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Rain, rain, rain

The rain started late yesterday morning and it’s still coming down.

We had our first thunder and lightning show yesterday as well, not very long but very unusual for SD.  Quite the wind storm all night, very interesting in an RV.  Our RV (Foretravel) is leveled by an air system so it gently (most gusts) rocks back and forth with the wind,,,like being moored at night in a sheltered bay on a boat.  A lovely way to sleep.

We got all three horses worked before the rain hit yesterday.  Thanks Shannon for fitting us in to the early “dark” o’clock lesson schedule.

We’ve been having some fitting issues with Lance’s saddle.  Not sure if there is an air bag issue (yes our saddles are fitted with air…a theme for FCS?) or he is changed in his back (a good thing) with this work and we need Kevin Lote (Regal Saddles) to major tweek the saddle.  We had Sue Newell from Limelite Custom Saddlery out to Arroyo last week and she added some air to two panels in his saddle.  Better but it was still not quite right.  For Lindsey’s lesson yesterday morning,  I cut and pasted a sheepskin half pad and fitted Lance’s saddle.  Worked great, it now fit him well and made Lindsey’s ride much easier…everyone happy.  We contacted Sue again and last evening headed to her shop with the saddle to add more tweeking.  We’ll try it out on Sunday (today is a day off for all three horses).

The ocean would be quite dramatic this morning so I may add many layers of clothing and go for a walk on the beach. Then again, I may have another cup of tea and watch Melissa Harris-Perry (along with Up with Chris Hayes, MSNBC, a great way to spend an early weekend morning).  Tea cup is calling…

Fred's early morning lesson with Shannon

Fred, working hard.

Ahhhh Fred...what a good girl.

Emma and Velvet, lesson with Shannon done, everyone happy!

Lance and Lindsey, lesson with Shannon.

Here’s a link to a bit of Lance’s lesson yesterday…


Lindsey is headed to the gym, I’m sitting listening to the wind, feeling the RV sway back and forth.  I think I may watch the drama of the ocean from the heated seats of the truck on the trip to the barn later this morning…



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Our first day off.

Our home away from home.

 The truck just fits in front of the coach.  Note we have the coach right to the back edge of the pad.  We are very comfortable in the Foretravel.  Lindsey has the back bedroom and I have the pull out in the living room.  (I’m up soooo early, I can get breakfast first!)  Washer/dryer, good shower and a Verizon aircard…we are set!

We headed to the stables early, hand walked everyone (including baby William and the scary bridge).  They all were very tired and the walk was great for all of them.  We put together their feed and then headed out to find a brunch place near the ocean. 

We thought we’d head to Shelter Island (San Diego Yacht Club) and travel north along the coast.  We found a place for eggs benedict and omelets and then headed north. 

Sailboats on San Diego Bay.

Ivars, Ivars, Ivars...a bass fishing tournament on the ocean!!!

We were back at the stables to turn them out from 2:30 to 3:30.  They had so much fun…rolled, bucked, ran around and then rolled and rolled again.  They are all caked in mud!  We brought them all in, blanketed them for the upcoming cold night-time, fed them their supper and finished the day off knowing they were all happy with their day off.  We decided hamburgers were on the menu for us and pointed the truck to Jake’s Del Mar to watch the sun set and munch on one of their famous hamburgers.  We weren’t disappointed on either the sunset or the hamburgers!  Yum.

View of the ocean from our table at Jake's Del Mar.

Sun starting to set.




This morning is very foggy.  Arroyo Del Mar is in a valley so it’ll be interesting to see if the fog is heavy around the rings.  The riding plan for today is a light stretchy ride all of them, getting ready for lessons tomorrow.  Kim, Ed and the girls are south of Salt Lake so they should be here Monday.

Fog lights on…headed to the stables.



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Errands and tidy day.

Today is our last day together here in California for quite a while.  We head home tomorrow am so will spend the day doing some running around and tidy the coach to get it ready for the kids arrival.  Hopefully we’ll get one last trip to the beach and another great dinner somewhere along the way.

Yesterday was Seaport Village, quaint and very touristy but still down near the water.

Seaport Village, Coronado Bridge in the background

After a lovely walk around the shops and a good look at a huge aircraft carrier, we hopped on the Vespa and over the Coronado bridge to Imperial Beach.

Waves on Imperial Beach

The waves were very big and there were lots of surfers.  Surfing looks like it would be so much fun (in a good wetsuit please!).

Pier at Imperial Beach

We headed back north and stopped in Old San Diego for dinner.  We ate at an excellent Mexican restaurant, Zocalo Grille, great fresh fish.  Good beer too!

Next update from home…Linds will have everything ready for me to load everyone on the truck Wednesday at 6am.  She and Peter should be here by Wednesday night and the horses all arrive Thursday 4-6pm.  Tidy up a million details at home and then head back down on Friday am.

Gonna be a very busy week!


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A day on the beach, then a day at the movies.

Wednesday was a seaside experience…wonderful.

We started the day out at the Oceanside pier.

Oceanside Pier

We walked the beach and them had brunch at Ruby’s at the end of the pier, watched some fishermen casting into the sea and some whales playing (greys) in the surf.  Time to walk of the California (Avocado, Tomatoes, Spinach) Bennies.  We headed to Torrey Pines State Park to hike the hills.

The start of the hike up from the parking lot.

Beautiful scenery, great smells and the sound of the waves crashing about was amazing.  We hiked up to the top and then around the cliffs.  A steep climb down to the beach and then a walk back along the sand beach to the Vespa.

The hike up Torrey Pines.

The fog was rolling in and out.

Fog on the beach at Torrey Pines.

The sound of the waves breaking on the sand was glorious.

Waves, Torrey Pines Beach

Back at the parking lot, heading out on the Vespa.

Heading out from our hike at Torrey Pines.

Heading out from our hike at Torrey Pines.

Back at the coach, the sunset was a wonderful backdrop for a light dinner and planning for Thursday’s outing.

Sunset at the park.

Sunset at the park.

Thursday we found an IMAX theatre and experienced Avatar…unbelievable!!!!  This is a must see on anyone’s to do list!  The images stay with you like remembering a good dream.  The message was loud and clear and very memorable.  Even the glasses were easy to wear!!!

Headed to Coronado Beach and downtown San Diego today.  Might have to refill the Vespa!!???


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We’re not in Kansas any more Toto.

Yesterday was very busy. 

In order to get to the RV repair shop, we had a very clandestine leaving of Motorcoach Country Club.  It was before sun up, so we backed out the site, no lights and warmed up the diesel just enough to get the air levels up and running.  We really had a great couple of days at the park and will definitely try to get back there in the future!

On the road again…

So many windmills!


The incredible wind farms west of Palm Springs.  I wonder what the cowboys look like that wrangle these big beasts…I wonder what they RIDE?!!!

We arrived at the RV repair shop, Temecula Valley RV, Murrieta CA, just as they opened.  Wonderful service!!  Seems the leak was a couple of fittings on the 1st hydraulic fan that needed to be tightened and cleaned up a bit.  We unloaded the Vespa and headed in for breakfast while they serviced the coach.  So nice to know that this facility is under an hour away if I need call them while we’re down here.  Great service, excellent technicians and they know Foretravel! 

We’re at the RV  park in Escondido (Sunland).  It really is quite nice but nothing like Indio (what park is!!!).  Parked the coach, unloaded the Vespa and headed to Del Mar and Shannon and Steffan’s Arroyo Del Mar stables.  It is very close to the RV park (20 minutes) and an easy drive.  The  stables, as expected, are wonderful.  Caught up briefly with Shannon; so good to see her again!  As Shannon was heading to the gym,  I met with Kate (barn manager for Peters) and had a tour of the barn.  We are going to have such a wonderful experience in Del Mar! 

7 days till the horses get here!  Ivars and I head back home on Monday.  I’ll load the horses Wednesday at 6am and Lindsey and Peter (leaving Alberta with the 4 horse on Monday) will be here to unload the horses on Thursday between 4-6pm.  It’ll be a nail biting couple of days till they all arrive safe and sound.  Lindsey and Peter know the truck and trailer well as they drove it home from Toronto last summer and Thompson Horse Transport (Langley) are experts at their jobs and will take very good care of everyone! 

Headed back to Escondido, had a great fresh halibut dinner and settled in the coach to catch up on details from home and plan for the days ahead.

Beach day today???!


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Indio, Day Two

We watched the sun come up on a beautiful setting out the front window of the coach…

So we hopped on the Vespa and went searching for breakfast.  We found a little Cafe, Charlie’s, and had wonderful fresh fruit and vegetables and eggs…yum.  We headed south to check out the show grounds at Thermal.  They look fabulous.  Great stabling, some permanent, some tents.  The rings looked great as well, one big one under the lights.  We’ll have to climatize everyone to early sunsets and under the lights riding.  Alex will be the only one who has had that experience!

We spent the morning on the Vespa then headed back to the coach for lunch and an attempt at the golf course!!???  The course is a little chip and putt thingy with masses of water and water falls everywhere.  We thought a two ball rule would come into effect…lose two balls…carry on to the drop zone.  Oh my.  It’s amazing we came home with any balls left in our bags!!!  We had fun in the sun and a good laugh for the afternoon.

Of course being in the desert, surrounded by water, we had fresh fish for dinner.  Excellant, Fisherman’s Grill.

On the road today, headed to Escondido.  Set up the coach and then hopefully we can get to the stables later this afternoon.  Linds and Peter have done a great job holding down the fort at home.  Everyone will be ready to get on the truck a week from today… the count down is on!!!


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Indio Day One

With a bit of a crazy drive through Phoenix to get to Desert West (accident on the 202) we picked up our misplaced keys, talked to John and clarified the fine points on the satellite operation, then…we’re on the road again.

We planned a short drive day for Monday and both of us were looking forward to some relax time in the sun.  It always takes so much work and organization to get away from home when you are in business for yourself.  Phoenix was busy with the kids, fun busy but still busy times.  I think we need to unwind a bit before the big push with the horses next week.

We arrived at Motorcoach Country Club…as I mentioned, pure indulgence.  Beautiful, green, sunny.  Normally we park the coach, unload the Vespa and head out to explore the area.  This is the first time we have ever just parked and sat in the sun and enjoyed the views.  We spent the afternoon sipping, munching, and reading.   We then headed over to the on site restaurant for a salad, then when the sun set, a quick trip to the hot tub.  We ended the day watching the twinkling lights reflected on the water in front of the coach.  Bizzare…all this in the middle of the desert…

Today is explore day…

The view out our front window...green oasis in the desert.


Ivars enjoying a lovely Pinot Noir (Napa)


A walk around the "lake", the coach at the first tee.


The end of a very good day.



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