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Meet the N2 team!!

We have been working in our N2 saddle on Lance now for about 3 weeks and are thoroughly, amazingly  pleased with it. It sits Lindsey in a most wonderfully effective balance. The result…a more effective half halt! Who could ask for more!!! 🙂

Nathan Matson and Tara Tesolin are the Canadian saddle fitters for N2. They will be at the CDI in Calgary with N2 saddles for demos. For anyone not at the CDI, they will be at Flying Colours on Monday June 29. If you have any questions… or   780.361.7062

Meet Nathan Matson, N2 Saddles…

Nathan N2


Carter...helping Dad fit N2 saddles!!!

Carter…helping Dad fit N2 saddles!!!

We love our N2 ❤ ❤ ❤

Off to enjoy another lovely Alberta spring day…


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I am very selective about my passions (If I’m going to be all in, I can only fit in a few 🙂 )

The Sport of Dressage…yup…passionate about that…

And to be passionate about my sport I have become very passionate about horse care. Our sport is all about producing a happy, sound, healthy equine athlete. There are no short cuts. And the best way is to produce the best is become more knowledgeable.

And I have become more knowledgeable about organic feed. Organic food for my family and organic feed for my horses.

I am passionate about organics.

I feed certified organic Genesis Horse Feed to all my horses.

I feed organic hay to all my horses. Thank you Michael Coen and family from Grass Roots Family Farms.

All our horses are turned out on organic pasture each day.

For all the reasons you may choose to feed your family organics (the first being simply…a steady ingestion of pesticides, herbicides just can’t be a good thing), are the same reasons I feed my horses organic feed and hay.

And for the reasons you may choose not to feed your family organics (cost, availability), I have learned how to work with those set backs in order to feed organics. The pay off for my family and for my horses has been amazing.

I am totally passionate about organic horse feed. 🙂 🙂 🙂 ❤




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Alberta Update

We’ve been home for a week now and are enjoying our home and family. The horses arrived late Saturday night and they are enjoying their paddocks and the newly sprouted green grass.

Meghan and her friend Dune

Monday…Meghan and her friend Dune.



This morning...

This morning…

Yesterday was a wonderful spring snowfall; a great silencing white blanket covering the whole farm. The horses stayed in and much to their delight, Maria McDowell (Muscle Matters) arrived. Thank you Maria for getting to Flying Colours especially when you were a touch under the weather!! We love you!!! ❤

So today is a total relax day for them all. Turnout till noon and a nap after lunch and their day is done!

This week will just be walking and relaxing for all three. They go back to full work on Monday.

So that gives me time for me to tackle the piles on my desk… 🙂


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