Our no riding day…

Horses had a day off yesterday.  They were still did their time on the treadmill and the vibe plate but no riding.

As the day was a no riding day we decided to start the day by taking an early morning Barre/Reformer Pilates class.  We got our butts kicked!!!!  In a good way though :)!!!  It was a total whole body balanced workout.  We then finished everything at the barn, moved the horse trailer (basically re parked it in a different slot),and then cleaned the trailer out from the trip down.  As a result, I probably coulda used an extra hour sleep this morning but am up and at ’em and working on the blog!!!

Barb and Curtis had a great day.  They found a consignment shop in San Diego to poke around in (Curtis bought some “art”!!!, a very cute painting of a pig in the shower :)) and they spent the afternoon exploring the aircraft carrier USS Midway.  It’s an amazing marine museum in the harbour in San Diego.

The order of go for us today is going to start at the show at Show Park to watch Shannon’s PSG ride on Rikki Levine’s mare Stella.  We’re going to have to break out the rain gear; the skies opened up last night and there are puddles everywhere.  Rain is forecasted for the rest of the day.  It’s gonna be a wet one!

Rain is a big deal around here.  The roads are treacherous, the drivers even more scary and stuff floods and backs up everywhere.  (As of right now, we’ve had 1.25″ of rain, since 8pm last night and they have issued a flood warning for the whole San Diego area)  Good thing rain is only forecasted for today.  Break out the water wings, we might have to swim to the barn.

After splashing in the puddles at the show grounds for a couple of hours and cheering everyone on in their rides, we’ll head to Arroyo and put a ride on the horses.  We’ll be riding in the covered arena today for sure but they’ll be lotsa room as everyone is at the show but our horses :(!!!!

Listening to the sound of a very heavy surf and wondering how high the tide level is predicted for this afternoon???  I’m gonna check it out!!!

Off to the barn first,


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