We’re home!

After spending all day and evening in airports (the direct Edmonton/Phoenix flight doesn’t start till November) we’re home.

The start of a 3hr stop over in Calgary...a good beer to be had...

It’s such a wonderful feeling to walk into my warm, clean barn in the mornings.  The horses nickers, the sweet smell of hay and the thoughts of a good day ahead…a treat at so many levels.

The horses all had the day off yesterday.  Linds decided she’d break me in gently to the full assault of pre show season!  Thanks Linds!  I taught some lessons, watered the arena and fed treats to everyone.  A great day!

Greg joined us for breakfast to catch up on the details of the trip and news of Aleks and Neil and Andrew, Kirsten and Mack joined us later for dinner.  It was so good to see everyone today.

Mack showed us his dragon costume…roooooaaaarr.  He was headed to trick or treat at Grandma and Grandpa M’s and Auntie Shirley’s and Uncle Bob’s.  Hope they didn’t get too scared and he got lots and lots of treats!

Daddy caught a dragon (but first he has to put him in his dragon suit!!!)

Today everyone is back at work.  Gonna be an exciting day!!!

Off to feed the ponies…


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