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Listen and learn grasshopper..

Steffen’s words of wisdom text to Shannon this weekend on the use of leg in the test…”less sooner rather than more later“. So great..I think we need to record this somewhere…

Congrats to Ehren and Magic, and Emma an Zindan on great rides yesterday! Blue and red ribbons!!! Yeah! Thanks Shannon!



Yesterday was a light school in the morning for Lindsey and Lance as we had no class on Saturday. And it was great! Cleaned up some more issues in the half halt in “show mode Lance”.

The show grounds will be very quiet today as most of the classes in the CDI ended yesterday and horses have returned home. But the Grand Prix Special is in the morning. Lindsey and Lance go at 9:27.

We will be back on the freeway today ASAP after the presentations as to avoid the Sunday traffic back to San Diego.

Off to find some tea and head to the show grounds…



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Yeah Lindsey!!

And thank you Shannon Peters!!! (Shannon has a coaching shadow this weekend as she works her way through her FEI riders…me <3…continuing dressage coaching education. Yeah!!!!)

And yeah Lindsey Stroh!! A stellar ride on a bit of saggy Lance (He’s a bit of a diesel burner in this heat). Good riding girl!!! That definitely was your workout for the day!!

Lance GP2


Lance GP4

Lance GP6

And finally, a well earned shower... <3

And finally, a well earned shower… ❤

Today the Grand Prix classes CDI are the freestyles. CDI rules are that you can only enter two tests, the Grand Prix and either the Freestyle or the Grand Prix Special. We have opted for the Grand Prix Special at this CDI and it is scheduled tomorrow. So today Lance will have a light school in the morning, when it’s cooler and a hand walk later in the day.

Tomorrow’s Grand Prix Special will be in the morning so that will definitely be easier on Lance, weather wise.

A big congrats to Emma Weinert O’Rourke and Zindans…first place ribbon (74%) in the PSG. Another big congrats to Ehren Volk on her first place ribbon on Magic in Young Riders!! Wonderful rides!! Congrats coach Shannon!!! Well done team!!

Ivars got a good ride in on his bike on Griffon Park hills and will be back in the saddle this morning.

Off to find some tea…



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Yesterday was jog day…

The drive to LA was again brutal…3 1/2 hours even though we left at 5am. The early morning made it cool and comfortable for Lance and Magic in the trailer though 🙂 . I am so glad we only have do this twice this year!!

Yesterday’s schedule started with the in barn vet inspection soon after we arrived, then a short training ride with Shannon and finally a bath and braiding Lance for the jog…

Face washing...ugh

Face washing…ugh


Ok, ok, face washed!!!!

Ok, ok, face washed!!!!


Jog done!!!

Jog done!

Today is the Grand Prix starting at 2:03. Lindsey and Lance’s ride time is 2:48. California Dreaming Productions is again Live Streaming the CDI. Go to the web site (, click on CDP Live and follow the links to buy a pass for the day or the weekend. It’s very inexpensive (cheap, cheap, cheap) and supports a very good service at these winter CDIs. Join Axel Steiner and listen in on the very educational judge’s commentary of each ride. It’ll be the best 10 bucks you spend all day!!

Off to put a short training ride on Lance this morning before it gets too sunny and hot…


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Sun dogs on the horizon yesterday!

As the sun set yesterday, sun dogs (parhelia) or mock suns on either side of the setting sun appeared. We’ve seen them in the north, (they appear as the sun is close to the horizon) lots in the Arctic, but we’ve never seen them here. Let me know if you’d like a copy of Ivars photo! It’s now the new wallpaper on my phone!! 🙂


Sun dog

Sun dog 2

Taken from the truck, along the coast hwy…

We had a great day yesterday. Lance and Lindsey ran through the Grand Prix with Shannon, polishing up for the weekend. It was Fred’s last day on meds and her blood work came back all negative…yeah!  William is still coughing a bit but looks bright and happy. Yeah, yeah. And the best news, is the other 3 are all hale and hearty!!! Triple yeah!

Merle and Gezz in the covered arena yesterday. Great job!

Merle and Gezz with Lindsey, in the covered arena yesterday. Great job!

Ivars did the Torrey Pines hill…twice (I still don’t understand the appeal) and had a great day as well!

Today is walk day for Lance, a good groom on Fred, more meds for William and Samara, Sardonyx and Gezz have a regular ride day. Then we’ll pack up the trailer to ready for our very early get away to LA tomorrow morning.

Off to find my yoga mat…a busy day ahead!


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We’re off to the Oscars…

Well, not exactly “off to the Oscars”. We’re off to Mid Winter Dressage CDI in Burbank this week. So as close to “off to the Oscars” that I’ll ever want to be!! I’m not up to speed on celebrities. Kung Fu Panda, the Avengers and Steve from Minecraft…well those guys I would definitely ask for autographs!!!

Leaving from Calgary...yeah Westjet!

Leaving from Calgary…yeah Westjet!

The jog is on Thursday so our plan is to be on the freeway at Thursday at 5am and head to Burbank. A 5am start from Arroyo is to try to avoid some of the ucky, ucky traffic in LA. It’ll be cooler in the trailer at that time as well.

Fred and William now have whatever the bug was that affected Lance last week. They are both on antibiotics and rest. The rest part is difficult because, especially Fred, neither of them have that “I’m very sick” appearance that Lance was wearing so well. But they have a bit of a cough and high temps so rest it is this week. Chino is going to have his hands full this weekend with both of them!!! Fingers crossed Gezz, Sardonyx, and Samara stay healthy!

So today is lesson day on Lance with Shannon and regular work for Samara, Sardonyx and Gezz. Ivars will be out on his bike, eating up the hills around Del Mar and loving the sunny weather.

The walk from the airport to the train...wonderful!

The walk from the airport to the train along the harbour front…wonderful!

So off to Arroyo and my ponies…I’m in my southern happy place!!!


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Core Mechanics for Yogis???


This weekend will be short Core Mechanics workshop on awareness and strengthening the core for yoga practitioners.

I know, yoga is for bendy people right?  Wrong!!! Yoga is for everyone and for yoga to be safe…core awareness and core recruitment in the poses is a good idea.

So Core Mechanics for Yogis?  Yes, yes, yes.

Strengthing my core apple

Workshop handouts done…off to fit in a workout on this beautiful sunny afternoon!!!


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This face…

This face…


The guy that wears this face decided last weekend; while Lindsey was away, while I was still in Alberta and while Shannon was also uncharacteristicly not at Arroyo; that somehow we had abandoned him. He became dehydrated, lethargic and lost all the shiny bloom from his coat. Sigh…my very sensitive Grand Prix horse, Lance.

So this week the vet has been out to see him several times. He has been IV hydrated, poked and poked for blood work and stared at for hours and hours and hours by a lot of anxious people.

He is now back to feeling better but the show at Del Mar Show Park this weekend is off his schedule.

So we’ll keep the plan for the CDI in Burbank next week and miss the schooling we had planned this weekend.

On the other hand, at Flying Colours (Alberta)…the weather has been fabulous. We even got some snow this week. Everything now is storybook pretty; trees and houses and fences, all piled with fluffy white drifts. 🙂

I’m off to Yoga Teacher Training for the weekend…ohmmmmm


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