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Rain, rain go away.

The rain started just as we were leaving the stables yesterday.  We needed to make a quick stop at Costco on the way home…water, carrots, oil.  We knew we’d be getting wet but as girls from a drought stricken Alberta, it was kinda pleasant in a soggy kinda way…

We set the GPS and started driving.  Several times we hit puddles that splashed over the truck…rivers of water everywhere.  The rain was so heavy.  Ran into Costco, a quick trip around and then back out into the monsoon.  We were drenched after loading the truck.  The freeways were parking lots.  Yeah for the smart GPS, rerouted us onto the back streets and back to the coach in Escondido.  Jacked up the furnace, hung up all the wet gear.  Fresh artichokes and lemony mayonnaise dip for dinner and once again, early to bed.

Off to check out a rain drenched Arroyo Del Mar…


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