pat and a granola bar!!!

The best reward for this Grand Prix horse…a shower, a pat and a granola bar!!!

Winding the day down and catching up.

Winding the day down and catching up.

Tack clean up before loading up and heading home.  Great ride Sharon! Wonderful new horse!!!

Tack clean up before loading up and heading home. Great ride Sharon! Wonderful new horse!!!

Aaaannnddd introducing Stewey!!!!  Barb's new horse!!! They'll be many more photos of Stewey in the future!!

Aaaannnddd introducing Stewey!!!! Barb’s new horse!!! They’ll be many more photos of Stewey in the future!!

So many thank yous to everyone who helped get this weekend up and successful, to everyone who came out and cheered and clapped especially to the keeners at 6:30 Sunday morning (we love you!!) and to the best husband in the world!!!!

Lance, Fred and William get the day off today…the rest go back to work…stop, go and turn 6.1 installing…


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So…as we head into day two with Shannon…

We had an amazing day of training yesterday.  Big changes, big ideas, lots of homework!

As I started out on our very early start for today’s second day of training, I woke up to an excerpt Shannon send me last night from an article from Dressage Daily by Dr. Josef Knipp (retired FEI judge).

“Mind these three Ts and hear their chime: “Things take time!”

A great rider is always firm but, at the same time, humble in his heart. He is always conscious that he is dealing with living creatures and that he has a wonderful opportunity to educate not only the horse but also himself. Riders have a great responsibility and duty to train and school after the classical principles, thus working for the benefit and sake of our equitation, demonstrating not only a fine feeling for riding but also its artistic beauty.”            Dr. Josef Knipp

So…heading into day two with Shannon…a wonderful opportunity for more education today!!!

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Today’s the day!!!

I know Big Valley Concert weekend starts today but waaaaaay more important….

Shannon is here today!!!!


Jan 20-1a


The ride times are listed in the last post.

Off to the stable…




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Here’s the list!!!!

Shannon Peters will be here on Friday afternoon!!!! Whoo hoo!!!

Here’s the rider time list for Saturday and Sunday…

Saturday’s ride times

  • 10am Lindsey Stroh – William (10 yr old Hanoverian stallion) PSG/Inter 1
  • 10:45 Casey Dermot – Flynn (14 yr old gelding) Third Level
  • 11:30 Lindsey Stroh – Fadora (12 yr old Oldenburg mare) Inter 2
  • 12:14 Sharon Merkel Beattie – Donatus (7 yr old Hanoverian) Third level
  • 1:00 Lindsey Stroh – Lancelot (14 yr old Danish Warmblood) Grand Prix
  • 1:45 Deanna Cullen – Fausto (6 yr old Hanoverian) Second level
  • 2:30 Cheryl Roberts – Luna (12 yr old Swedish mare) 4th/PSG

Sunday’s ride times

  • 6:45 Lindsey – William
  • 7:30 Casey – Flinn
  • 8:15 Lindsey – Fadora
  • 9:00 Sharon – Donatus
  • 9:45 Lindsey – Lancelot
  • 10:30 Deanna – Fausto
  • 11:15 Cheryl – Luna

Notes for the weekend…

  • Friday afternoon training sessions will be open to clinic riders
  • Saturday we’re working through lunch (there will be lotsa coffee and tea and almond biscotti to keep us going all day though!!!)
  • Sunday is a very early start as Shannon leaves Sunday afternoon 😦

Contact details if you need more info!!!!

  • flngclrs@incentre.net
  • Facebook (Vickie Argals)
  • 780.361.7062 (call or text)

Off to the stable to check more things off my list…


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Yup…Shannon Peter’s Dressage Clinic!!!

Shannon's Clinic Flyer1-page0001

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!!!  Shannon’s coming!!!

August 2 and 3 at Flying Colours.

You can click on the poster above and it’ll enlarge for better reading.  (Sorry…don’t know how to make that an easier transition!!)

If you caught any of Lance and Lindsey’s work at the CDI last weekend (66% Grand Prix, 69.2% Grand Prix Freestyle) and you’d like some insight on how the training is laid out to produce that work (and getting better daily!!), mark the above posted dates on your calendar for this clinic.  We have worked with Shannon for the last 5 winters and it shows!  As well as our 3 horses in this clinc, there will be 4 other horses from around the province here at FCS to work with Shannon for 2 days.  The horses will range from the Young Horse level to Grand Prix.

Team Peters produces some of the top dressage horses in the world today and we are very happy Shannon will be here to help us train ours in August.

Auditor spots $20 (Call to book a spot!)



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