Kim brought a driver and a chef…Ed!!!

The horses all went well today.  A light ride for everyone except Walker as Lindsey is starting him each day before Kim’s lesson.  With 2 months of this work, he’s going to be very fit by the time we get home!!!

Today was a day of many firsts…

  1. we had lunch…lunch is never in our timetable but today we were finished at noon and turnout time is not till 2:30 so let’s do lunch.  From our Phoenix trips, the kids are alway telling mom and dad to try In ‘N Out so punch it into the GPS and off we go.  It was a great hamburger but really…a large diet coke…I couldn’t get my hands around the “glass’!  This was enough diet Coke to keep even Carol happy for a day or two!!!
  2. filled up the truck with diesel (fill up was definitely not a first around here, we drive a lot!) and a car wash.  The car wash was $11.95 less a $2.25 discount ’cause of the fill up…my very large truck, washed, waxed, vacuumed, all the windows washed, the whole interior armoralled (the seats are a little slippy!), the tires cleaned, the outside hand dried and an air compressor hose blowing air, dusting the vents inside and blowing all the water out from around the lights, doors, etc outside…for 9 bucks!!  I drove out of there thinking I was taking advantage of somebody!!!
  3. Ed can cook!!!  He casually mentioned he would barbeque for dinner if we had a barbeque.  “Yes we have one”.  ‘Do you like salmon”.  “Yup”.   “Okay, I’ll cook”.  He arrived with a whole meal!!! Asparagus, salad, fresh salmon,…pulled out our barbeque from under the coach, set up the table and started cooking.  Linds, Kim and I joined the girls in the coach and talked about the day…riding, sunshine and the girls told us about running in the waves and collecting shells.  Ed finished cooking and brought in the most wonderful meal!  We sat and enjoyed a great evening with wonderful food and friends…what a way to end a super day!

 Today we’ll be running through parts of our tests.  Friday is a day off for them all. 

We’ll all be looking to Florida to the results from the Masters for Steffen and Ravel.  I wish there was on online feed we could watch…too bad we’re not Europe!

Gonna be another great day!!!


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One response to “Kim brought a driver and a chef…Ed!!!

  1. carol

    Vickie: YOU are drinking Diet Coke? I love the corruption you are undergoing in CA!

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