Sad and sadder…

Fred is sad and Lance is sadder but not William 🙂 

Fred and Lance still have swollen legs and are not happy but William is totally with it, digging deep and working hard.  Dr. Paul was out yesterday and had a look at all three of them again.  He’s not sure we’re dealing with a virus.  He thinks Lance has banged his leg and Fred is battling scratches on both hinds.  William has no symtoms right now.  He pulled some blood and we should have the test results back today.  He’s left meds for both Lance and Fred and we’re hoping they are on the mend and we will be over all this nonsense very soon!

The good news is William has really turned it on!!!  He’s figured out the work level he needs for this level of work and is showing Linds and Shannon what a good boy he can be if he puts his mind to it!!!  Yeah William, taking one for the team this week!!!

Going to be a busy day at FCS today.  The sun is shining and everything is melting…gonna be a wonderful day!


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