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Steffen and Ravel won the GP in Florida.

A  big hooray was heard all around the farm at Arroyo Del Mar as Steffen won the GP in Florida yesterday.  Hooray for Steffen.  Hooray for Ravel.  Hooray for a training and riding style that can produce Ravel and win!  Steffen and Shannon are producing horses for the future of dressage.  A look around Arroyo’s arenas at any time of the day will find happy horses, learning and understanding their work.  David Blake, Rebecca Rigdon, Lientje Schueler and 5 working students all working to the standard set by Steffan and Shannon.  This is the future of dressage; hard work for horse and rider with empathic, intelligent daily application.  Hooray. 

Slight positional changes, Kim, Walker and Vickie

Emma watching Mommy's lesson.

Vickie in the dressage arena...a great place to be.

Emma and Ava...enough with this sand box...let's go to the zoo!!!

A very tired Alex...day off today buddy!

Peter...McLaren sighting on the way home..

Today everyone is getting the day off work.  We’ll hand walk them all in the am and then turnout from 2:30 to 3:30.  Hope the sun is out today…maybe we could head to the beach for a couple of hours between hand walk and turnout!



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