Lessons with Shannon today.

Lance and William had lessons with Shannon today and they looked great!!! 

Yup...this guy can canter...

"Go for it buddy...you can do it!!!"

William scared himself today (not in the arena, in his stall).  He cast himself.  He’s never done that before and he really was rattled.  He rolled too close to the wall in his stall and was stuck and couldn’t get on his feet.  A lot of horses panic and thrash about…not William.  “Whoa William, shhhhhh, whoa, good boy William”.  We put his halter on grabbed a couple of lead shanks and looped them over a front leg and back leg and heave hoed him over so his legs could get under him.  And up he got…what a good boy!

Shannon working in hand with Lance.

Lance and Shannon, in hand work.

Lance, Lindsey and Shannon...piaffe.

Can’t wait till tomorrow’s work!!!

I’m taking copious notes.



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2 responses to “Lessons with Shannon today.

  1. Anna

    Both boys are looking super!!! Lindsey too!

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