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We are so done with this weekend…

Our first CDI this year was a cascade of misfortunes.

We were so ready for this show…all three horses.

Then Fred showed up at at the beginning of the week with full blown scratches on both hind legs.  Red, angry, weeping and inflamed.  She’s out of the CDI as we need to treat the condition and the international drug rules for the CDI are much stricter than the national rules.  We need to get her well and comfortable.

Mid week Lance looked like he might have a tummy ache.  Fred and William were fine.  We treated Lance for upset gut and changed the cause of the upset and after a day off, he was looking much better.

Into the trailer and off to LA to the show.

So next William has a tummy ache and it shows up in the warm up ring for his first class.  We’ve made the changes that caused the problem already so we need to treat him and get him feeling better.  The show is over for William.  (He is feeling better and will go back to work tomorrow at Arroyo.)

“Ride the horse you have in the warmup ring”.  Linds did an amazing job and got Fred and Lance in the ring for their first tests.  Definitely not stellar tests but got the job done for the horses she had.

Lance was ready for the second test.  He warmed up amazing and was feeling great, over his tummy ache and totally with Lindsey and ready to tackle his first Grand Prix Special.  Just before entering the ring…he bit his tongue. Ding ding from the judge at C.   He can’t compete with blood in his mouth so was eliminated.  Once around the ring and out and the bleeding had stopped but the rules do not allow him to compete.

Okay…as I have said before…”what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

Our horses are now healthy.  Fred’s legs are definitely on the mend, Lance and William are back to their normal jolly selves.  Tomorrow is another day and in 2 weeks we have another CDI.

Hauling horses back to Arroyo today,




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Dressage is haaard.

Okay…there’s my whine for the week.

Fred’s scratches have flared up again.  We had them under control but now her hind fetlocks are swollen and raw.  Scratches were her major issue while we were here last year.  We have got a handle on them again as of yesterday but this will prevent her from competing in the CDI this weekend.  She now is wait listed to ride PSG/Inter One in the Open show that is running congruently with the CDI.  Fingers crossed we are now ahead of the problem and she’ll be right on track for the Del Mar CDI.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.




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This is a movie theatre!!!?????

Saturday morning (our no riding day)…horses done (fed, treadmill, happy), lunch at Jake’s with Curtis and Barb…on to help out with Barb’s quest to see all the Oscar nominated movies in her spare time this spring.

A Saturday afternoon matinee sounds great.  The Descendants.  At Luxury Cinemas Carlsbad.

This is a movie theatre!!????  Big comfy leather recliners, huge screen, dinner menu, wine list…and a call button for a happy waiter with an IPad thingy to pay for wine!  What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon!  The movie was good too!!!

A lovely drive along the coast at dusk back to the coach.  Barb and Curtis stopped at the coach to help us out with the cheesecake problem before their drive back to Laguna Woods.  Mmmmm cheesecake.

2 more sleeps till Ivars is here…


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Mmmmm Costco cheesecake…

How long have we been here??  The horses arrived the first week of December and it’s now the end of February???  Ok, we made it about 3 months without succumbing.  We’re at Costco regularly…water, fruit and vegetables, wine and we calmly walk by the cheesecake.  Oh we hear it calling.  We have a look, smack our lips and walk on by, yes ma’am, we walk on by.

But not yesterday.

Mmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmm.  No fake topping, just creamy, cheesey cheesecake.  Into the cart you go lovely cheesecake.

A lovely evening back at the coach…a glass of good chardonnay, talk of a great week’s work and next week’s show and mmmmmm cheesecake.

The remainder of that cheesecake has to go to the barn today….well maybe tomorrow???


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Another morning in the covered…

Oh boy, the horses are looking good!  Everyone is working very hard and it shows.

Lance and Linds in piaffe.

Because of the rain, we’re still in the covered arena (about 30 X 20), lots of us…at one point there were 5 lessons being conducted at once.  Every rider has their own individual headsets attached to a mike on a coach on the outside of the arena.  So it’s a very quiet atmosphere but oh boy that is one busy arena!  Great practice for next weekend’s busy warm up ring.

Linds and Lance in the sunshine in the covered arena.

It was a beautiful, warm, dry night last night so hopefully the dressage court has dried out and we can run through some tests today.  Here’s hopin’…..

A wonderful day ahead and only 4 more sleeps till Ivars arrives!!!!!



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A morning in the covered arena…

The rain the night before left the footing in the 2 big arenas too wet to ride in so we were all training in the small covered arena.  Thank goodness there is a covered arena at Arroyo for rainy weather riding!

All three horses worked so well yesterday.  Yeah Lindsey!!!  Yeah Shannon!!!  Lindsey and I learned a very important technical training detail (too boring to get into…but very important) while reviewing the videos of Monday’s lessons on Monday night.  And Lindsey learned it, thought about it and applied it in yesterday’s rides…a hard thing to do overnight but Lindsey got it done!  Thank you Shannon!  Wonderful work Lindsey!

Videos are a bit of a bother to upload to Youtube with the WIFI at the coach.  It’s very slow.  The following are a couple of  unedited clips of William and Lindsey in the covered yesterday developing half pass in trot and canter.  (it took over 8 hours to upload…)

William is growing up!

No rain last night, we should be riding in the big ring today, yeah!


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A blustery day…

It was a cold, blustery day yesterday.  Let’s get all this wind and rain done with this week so the Burbank show will be dry…okay???

All three horses worked very well yesterday.  Shannon worked with Lance and Fred.  This week’s training plan is “test week” and we’ll be working through parts of the tests with each of them each day.  Friday is full test reversal day.

Next week in the Burbank CDI competition, William (National Level) and Fred (CDI Level) will be competing at PSG/Inter One and Lance will be competing in the CDI at Grand Prix and his first Grand Prix Special.

Fred yesterday….

Lance, yesterday…

A chilly morning ahead.  It has rained all night.  (Rain on a fiberglass roof is very, very loud, a nice sound but loud.)

The furnace is turned up…another cup of warm tea before starting the morning…



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A Saturday day off

We were up early, as usual.  Lindsey headed to the gym, I tidied  up around the coach and had a nice long Skype chat with Ivars over breakfast.

We headed to the stable on a blustery, chilly morning.  The drive down Hwy 101 (PCH, Pacific Coast Hwy) was dramatic with big grey clouds over the ocean and 10′ waves breaking on the beach.  A wonderful drive to start the morning.

We stopped at Pannikin for hot green tea and muffins…yum.  Arrived at the barn to hear Lance from down the alley way hollering at us “You’re late!!!  I want to go out!!!!  Ok, then just feed me!!!”.  He’s such a goofy, jolly horse.  “Ok Lance, hang tough, your turn soon!”

Fred walking on the treadmill with Lindsey monitoring her, I started feed buckets for lunch feed and Saturday’s supper and Sunday’s breakfast.  Lance is still hollering at me every time I passed through the alleyway.  “Ok Lance, Fred is done, it’s now your turn on the treadmill”  Lance is now trying to passage, buck and generally goof around instead of just walking on the treadmill…oh boy, a fit Grand Prix horse indeed.  He was sooo happy to get back to his stall and eat his lunch.  His day now made sense to him and he was content.

William was the most tired yesterday and had to be convinced not to trot on the uphill cycles of the treadmill.  “Stay walking William”.  He was glad to be put back in his stall and sleep the rest of the afternoon away.

We then had the afternoon free…Outlet Mall???  Okay, we’re both not big shoppers but this mall is on the Mexican border so we thought it might be a good adventure.  We got directions from the girls at the barn…”It’s the last US exit on the 5, don’t miss it ’cause you be in Mexico if you do!!!” and headed out.

A very busy mall, a very packed parking lot and a very long time with soo much traffic to get back to the freeway to head back north when we finished.  We won’t be doing that again on a Saturday afternoon!

We met Noel and Olivia at Jake’s for a typically early dinner.  Sunset over the ocean, good food and friends…a lovely way to end a great day.

Today is light ride on all three horses.  They’ll be ready for lessons with Shannon on Monday.

Off to the stable…



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Fred’s day off…

The boys worked hard yesterday…Fred didn’t…

Fred layed out flat, sound asleep mid day...very, very tired

The boys both had a lesson with Shannon and worked their tails off (not literally, they both still have very lovely tails…).  Fred on the other hand could not lift her head from her bed.  Those of you who know Fred, know how unusual it would be for Fred to lie down in her stall, even overnight in a quiet barn.  She really worked hard this week both physically and mentally and yesterday was her calling “Uncle”.  Ok Fred…day off for you and guess what girly…day off today as well!

The boys get the day off today along with Fred.  We’ll head to the barn and put them on the treadmill, feed and check blankets and plan a rainy day activity for us for the afternoon.

Lindsey has headed to the gym to workout, I’m headed to the beach for a long walk on a grey morning.



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Bossy, bossy boys.

The boys are very bossy and Fred is just kinda going along with it all with a quizzical look on her face.

This new level of work has the boys a bit upset.  They were comfortable in their easy chairs, asking for another beer and having the remote close at hand…well welcome to the big ring boys…we’re steppin’ up the work!!!  It’ll take them a couple of days to get into the new rhythm but soon they’ll both be their jolly ol’ selves!  Fred, on the other hand, just looks a bit confused.  She’s a smart girl so it won’t take her long to catch on!

Lindsey taught a Pilates lesson in the sunshine at Arroyo yesterday.  Hopefully none of the riders are too sore today!  It was a perfect day for Pilates on the lawn, sunny and warm.

Off to beat the freeway traffic…



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