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Update on our 2016 California plans…long overdue!!!

Firstly, I must apologize for being so tardy in keeping you all up to date on our plans…an extremely busy, family-filled fall was my excuse. 🙂 And now that all the babies have moved into their new home, I can catch up.

Yes, we are going to California this year and yes to Arroyo Del Mar to train with Shannon Peters!

Saddle and Shannon

We have re-thought the Flying Colours Dressage concept so we have set up some changes for 2016. We are taking 6 horses to Arroyo this year to train. So this season, I will be doing the “hold the fort” at home in Canada while Lindsey will be full time with our horses and clients  and clients horses in California.

We believe this will maintain our great home base while including the opportunity for California winter training for clients with Flying Colours.

We have 3 clients this year (you will see lots of Iris, Jayne and Merle in the upcoming photos!!) who will be training with Lindsey at Flying Colours (California) at Arroyo.

I will be in California for the week of each CDI to help out and catch up on the coaching details for our 3 horses from Shannon. Meanwhile for the rest of the month, I will be at here at Flying Colours (Alberta) keeping our home based riders busy and challenged.

We believe this is a solid, fun, organized way to take FCS riders to the next level and explore new horizons in their dressage dreams.

Now off to work on ticking more boxes on the travel plans to California list…



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CORE Mechanics – Concepts Nov 7/8 (Full)

CORE this weekend!!! Concepts!!! ❤ All spots full…it’s going to be a very exciting weekend. We love introducing CORE Concepts to riders. CORE Concepts on the mat and CORE Concepts applied in the saddle…yes!

This will probably be our last Concepts workshop till the spring. We may have a CORE Explorations in December…watch the Flying Colours Facebook page for updates.

You are a detective

The horses leave for California after Christmas and our last show is the last weekend in April…more to come on our 2016 plans soon!

Now off to a very busy Flying Colours day!! ❤

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CORE Mechanics – Concepts Nov 7/8…Spots available!!

Have you ever wondered how to make your seat more effective? (who hasn’t!!!) Would you like to explore some “more effective seat” concepts on a mat and then take it to your saddle that same day?

Due to horse/rider soundness/illness issues 😦 we now have 2 openings to the CORE Concepts weekend Nov 7/8 at Flying Colours.

If this intrigues you and you would like more info…

Vickie 780.361.7062

Lindsey 780.608.6653

Core Logo

CORE…an exciting, fun way to deeply explore a rider’s seat and how it functions in the saddle!!!

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