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Almost home…

Updates on the road…

We’re at a small RV park in Butte and we’ll be on the road very soon this at this very early o’clock!

Our focus for the last month of training with Shannon was on our long term goals for each horse.  We went back to the basics and upped the quality of the work.  We put test riding on the back burner for the time being.  So with this new level of expectation, we headed to the Del Mar show and put them to work in the warm up ring only.  Could they step up and work at the same level in a show enviroment?  The answer is YES!  The next step is to put it in the test ring and that will be at home.  We’ll do a test or two at a National show and then the CDI in June.

A couple of clips of the warm up ring on Friday…

The horses got on the van with Thompson Transport Sunday at 2am.  They should be home today mid afternoon.

Lindsey and Peter have the truck and trailer and are about 6 hours behind them.

As Lindsey and Peter loaded the horses on the van on Sunday, we left Saturday and spent a lovely evening in Las Vegas Saturday night.  After a 13 hour drive yesterday, we have now another 10 hours or so ahead of us so we should be home around the same time as the horses…time to hit the road!!!  (I’ll breathe alot easier once I see them safe and sound in their stalls at home!!!!)


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Getting closer…

Here’s the day…

We have the coach hooked up at the Fairgrounds and our stalls are set up and ready for the horses.  We’ll head to Arroyo this morning and pick up the horses and tack boxes and bring everything to the Fairgrounds.  Lessons with Shannon at the Fairgrounds today.  This will be our last day at Arroyo for this season.  Yup…our last day.  Oh my.

Everything will be at the Fairgrounds today.  Everything for the coach, everything for the horses to be shipped home and everything for truck and trailer to make the long trip home.  Curtis and Barb will be here today (we have a date with them at Jakes’s for dinner tonight!).  Ivars and Peter will be here tomorrow (they have a date with their bikes and Hwy 101 tomorrow afternoon!).  Thompson’s Horse Transport will be here early Sunday morning to pick up the horses.  And then we all head north.  Here’s hoping for good weather for the drive home.

Off to another crazy busy day…



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Started packing the trailer…

We’re getting ready to head home.

The trailer is mostly organized.  We’ll finish it off today (we can’t quite drop the ramps to get into the horse compartment…need to pull it out or wait till everyone heads to the show today).  We’ll take the horses to the show tomorrow but will set up our stalls and take the coach to the fairgounds today.

Wheww…it’s going to be a busy day!!!

Pretty much sums it up!


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It’s still soggy out…

The marine layer has settled in and is staying.  The days are grey and cold. We’ve been told this is June weather for San Diego…June Gloom.

We are both are walking around yawning and looking for a place to nap!  Hope the sun comes out for the show or we’re going to need more caffine to get through the day!

Fred, working in the "June Gloom" yesterday.

We’re busy packing (boo hoo we’re leaving, whoo hoo we’re going home!) and organizing for the trip north.

Off to the stable, there is a trailer to pack!


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Wheww…everybody needs a couple of days off!

This has been an amazing week.  Everyone worked so hard and they are all very, very tired.  Good work = happy, tired horses.

William working in the fog yesterday morning.

A very nice piaffe from a very tired Grand Prix horse...Lance.

Let’s talk about Lindsey’s work this last couple of weeks…in a word, amazing.  She has been working in her stretch zone both physically and mentally and is producing work on all three horses that is heart stopping beautiful.  Thank you Lindsey for all your hard work and dedication to a such a high standard each day.  It is a joy to work with you!

Aleks and Neil are flying in from Phoenix this morning.  We’re going to spend the day together exploring San Diego.  Lindsey has a trip to the gym and tending the horses on her agenda today.  We’ll meet up for dinner somewhere near the beach and watch the sunset over the Pacific.  (That never gets old!!!)

Heading into our last week here…


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A hot, hot day…

All three horses had a great day yesterday.  They were all quite tired and still were stellar! A very good day.  (I took video yesterday but the internet connection was impossible to upload anything :()

But I did get some photos of Kate’s dog Buddy…

"I think I'll have a little lay down here in the ice plants."

"I won't fall asleep...I'll just rest my eyes for a bit."

"Whaaat, did you say something?"


"Really, I wasn't sleeping....Look I'm up, really I'm up."

Aleks and Neil are here tomorrow!!!!  Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!

Gonna be a great day…off to the barn…



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You say marine layer, I say fog…

Fog, the pea soup variety, that’s what we woke up to yesterday.  The drive to the barn was very fast, dense traffic, denser fog.

They don’t call it fog here.  The local term is marine layer.  So marine layer it is.

Everything was socked in all the way to the barn.  The sun burned it all off very quickly at the barn and it was lovely riding weather;  sunny, warm, a bit of a breeze.  The horses were all super duper yesterday, still working hard on the stop, go, and turn details.  William did his lesson in the covered (it was quite empty!), Lance was in the newly set up dressage ring in the jumper arena, (on the long lines with Shannon and I for a bit and then off to work with Lindsey aboard), and Fred, even though quite tired, turned it on and worked her very best in a very busy jumper arena.  A really great day…

We headed to the Western Show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds (we had to order shavings for the dressage show next week).  Not much going on, some reiners working but very few.  We headed home.  The marine layer was still quite thick along the coast.  Everything in the coach was damp and soggy.  On the positive side, my normal dry winter skin feel is not to be found anywhere!

The batteries on the camera died…someone forgot to plug them in overnight (I remembered last night :))  So only a photo of the girls today…

Lindsey Stroh, Emma Weinert, Noelle Buijen

And this photo from Facebook…laughed so hard when I read the comment…

Photos from Olympic Diving...or what it would look like if men gave birth...

2 more sleeps till Aleks and Neil arrive from Phoenix!!!  So looking forward to Saturday am!!!

Off to another great day…



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