Busy day at Arroyo.

The tarps were off when we arrived at the stable this am (Kate, Jeff and Graham must have been at it before sunrise).  The footing was great after the previous nights rain.  Great idea, those tarps!  Shannon had a killer day yesterday, riding and lots of lessons.  Hopefully she found the hot tub last night!

The weather was sunny and warm and we had another super day.  Shannon and Linds worked Fred and William in the afternoon…dramatic changes each day with each lesson.  Lindsey and I come back to the coach each night and review the photos and discuss the work.  Our brains are very tired.  So much great information and Lindsey is doing an amazing job applying it to each horse!  This is what we signed up for and it is meeting our expectations and so much more…and this is just the first week!!!!!  Gosh I love my job.

Lance in the early morning.

Lance was very tired and went for a walk with Linds in the morning and then I hand walked him at the end of the day.

Alex in the big ring with the big boys!

Walker, tired but diggin' in.

Fred, getting ready for her lesson.

Fadora, aka Fred, Lindsey's 8yr old, Fourth Level mare.

Wheeeee...William and Linds headed into the corner.

The turnout pens are still too wet.  Hopefully this weekend, barring any more rain, we can turn them out in the sun for an hour.  They are all doing very well and have adapted to their new environment but I’m sure turning them out to run and stretch would be a great addition to their daily routines.

Looking forward to the day…


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