A wonderful sunny day at Arroyo

The day started out quite foggy and cold.  I know, I know…the cold comment is relative…it was cold for California!  We bundled up and headed to the stable.

Everyone was packing up and heading out to the Burbank show.  It feels so weird to be left at home as the trailers leave the yard.  Our horses are feeling well…finally.  The boys are 100% and Fred is almost back to normal.  So it’s a quiet, work at home time for us for this show weekend.

We worked all three horses and then the afternoon was a visit with Dr. Paul McClellan.  He’ll update our passports and get our export papers started.  The process of organizing the trip home has started. 

Today again we’ll work on the homework Shannon left us with from Tuesday’s lessons.  The boys are tired so it’ll be a lighter day for them.  The plan is to give them all Saturday off and we’ll head to Burbank to cheer on Shannon and Odie and the rest of Team Peters.  The weather promises to be sunny and warm so we’ll be breaking out the sun screen!

Only in California...Zen Boxing...the heavy bags are hanging from trees in the yard.

Another wonderful day ahead,



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3 responses to “A wonderful sunny day at Arroyo

  1. Kirsten Montgomery

    We’re excited to have you back home! Linds, its been way too long!

  2. Lynn

    The horses and Lindsay look great! How come they are not showing?

    • Hey Lynn!! The work is going great but we have run into a nuisance virus…fat legs, lethargic, elevated breathing rate. They are all taking turns clearing it from their systems. Lance was about 2 weeks with it, Fred is still battling it and William is done with it and is feeling great.
      We’re hoping we’ll make the Del Mar CDI end of April with the boys. Fred is very sad but she needs to get well!
      We’re home first week of May.

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