Our first day off.

Our home away from home.

 The truck just fits in front of the coach.  Note we have the coach right to the back edge of the pad.  We are very comfortable in the Foretravel.  Lindsey has the back bedroom and I have the pull out in the living room.  (I’m up soooo early, I can get breakfast first!)  Washer/dryer, good shower and a Verizon aircard…we are set!

We headed to the stables early, hand walked everyone (including baby William and the scary bridge).  They all were very tired and the walk was great for all of them.  We put together their feed and then headed out to find a brunch place near the ocean. 

We thought we’d head to Shelter Island (San Diego Yacht Club) and travel north along the coast.  We found a place for eggs benedict and omelets and then headed north. 

Sailboats on San Diego Bay.

Ivars, Ivars, Ivars...a bass fishing tournament on the ocean!!!

We were back at the stables to turn them out from 2:30 to 3:30.  They had so much fun…rolled, bucked, ran around and then rolled and rolled again.  They are all caked in mud!  We brought them all in, blanketed them for the upcoming cold night-time, fed them their supper and finished the day off knowing they were all happy with their day off.  We decided hamburgers were on the menu for us and pointed the truck to Jake’s Del Mar to watch the sun set and munch on one of their famous hamburgers.  We weren’t disappointed on either the sunset or the hamburgers!  Yum.

View of the ocean from our table at Jake's Del Mar.

Sun starting to set.




This morning is very foggy.  Arroyo Del Mar is in a valley so it’ll be interesting to see if the fog is heavy around the rings.  The riding plan for today is a light stretchy ride all of them, getting ready for lessons tomorrow.  Kim, Ed and the girls are south of Salt Lake so they should be here Monday.

Fog lights on…headed to the stables.



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2 responses to “Our first day off.

  1. Sheri Bresee

    Just wanted to say a quick hello and tell you how much I am enjoying following your blog! You must both be having the time of your lives and I can’t tell you how inspiring and motivating it is to read about your experiences. Best of luck in all your adventures and keep up the great posts!!

  2. Thanks Sheri!!!
    We are learning so much and cramming in as much as we can each day. Thermal in a week and a half!!! We’re ready!!!

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