A quiet morning at Arroyo…

But it didn’t stay quiet for long…the Open Show at Del Mar Show Park was cancelled for the day.

Team Peters started bringing horses home and the stable started the wonderful buzz of horses greeting each other as they got off the trucks and walked into the barn.  🙂  A lovely, happy sound; horses greeting each other after being away and assuring themselves that the herd at home is ok and safe.

What a nightmare for the show organizers.  I can’t imagine the long hours they are putting in dealing with this flukey weather and the show.  The outdoor rings were floating.  The show grounds were a lake.  Lots of trenching around the stalls (memories of Ottawa…ugh) and pathways around the show grounds for drainage.  The show committee spent the morning rearranging the CDI ring in the covered arena.  The covered is elevated and stayed relatively dry with this rain so they shifted the CDI show ring over and made room for a small warm up ring.  This allowed the CDI to proceed as planned.  The Open show FEI class (PSG) was then re-scheduled to the evening, under the lights from 6pm to 10pm.  A long day for everyone.

This is a wonderful, wonderful show.  It’s really too bad about the rain. 😦

We had three very good rides in the morning.  We took the lessons from with Shannon this week and applied and solidified the concepts for Lindsey and subsequently the expectation of each horses’ response.  Everyone stepped up to the plate and the work was wonderful.

Today’s rides will be more of the same work as yesterday.  Lindsey’s got it, now the horses responses will get quicker and quicker as they understand the concepts better and can respond with more accuracy.  And then we have another week of lessons with Shannon coming up!!!  I don’t know if she can top last week????!!!!  (I’ve been in tears several times already…)  The concepts we worked on last week have been some of the missing pieces I have been looking for for years.  Everything is falling into place and the whole picture makes sooooo much more sense…whew, Shannon Peters you are amazing.  Thank you.  Okay, I’m misty again.  Thank you Shannon.

The boys. "Cold rain, baaaa...it's not white and there's no shoveling involved!!"

The boys. “Cold rain, baaaa…it’s not white and there’s no shoveling involved!!”

Curtis and Barb went for a walk on beach. "Torrey Pines is right there Barb".

Curtis and Barb went for a walk on beach. “Torrey Pines is right there Barb”.

Barb's not a "bird person" (understatement!!!) but she sure takes good bird photos!

Barb’s not a “bird person” (understatement!!!) but she sure takes good bird photos!!

They're sooo cute!!

They’re sooo cute!!

Today, for us is ride day in the covered at Arroyo.  All three horses are almost back to normal energy levels so the plan is a ride today and no ride on Sunday and then they’ll be ready for lessons with Shannon for next week.

Bundled up, (can you say touques and gloves) off to the stable,


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