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A trip to the airport.

The kids headed back to Scottsdale yesterday.  We had a great visit and will see them next in the spring.  Aleks and Neil will head home to Wetaskiwin for the Alumni Big Band Dinner Dance in March.

Stopped for brunch on the way to airport...Neil liked our table number...

Today is a bike day!!!  Yeah!!!  A trip down the coast in the sunshine.


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Low tide, beachcombing

A slow morning here at Chez Argals, lunch at Jake’s in Del Mar and then a long, slow walk on a sandy beach.  Aleks and Neil will be taking home shell and sand dollars to the desert.  Pizza at the Brewery in Oceanside and a lovely walk home.

A walk on the beach, Aleks and Neil

The shell bag's empty...

More shells...

Dead stingray....eweeeeewwww...

Aleks and Neil fly home today 😦 so we’ll find a nice brunch south of here as we head to the airport.  Back to the desert kiddos, thank you so much for driving the little car back to San Diego.  Love you.


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San Diego Wildlife Park

The kids had the Bimmer, we were on the Vespa…off to the Wildlife park.

We decided to take the “Behind the scenes Tour”.  Well worth the extra price of admission; 2 hours of up close and personal to many animals and a great tour guide.  This zoo is “non-zoo”, large open vistas, few cages.  The birth rate at this zoo is amazing, the animals look relaxed and non stressed.  We had a wonderful day.

Aleks and Neil, on vacation!!!

Mama rhino, baby hiding behind.

Giraffes are so cool!

The giraffe herd.

The beautiful Okapi. Giraffe related, from the Congo. (This is a male.)

Can you imagine ropin' this big fella!!!???

Rhinos "clustering".

Mama gorilla, baby behind the tree.

Neil used the 40fps camera and caught the Cheetah run...good shot Neil!!!

The cheetah visiting after her run.

We had a great afternoon and headed to the Stone Brewery (Arrogant Bastard).  Great food, great beer then off to the hot tub.

Planning for today under way…


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A family day in October.

Neil sat his exam yesterday.  When he finished, we poked around San Diego, got lost heading back to Oceanside, found our way again, had a beer and appetizers at their hotel and then walked back to the coach along the beach as the sun set.  A wonderful day.

The sun setting.

Almost gone...

Oceanside pier in the dusk. Aleks and Neil's hotel, right at the pier.

Today is the San Diego Wildlife Park with the kids.  Sun shining, gonna be warm!


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We surprised everyone when we arrived at Arroyo yesterday morning.  “A yellow Vespa???”  “You didn’t drive that all the way from Canada, did you????”  “You need a big red Maple Leaf on the back of it!!!”  We matched Kate’s new yellow Jeep!

It was so wonderful to see everyone!!!  Everyone looks great. We are so excited to be back!!!  The horses leave FCS on November 29 and will arrive at Arroyo November 30.

Arroyo Del Mar, our home away from home till May!!!


A ride on our bikes to the harbour and lunch.

Lunch at the harbour...

Aleks and Neil are here today!!! Yeah!!!  And the sun is up and shining!!!


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A warm drizzily day.

We got on our bikes as the sun was shining, early in the am.  We cycled down the coast for an hour or so.  Beautiful vistas, wonderful sea smells, a pod of dolphins swimming in the distance.  A wonderful start to the day.  We cycled back to the coach just as the clouds rolled in.

A quick run on the Vespa, found a couple of outfits for the kids and noticed we needed a new rear tire on the scooter.  Luckily a great scooter shop is half a block south of the RV park.  Tire repaired, scooter in top form again!!!

Aleks and Neil arrive today from Phoenix.  They are driving my car from Scottsdale to San Diego so Lindsey and I will have wheels while we are here.  The scooter is great, lots of fun but not so much fun in inclement weather.  The little Bimmer is great on gas, fun to drive and keeps us dry and warm!

Neil writes his California PE exam tomorrow then they fly back home on Sunday afternoon.    We’ll celebrate the end of studying Thursday night and have a weekend together.  The weather forecast is for sun and warm!

Waiting for the sun, bikes warmed up!!!


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A soggy day in Oceanside.

We made our son proud of us yesterday.  We fixed the AV problem in the coach all by ourselves!!!  He knew we could do it and we did!!!!

I got the satellite working yesterday (had to change the software on the “zoomer thingy” that finds the satellites).  We now have full Shaw Direct from Edmonton.  But the cable to the coach wasn’t working.  It’s very convenient to have local news, traffic and weather each day so let’s tackle this problem.  So off to Home Depot in the rain for supplies.  Back to the coach and many hours later…voila we have cable!!!  Yeah for us!  We did it!!

Afternoon reward…off for a walk to the pier…appetizers at Pacific Hotel (yum!) and great draft!

My camera was on “art” mode…who knew something like this was on the dial????  Oh well, interesting shots…

Oceanside Pier

Low tide beach art.

Taking a photo of Ivars taking a photo.

The Pier.

Artsy sunset shot 🙂

What it really looked like....

Back to the coach...satellite dish operative!!!!

The sun is out this am, rain called for this afternoon…bikes this morning!!!


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By the sea…

We left the desert, travelled through amazing scenery.  Steep uphill climbs, long steep downhill runs and long, long areas of flat.  The flat areas were seas of sand for miles and miles with big rock islands jutting up here and there.  The traffic was heavy.  Everyone headed back to LA from Vegas.

We knew we were close to LA from the smog level ahead.

As we travelled, we Skyped home and turned the web cam around so Mack could see out the front of the coach.  He watched Papa driving the bus and all the cars and trucks…”Wow, ‘Amma!!!!”

We arrived and set up the coach in the same RV park we stayed at last season, Paradise By the Sea Resort.  We’re a half a block from the beach and can smell the sea with the coach windows open.  The day was very foggy and the staff at the check in office said they were at 41 hours of fog!  Here’s hoping the whole week is not fogged in!  We jumped on the Vespa and headed to the Oceanside harbour.  We stopped at a dockside restaurant and had a beer and dinner.

Oceanside harbour

The beer was good, Dos Equis Amber, on tap…great.  The meal was so so but fit the bill for the day.

Cheeky little birds show up if the tables are left and not cleared pronto!

Yum, yum!!!

Today we both are itching to get our bikes out but it’s raining!!! Too bad we don’t have a fireplace in the coach….

Might be a movie day today with a walk on the beach in the rain???

Off to the hot tub…



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Idaho is pretty in the early morning sunshine.

The leaky, twitchy valve stem seems to have resolved, the tire is holding air, on the road and when we were parked.  We now seem to have a transmission glitch.  Only happened once but I’ll get some more brains working on the issue later this morning.

We spent the night (midnight till 4am) parked in a truck stop in Butte Montana.  We were cozy and warm, had a glass of wine and headed to bed.  Ivars checked the air in the rear tire at 4am, gave me the “good to go” sign and went back to bed.  Pedal to the metal and head south.  No traffic, great highway and my audio book on my headset.  A lovely morning.  Ivars got up at 7, made breakfast and took over the driving.  (He has an audio book going as well!!).

Now that the sun is up we are both enjoying the vista of Idaho.  It’s long, open valleys and purple mountains are picture perfect and a lovely backdrop to my laptop and tea morning.

We’ll make a decision on where we’ll stop for the night as the day unfolds.

Ahhhh…on the road,


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Headed South

We got away from home before 2pm today.  Ivars tidied up things at the hospital this morning while I finished things up at the stable.   In the coach and driving…yeah!

The horses are working very hard.  Lindsey and I have next month marked off as test month.  They’ll all be schooling tests and polishing movements.  The learning curve for all three horses and Lindsey has been quite steep these last couple of months.  It’ll be good for me to be away for the next few days.  It’ll give Lindsey some alone, concentrating time and she’ll be able consolidate her feel to all the theory we’ve been exploring recently.

We have a pesky, slow leaky tire valve.  One of the inside back tires.  Guess we need to find a big rig tire shop…

Don’t know where we’ll sleep tonight…



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