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Five sad faces yesterday…

I left last Monday with Lance with fat legs behind and quite lethargic.  Not lame, (yeah!) but not his normal jolly self.  We arranged a vet visit; blood work done, temperature taken and a thorough check over.  The vet’s thoughts…probably not a virus, maybe he just banged his leg and it reacted with swelling.  Back to work last week and carry on and watch him.  Sooo today Fred came out of her stall…fat legs and quite lethargic.  Uggggghhhh.  William was flat out in his stall all morning.  I guess we have a virus in all three horses.  New bugs in California and our Albertan horses now exposed and reacting. 

So there goes our show plans for the weekend.  A vet certificate arranged and sent to the show office, shavings order cancelled and we’re very glad we didn’t totally pack everything in the trailer Tuesday.  The bright side of the whole thing is that the virus is not life threatening and they are all coping well.  They will all be back to their normal bouncy selves in a week or 10 days.

Put on a smile and adapt.  A tweak in the overall California plan…on to next week!

Fred...fat legs and all.

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