Steffen aces the GP at the Masters in Florida.

A big Canadian wave to Steffen and Ravel.  They totally aced the Grand Prix at the Masters in Florida yesterday.  Yeah Steffen!!!  Yeah Ravel!!!  (Ravel…hope Dawn gives you lotsa  extra carrots today!!)  Ravel has been looking amazing in his work here at home and Steffen took it to Florida and showed ’em how to do it!!!  And he did it all without Shannon ringside…think of what it’ll be like with Shannon with him at the next show!!! (Shannon is home at the Del Mar CDI riding Odie in the GP Sat and Sunday.)  We’ll all be rooting for S and R today as they head into the ring for the Freestyle.

We put a light ride on all three yesterday.  Lance’s legs are almost normal, Fred’s legs are very swollen and William has a bit of swelling on his hind legs.  Looks like the week ahead we will still be dealing with Fred and William feeling yucky.  On the up side they got to hang out in the turn out paddocks for an hour in the sun.  Lance loved the extra rolling time in the sand and Fred and William just hung out and enjoyed the sunshine.

The coach is parked about 1/2 block from the Oceanside beach.  A lovely location.  Tsunami warning this morning till 8:41.  No one seems to be up and worried about anything.  Good sign.  Get dressed and put shoes on.  Good planning.  Canadians on the beach.

Camera ready…gonna be a great day!


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