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A wonderful sunny day at Arroyo

The day started out quite foggy and cold.  I know, I know…the cold comment is relative…it was cold for California!  We bundled up and headed to the stable.

Everyone was packing up and heading out to the Burbank show.  It feels so weird to be left at home as the trailers leave the yard.  Our horses are feeling well…finally.  The boys are 100% and Fred is almost back to normal.  So it’s a quiet, work at home time for us for this show weekend.

We worked all three horses and then the afternoon was a visit with Dr. Paul McClellan.  He’ll update our passports and get our export papers started.  The process of organizing the trip home has started. 

Today again we’ll work on the homework Shannon left us with from Tuesday’s lessons.  The boys are tired so it’ll be a lighter day for them.  The plan is to give them all Saturday off and we’ll head to Burbank to cheer on Shannon and Odie and the rest of Team Peters.  The weather promises to be sunny and warm so we’ll be breaking out the sun screen!

Only in California...Zen Boxing...the heavy bags are hanging from trees in the yard.

Another wonderful day ahead,



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Lessons with Shannon today.

Lance and William had lessons with Shannon today and they looked great!!! 

Yup...this guy can canter...

"Go for it can do it!!!"

William scared himself today (not in the arena, in his stall).  He cast himself.  He’s never done that before and he really was rattled.  He rolled too close to the wall in his stall and was stuck and couldn’t get on his feet.  A lot of horses panic and thrash about…not William.  “Whoa William, shhhhhh, whoa, good boy William”.  We put his halter on grabbed a couple of lead shanks and looped them over a front leg and back leg and heave hoed him over so his legs could get under him.  And up he got…what a good boy!

Shannon working in hand with Lance.

Lance and Shannon, in hand work.

Lance, Lindsey and Shannon...piaffe.

Can’t wait till tomorrow’s work!!!

I’m taking copious notes.



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Back in California!

I’m back in California for the next week so we’ll update with photos after today’s lessons.  Everyone is back to healthy and working hard…yeah, yeah, yeah!!!

Lessons with Shannon today.  She and Steffen head to the LA CDI tomorrow.  We’re going to miss this show as well 😦  … Del Mar CDI (end of April) in our sights.

Off to Arroyo, camera packed…


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Rain and More Rain…..

We’ve had a full week of rain in San Diego, which makes for an interesting week of working all the horses at Arroyo in a 20 x 40 covered arena. First off I have to say how grateful we all are at Arroyo to have a place to ride in the rain, as many places in California aren’t set up for this kind of weather. As well, it is a great opportunity to prepare for the warm up ring at shows. At Flying Colours we get spoiled because we often ride by ourselves in the arena. The result is we forget how to successfully navigate a busy warm up ring. The horses and I definitely got lots of practice this week!!

There was a big cheer today as we watched Kate and her staff start to take the tarp off the main arena and begin to prepare the footing for us to be able to ride in on Monday. Both horses and riders are starting to feel a little cramped and will appreciate a little more room to work next week.

With limited space to school this week, lessons with Shannon focused on the basics. We also took the opportunity to work on my seat. It is amazing how small changes in how you use your seat and core can make a world of difference in how the horses go. This is especially important on Lance who is such a big elastic mover but also very sensitive. If I am not in total control of my core and seat, the gaits are not always as rideable as they need to be for Grand Prix. I find honing in on how effective I can be as a rider so intriguing and both Shannon and Vickie are very gifted coaches in helping me find my way. I’m one lucky girl!!

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They’re feeling better!

The swelling in both Lance and Fred is going down.  Thanks Dr. Paul, the meds are doing the job!  They are both feeling better and had a short lesson with Shannon yesterday.  William is still doing great and has stayed healthy for days.  We’re thinking positive thoughts and hoping we’re over the worst of it and they are all on the mend. 

I’m home in Alberta for the next week or so and loving the warm spring weather.  A nice slow melt of all this snow will be a good thing this spring…here’s hoping!  Thursdays for me is at my desk in the morning and then Grandma and Mack time in the afternoon.

Thinking of my “feeling better” horses in California, looking forward to playing with Mack today…gonna be a great day!


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Show Ring Shine

Shannon has some seriously shiny boots!!! 

For years everyone has been asking her how she gets her boots show ring ready and now she is sharing her secrets with us in a great boot polishing kit.

Check out Shannon’s website  I’ve used her Show Ring Shine polishing kit and my boots are looking better than ever!!

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Sad and sadder…

Fred is sad and Lance is sadder but not William 🙂 

Fred and Lance still have swollen legs and are not happy but William is totally with it, digging deep and working hard.  Dr. Paul was out yesterday and had a look at all three of them again.  He’s not sure we’re dealing with a virus.  He thinks Lance has banged his leg and Fred is battling scratches on both hinds.  William has no symtoms right now.  He pulled some blood and we should have the test results back today.  He’s left meds for both Lance and Fred and we’re hoping they are on the mend and we will be over all this nonsense very soon!

The good news is William has really turned it on!!!  He’s figured out the work level he needs for this level of work and is showing Linds and Shannon what a good boy he can be if he puts his mind to it!!!  Yeah William, taking one for the team this week!!!

Going to be a busy day at FCS today.  The sun is shining and everything is melting…gonna be a wonderful day!


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