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Shannon and Odie, 1st Place GPS Del Mar CDI

Congratulations to Shannon on her win in the Grand Prix Special at the Del Mar Show Park CDI yesterday on Odyssey.  Odie, through no fault of his own, is just now learning how to be a super star Grand Prix horse this year.  Shannon’s wonderful feel and expert skills are leading Odyssey down centre line and this weekend they had 2 successful GP tests.  Odie has amazing piaffe and passage work and Shannon’s magic touch maximizes each stride.  Lovely to watch and learn from each day!  Next show for this pair is the Burbank CDI end of March.

Shannon and Odie...warmed up and ready to go!!

Lindsey and I spent the weekend practising our positive thinking skills and found all sorts of benefits for not showing our horses. Well…we weren’t very tired at the end of each day, we definitely had cleaner clothes and hands, we got to watch a couple of classes at the show and we got to visit with Barb and Curtis and Bud and Gayle and Les and Ally and nicest of all, visiting with Braydon two days in a row…see…lotsa good things happened this weekend!

Lance and Fred still have swollen hind legs and Fred is now swollen in the throat latch as well.  William’s leg swelling has all but disappeared and he’s feeling much better.  Dr. Paul is coming today and will have another look at the three of them.

The weather is beautiful here and at home.  What a difference a week can make!

Our home away from home in Oceanside.

Looking forward to being home for a couple weeks…already missing my horses here…


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Steffen aces the GP at the Masters in Florida.

A big Canadian wave to Steffen and Ravel.  They totally aced the Grand Prix at the Masters in Florida yesterday.  Yeah Steffen!!!  Yeah Ravel!!!  (Ravel…hope Dawn gives you lotsa  extra carrots today!!)  Ravel has been looking amazing in his work here at home and Steffen took it to Florida and showed ’em how to do it!!!  And he did it all without Shannon ringside…think of what it’ll be like with Shannon with him at the next show!!! (Shannon is home at the Del Mar CDI riding Odie in the GP Sat and Sunday.)  We’ll all be rooting for S and R today as they head into the ring for the Freestyle.

We put a light ride on all three yesterday.  Lance’s legs are almost normal, Fred’s legs are very swollen and William has a bit of swelling on his hind legs.  Looks like the week ahead we will still be dealing with Fred and William feeling yucky.  On the up side they got to hang out in the turn out paddocks for an hour in the sun.  Lance loved the extra rolling time in the sand and Fred and William just hung out and enjoyed the sunshine.

The coach is parked about 1/2 block from the Oceanside beach.  A lovely location.  Tsunami warning this morning till 8:41.  No one seems to be up and worried about anything.  Good sign.  Get dressed and put shoes on.  Good planning.  Canadians on the beach.

Camera ready…gonna be a great day!


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:( :( :( :( :(

Five sad faces yesterday…

I left last Monday with Lance with fat legs behind and quite lethargic.  Not lame, (yeah!) but not his normal jolly self.  We arranged a vet visit; blood work done, temperature taken and a thorough check over.  The vet’s thoughts…probably not a virus, maybe he just banged his leg and it reacted with swelling.  Back to work last week and carry on and watch him.  Sooo today Fred came out of her stall…fat legs and quite lethargic.  Uggggghhhh.  William was flat out in his stall all morning.  I guess we have a virus in all three horses.  New bugs in California and our Albertan horses now exposed and reacting. 

So there goes our show plans for the weekend.  A vet certificate arranged and sent to the show office, shavings order cancelled and we’re very glad we didn’t totally pack everything in the trailer Tuesday.  The bright side of the whole thing is that the virus is not life threatening and they are all coping well.  They will all be back to their normal bouncy selves in a week or 10 days.

Put on a smile and adapt.  A tweak in the overall California plan…on to next week!

Fred...fat legs and all.

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Back at Arroyo…

Horses look great!!! 

Show this weekend!!!  Wednesday’s schedule…riding all three, lessons with Shannon and head to the show grounds in Del Mar to set up our stalls.  As it’s a short haul to Del Mar Show Park from Arroyo, we’ll bring the horses over to the show tomorrow morning and be ready to ride there early Thursday am.

William, first ride of the morning.

William, figuring out 4th Level work.


"Hey, this left pirouette is feeling pretttty goood!!" (Lance)

The day promises sunshine and long list of things to do…gonna be a wonderful day!!!!


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Team Peters brings it to the Burbank CDI.

Congrats to Team Peters on their stellar results from the Burbank CDI last weekend!

Arroyo Del Mar Team Peters riders and horses…

David Blake – PSG (Albert), 68.9%, and (Falsterbo) 68.2%

                  –      Inter One (Albert), 69.1%, and (Falsterbo) 66.3%

Rebecca Rigdon – PSG (Solei) 69.2% (almost a 70%…way to go Rebecca!!!)

                          –      Inter One (Solei) 65.0%

And of course Steffen with Magic’s Blue Ribbon rides (Blue Ribbons are First Place down here!!!)

                –  76.2% PSG   

                – 76.4% Inter One

And Steffen on Palais – PSG, 67.1%

                               –      Inter One, 71.6%

And of course, Steffen on Ravel, 75.5%!  Steffen and Ravel head out to the Masters in Floriday next week.

Lientje did well on her young horse PSG 60.7%.  Brittany and Tessa did a good jobs with their rides, in taxing conditions.

Shannon had a great ride on Odie Thursday and once he went in the scary indoor ring on Friday, had a great test as well 67%.  Odie is growing up…Grand Prix again next week in Del Mar!

Difficult conditions for this CDI, hail, rain, snow (sounds like Alberta in May and September!!!) and great riding, great tests, and great scores.

Way ta go Team Peters!!!

We get to train and watch this quality of work each day, all day long.  Shannon, Steffen, David, Rebecca, Lientje and everyone they coach and all the horses they ride…pinch me again, this is real.

Back in Alberta for the week.  Work hard at home and back down to Del Mar in a week.

Bundled up…no palm trees around here!!!


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