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We’ve gone digital!!!…sorta…

780.361.7062…that’s the number

As I raced for and didn’t answer the upteenth “You have won a cruise!!” telephone call at the barn and the house; a question started floating around in my head…”Why do we have telephone land lines?”  The only reason I could come up with was “Cause we alway have?…”.  And I thought “Do we need land lines?”…and came up with

“I don’t think we do?????”

So I’ve disconected both land lines at the house and the barn!!

Now we are fully contactable…send us a text message, send a photo, send a video, even call us!!!!  All doable!!  Yeah smart phones!!

780.361.7062 mine

780.361.9703 Ivars

Mack and Cali chillaxin' on the back deck.

Mack and Cali chillaxin’ on the back deck.

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Test day…Sunday July 28

So, we had so much fun with the last Flying Colours Test Day…we’re goin’ do it again!

We have the ring set up in the indoor, the outdoor footing is looking good…so we’re going to ride some tests.


If you’d like to join us…?  School some test movements in a new environment?  Some bits of your test you’d like to polish?  Or maybe you’d like to test the waters and try out a whole new level?  This would be a day for you.

You and your horse, and your coach?, and a video camera?, with the occasional do-over?…yes, yes, yes!  Results…a better test, a more confident rider, more prepared to tackle the next Gold show.

If you need an eye on the ground; Lindsey and I will have a limited amount of lesson spots open that day.


Off to check my ponies on this beautiful morning….



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Read this book!!!!

'This Will Make You Smarter': A New Way to Think About Thinking


 “What scientific concept would improve everybody’s cognitive toolkit?”

This is the question John Brockman, publisher of, posed to the world’s most influential thinkers. Their visionary answers flow from the frontiers of psychology, philosophy, economics, physics, sociology, and more.

“A formidable anthology of short essays by 151 of our time’s biggest thinkers on subjects as diverse as the power of networks, cognitive humility, the paradoxes of daydreaming, information flow, collective intelligence, and a dizzying, mind-expanding range in between. Together, they construct a powerful toolkit of meta-cognition — a new way to think about thinking itself.”

This is an amazing book!  I’ve left it on my phone to read it again.  (I had to turn it off while driving….too much information!!!)

Dressage and Free Jazz!!!!  Oh my…

Does A + B = C???

Off to the arena to test another theory!!


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This is big…

I’ve been feeding horses for about 25 years.  My horses look great and work hard.

But the change in all of them with Genesis Organic Horse feed is stunning.

I really don’t know how to put the change into words…it’s really big.

Maria McDowell from Muscle Matters worked on them yesterday.  She worked on Lance, Fred and William and found very little she had to deal with.   These horses are all working very hard and working very well.  It’s rare to have all three horses so asymptomatic for Maria.  Hard working horses normally have something for her to work out.   Her words for the change are “the tissue all feels so clean”.  She was worried I would “feed her out of a job!”.

This is such a subjective judgement on the overall condition of my horses but I’m always making management decisions for improvement in our training program.

This is big…really big.

Here’s the link to the American dealer’s website…lots of information…

This is big..

In Canada it is shipped in 50 lb bags.

Off to feed breakfast…


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Ok…Genesis Organic Horse Feed…love it!!!

We started the switch to non-GMO, organic horse feed about one month ago.  I’ve been transitioning to the new feed slowly.  It is quite a switch for my guys as they have been on a concentrated feed for many years.  We should be totally on Genesis by the end of the month.



They all love the feed!  Even the very pickiest eaters are digging in to their feed tubs.

The biggest change is in the overall shape of my horses.  Both Lindsey and I commented last week on how fit Lance is looking .  And then I looked at the rest of them.  They are changing shape..more muscle , more muscle definition and tighter under lines!  Even Lance is loosing his big, saggy tummy.

Now I know this is a very subjective observation but I know my guys pretty well.  Nothing much has changed in their environment to produce this change in their muscling.  If anything the June bloom of green grass around here would tend to add a layer of fat to everyone’s outline but no, we are not seeing that at all.

Their work levels each day has not changed…we are still working very hard!  But the work is now producing a more fit horse!  Are the proteins in Genesis more available to them to convert to muscle with the same work?  Is there less stomach inflammation while digesting Genesis and now their systems are getting healthier to better able to produce a better athlete?

Lance's Grand Prix test last weekend.

Lance’s Grand Prix test last weekend.



I don’t know the reason or reasons why they are looking better and working better to their potentials but I am very pleased!  Very pleased.

Off to feed breakfast…Genesis Organic Horse Feed!!!


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Happy Canada Day Eh?!!!

O Canada!!!  Happy Canada day…

We have…



2 Moose (Meese??, Mooses???)

2 Moose (Meese??, Mooses???)

Canoes and Rockies

Canoes and Rockies

Tim Horton's

Tim Horton’s (not a recent photo 🙂 )

and cowboys...

and cowboys…

they even have their own trail...

they even have their own trail…

and we have Mounties...

and we have Mounties…

Lotsa Mounties...

lotsa Mounties…

A Mountie on a grizzly bear??? that's just silly!!!

and a Mountie on a grizzly bear???…now that’s just silly!!!

This is Canada...

This is Canada…

And I am Canadian!!!

And I am Canadian!!!

proud to be

Happy Canada Day!!!!!!

And watch out for moose….meese, mooses…

moose on the road

moose warning












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