Rain and More Rain…..

We’ve had a full week of rain in San Diego, which makes for an interesting week of working all the horses at Arroyo in a 20 x 40 covered arena. First off I have to say how grateful we all are at Arroyo to have a place to ride in the rain, as many places in California aren’t set up for this kind of weather. As well, it is a great opportunity to prepare for the warm up ring at shows. At Flying Colours we get spoiled because we often ride by ourselves in the arena. The result is we forget how to successfully navigate a busy warm up ring. The horses and I definitely got lots of practice this week!!

There was a big cheer today as we watched Kate and her staff start to take the tarp off the main arena and begin to prepare the footing for us to be able to ride in on Monday. Both horses and riders are starting to feel a little cramped and will appreciate a little more room to work next week.

With limited space to school this week, lessons with Shannon focused on the basics. We also took the opportunity to work on my seat. It is amazing how small changes in how you use your seat and core can make a world of difference in how the horses go. This is especially important on Lance who is such a big elastic mover but also very sensitive. If I am not in total control of my core and seat, the gaits are not always as rideable as they need to be for Grand Prix. I find honing in on how effective I can be as a rider so intriguing and both Shannon and Vickie are very gifted coaches in helping me find my way. I’m one lucky girl!!

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