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Indio Day One

With a bit of a crazy drive through Phoenix to get to Desert West (accident on the 202) we picked up our misplaced keys, talked to John and clarified the fine points on the satellite operation, then…we’re on the road again.

We planned a short drive day for Monday and both of us were looking forward to some relax time in the sun.  It always takes so much work and organization to get away from home when you are in business for yourself.  Phoenix was busy with the kids, fun busy but still busy times.  I think we need to unwind a bit before the big push with the horses next week.

We arrived at Motorcoach Country Club…as I mentioned, pure indulgence.  Beautiful, green, sunny.  Normally we park the coach, unload the Vespa and head out to explore the area.  This is the first time we have ever just parked and sat in the sun and enjoyed the views.  We spent the afternoon sipping, munching, and reading.   We then headed over to the on site restaurant for a salad, then when the sun set, a quick trip to the hot tub.  We ended the day watching the twinkling lights reflected on the water in front of the coach.  Bizzare…all this in the middle of the desert…

Today is explore day…

The view out our front window...green oasis in the desert.


Ivars enjoying a lovely Pinot Noir (Napa)


A walk around the "lake", the coach at the first tee.


The end of a very good day.



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