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From San Deigo to Burbank

First leg of our trip home…

All our horses are in Burbank for the weekend.  Getting everyone on the road was a great big job!!!  Del Mar to Burbank is about 100 miles.  It took 3 hours of stop, go, park driving.  Lots of little cars cutting in and slamming on the brakes…not a good thing with a full horse trailer behind them!  We made it safe and happy and we’re ready for a full day of riding today.

The day looks like rain, ugh but should be nice for the rest of the show.

So lovely to be parked at the show grounds in the coach! 


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We’re 90% packed (or so).

We spent a dirty, dusty, hot day yesterday packing.  Feed is organized for the show and the trip.  The tack trunks are ready to load after our rides today, Monday and Tuesday am.  We’ll be on the road to Burbank by 9am Tuesday.  We pulled everything out of the trailer and re-organized from the bottom up…some things accessable for the show…some we need only for loading on the transport after the show.  I was really sceptical whether we would get everything back into the tack room of the trailer but should have trusted packer extraordinaire Lindsey!  Everything went in with space to spare.  I’m sure glad we’re going to have help unloading it in Burbank!!!  (tank tops are great ’cause our biceps barely fit into normal shirts!!! ha)

The next big pack up is the coach.  We’ll start today and finish as we get it ready for Curtis and Barb to drive it to LA Equestrian Center.  Coach, trailers (5 horses), car (Curtis and Barb’s) on a caravan north on Tuesday am.  We should have Canadian flags on the windows!

Light ride today on everyone.  Walker is on the list as Kim and Ed and the girls are having dinner with the princesses in Disneyland.  They’ll meet us in Burbank on Tuesday!

The sun is up…off to the stable…


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Big day…

Today is organize the trailer and pack for 5 horses…first the horse show in LA and then on to the transport and home.  I think we’ll need the hot tub tonight!

Off to the stable,


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Getting ready for LA…

We’ve had a heavy week so far and the horses will all love their day off on Saturday! 

Saturday is the major “pack everything day” and try and fit it into our vechicles!  Everything has to go to LA and then be put on the transport with all 5 horses on Easter Sunday.  Luckily we’ll have lots of help once we get to LA as Ed arrived yesterday, Curtis and Barb will be here Monday (they’re driving the coach to the horse show), Peter will fly in on Good Friday (he and Lindsey are driving the truck and trailer back home), and Ivars also arrives Friday to LAX (we’re driving the motorcoach home).  We’ll all be on the road after loading the horses on Sunday.  Ed, Kim and the girls will head to Las Vegas and home, Curtis and Barb are heading home with a quick stop to visit Brayden (and oh yeah, Ali and Les) in Calgary, Peter and Lindsey will stop at Moab, Utah for some major cycle time for Peter and then on to visit Brayden in Calgary and Ivars and I head to Napa and the wineries for a couple of days before the big push home.  The horses will be home late Tuesday and we all should be just behind them and arrive on the weekend.  The horses will really enjoy being turned out for a couple of days before back to work again!

The Canadians heading into the ring to work with Shannon and Steffen. Lindsey and Lance, Ashleigh Luca-Tyson and Uniek.

Lindsey and Ashleigh working with Shannon and Steffen.

Lance and Linds.

Lance learning to trot like a big boy.

Today is going to be busy. 

Kim is fighting a cold and packing to head to Disneyworld tomorrow.  The girls have the trip all planned and are very excited!!!  Everyone will work hard today and have some turnout time as well.

Off to Arroyo…


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I love mornings…

The mornings here are spectacular…warm, sunny, calm.  The afternoons are a totally different matter…windy, hazy, cold.  I got spoiled last week with the wonderful spring weather in Alberta…nothing like spring time in the Rockies! 

Alex in the morning sun yesterday.


Lance...aka "Rockstar" at his afternoon lesson with Shannon.


We are making the most of our last week here at Arroyo.  Our lessons with Shannon, that have always been so important, have taken on even more urgency because of the tight time line.  Occasionally I look back on where we were to where we are now and am so thankful for this experience.  The learning has been so much more than I expected.  Whew…we’ve planned a “summary assessment meeting” sometime next weekend.  We’ll sit down with Shannon and plan out the next steps for each horse.  Hopefully Shannon is going to like the San Deigo-Edmonton flight schedules!!! 

The big task will be to pack everything up to head to the Burbank show.  It’s going to be very tight to get all our gear to LA…5 horses need a lot of tack, clothes and feed!!!! We both are going to have great “guns” by the time we finish lifting and hauling and packing everything! 

Another beautiful morning ahead… 


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A wonderful day…

Boy we had a good day yesterday!  A day off for the horses and it was warm and sunny and lightly breezy…a wonderful day!

We started the day late as we needed to wait for the repair mechanic for the Vespa to arrive and pick up a very sad bright yellow Vespa.  The Vespa had died with Ivars and I while on a trip to Sunday brunch early January and yesterday was the first day I could arrange to be here to have someone deal with it.  The mechanic was a Vespa  genius and didn’t even need to take it off the carrier on the back of the coach to fix it!  Zip, zam, zooie it started and purred quietly with still 1/2 tank of fuel left.  We pulled it off the carrier and he showed me the easy way to get it off the double kick stand!  We have new wheels now!!!  The Vespa is now stowed back on the carrier on the back of the coach, ready for the LA show and Napa!

While we were waiting for the Vespa man to arrive, we got caught up on chores around here to get the coach on the road.  Cleaning, sorting, packing, defrost the fridge…(we really have exciting lives!!!).  Kim and the girls followed us to the Chev dealership.  We dropped off the truck for servicing for the long trip home.  Off to the stable…

Everyone got hand walked, fed and a good pat.  They all were quite tired.  We stopped at the shoemaker on the way home and Kim will now have zippers in her boots on Thursday.  We picked up the truck and headed for a late lunch/early dinner on a lovely patio in the sunshine.  A wonderful way to end a lovely day.

The weather promises to be just as lovely today.  The sunshine and warm weather is quite a change from the last 2 months and we are thoroughly enjoying every minute.

Today is another “shorts” day…


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Almost caught up…

Two long days spent between the stable and my desk will get me caught up and then back to San Diego early Friday am.

The week in San Diego was very busy.  Horses needed to be shod, export papers needed to be started and FEI passports needed to be updated with vaccinations for spring.  And Lindsey got sick.  Thank goodness Kim was there to help out with all the details.  Lindsey’s feeling better now and everything got done.

Next week is going to be very busy.  One full week of work with Shannon before the Burbank CDI.

Back to the work at my desk….


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With Vickie headed home for the week I had good intentions of cleaning up a few things with the horses so that she could see big improvements. Unfortunately, life had other plans and I ended up sick on Monday afternoon with either a stomach bug or food poisoning….ugh! Thank goodness for Kim, Megan, Emma and Ava for taking such great care of the horses while I was home in bed. Thanks girls!!

I headed back to the barn today still a bit green and made it through the day on Gatorade and pretzels from Shannon’s mom, Margaret.  Kim rode in the morning and she had an amazing ride. Kim and Walker have made such big improvements in their time down here….They look great!! I had a lesson with Shannon on Lance and put light rides on the others. Thankfully it is very warm here today so they were all happy to have a bit of a lighter day in the heat. Hopefully, I will feel up to full work tomorrow.  I’m feeling the pressure to fit in as much as possible in our last weeks in California.

Vickie is back on Friday and it looks like the weather will stay nice for her return!


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The best show so far!

Friday was a pretty tough day.  All Lindsey’s rides were good but not good enough.  She has worked so hard every day down here and Friday’s rides were so close to where we want to be…but not quite.  When you lose, don’t lose the lesson.

Friday night was a lot of discussion of where we are, where we want to be and then some strategies on how to get to our goal.  Our plan on being here, immersed in dressage central and training with Shannon was to increase our skills (coaching and riding) to be able to acheive our long term goals.  The 4 CDIs are part of our plan to increase our experience in International competition.  Getting good scores were part of the plan.  Lindsey assessment on Friday’s work was, as usual, insightful.  We set out plans for Saturday’s warmups for each horse.  There is one big piece of the puzzle that needed to be highlighted and honed.  I won’t bore you with details but everyone is going to working soooo hard when we get back…shine your boots girls, we have information to share!!!!

Saturday’s warmups were amazing.  The morning rides had a couple of bobbles but Lance’s ride was the best so far!  Intermediare One, they finished 6th, just out of the ribbons.

I head home for 4 days tomorrow.  Shannon and Lindsey will have a great week ahead.  I’m very excited to return and see the results of upcoming week. 

Kim had a great lesson today and she and Linds have their homework list for the week.  Alex was great today and it’ll be exciting to see what he looks like when I get back on Friday.

Fred, heading to the warmup, Team Peters on one side of the alleyway, Debbie MacDonald's barn on the other.

Fred, once around the ring, Fourth Level.

Shannon and Vickie.

So looking forward to being home for a couple of days…just don’t think about the piles of work waiting!!!!!

Gonna be a good day…


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Day one

Thanks Barb for the great photos!!!

Pug alert.

Fred in the warmup ring.

Freddie in the test

Freddie in extended canter

William getting ready

Ava and the Ring Steward having a nap

Lance and a heron in the warm-up ring

Lance once around the CDI ring

Off to the show grounds, almost sun up…gonna be a great day.


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