Beautiful sunny day…

Our lessons yesterday were at the end of another very long day for Shannon.  The hot tub was calling her name by the end of the afternoon for sure!

Fred had a walk day.  I grabbed Lance first thing after arriving and Linds tacked Fred up and we went for a walk around the property.  Fred had a great look around and with Lance beside her, she relaxed and enjoyed the sunny morning.

Alex and Walker were next.  Both are very tired but we had very good short rides on them.  Alex is learning to work and concentrate with lots of horses around him. 


Walker looks great.  Kim, Ed and the girls leave today and should arrive in San Diego Monday or Tuesday.  The weather looks great for the drive down.  Walker will be sooo happy to have Kim here.  He thinks we are toooo bossy!


We had another great lesson on William.  He’s such a good boy!!!

William in the early afternoon sun.

 While we were untacking William after his lesson we heard loud crashing and banging in the stable.  I ran back to where the sound was coming from and found Lance had cast himself in his stall.  He loves to roll in fresh shavings and they had just picked his stall and rebeded it so he decided to have a good roll.  Unfortunately once he rolled over he was too close to the back wall of his stall and couldn’t roll back and get up.  I arrived to watch him thrash around till he got himself away from the wall and could stand up again.  Scared me silly…they can really get hurt banging around trying to get up.  He stood up without a scratch on him but he was really upset, covered in shavings and hyperventilating.  We went for a little walk and he settled down.  Linds tacked him up and went for a long walk around the arenas and then into her lesson.  Whew…horses.

Lance, late afternoon.

We got to turn everyone out yesterday.  They weren’t out too long as we were at the end of the day as we started to turn them out but they all enjoyed a roll in the dirt and a little buck about.
We went out for dinner in Rancho Santa Fe with some people from the stable last night…do you believe it???!!!!  We were out way past our bed time (we were home by 10) and had a lovely time and great food!!!!  Thanks Gary and Michelle!
Today is an early start as Shannon is headed out to teach a clinic for the weekend.  Hope they have a hot tub for her to soak in each night…

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