Kim’s first day at Arroyo.

Kim, Ed and the girls arrived on Monday night.  Their fifth wheel RV is now parked in the same RV park as the coach.  (They’re closer to the hot tub!!!)

Kim spent the day at the stable with us yesterday.  Walker was quite surprized to see her!  She rode first in the am.

Walker and Kim

Walker and Kim, first day.

Kim's first lesson in the sun.

Good job Kim! He looks great!

Alex worked well in the morning, Lance went for a walk and Linds had two lessons with Shannon (Fred and William).  Shannon leaves for Florida early today.  We’ll be rooting for Steffan and Ravel from here!  Go Ravel!  Go Steffan!

Linds and Fred, getting ready for Thermal...

Linds and Fred

The arena with the ring set up in it is now dry enough to ride in so test riding is on the schedule for the next couple of days for Lance, Fred and William.  Kim is with us again today…gonna be another great day!


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One response to “Kim’s first day at Arroyo.

  1. carol

    nice to see Kim arrive! has she noted any similarities between Walker and some little golden boy?

    Kim — you look great!

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